For the Love of Ray J

Monday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Feb 02, 2009 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Clip Show
      Clip Show
      Episode 14
      Ray shares all the crazy moments that never made it to air. From the girls in the house battling it out for their man, to Tom Green getting crazy in the backyard. It's a rollercoaster of fights, tears, and unforgettable moments.
    • Reunion
      Episode 13
      Ray's second reunion show is more dramatic than the first!
    • Come Away With Me
      Come Away With Me
      Episode 12
      Find out which lady is here For the Love of Ray J!
    • Homie Invasion
      Homie Invasion
      Episode 11

      Home Invasion is the eleventh episode in the second season of For the Love of Ray J. Ray J is hoping to find love and has already eliminated 16 contestants, leaving only three women left. In order to get to know them better, Ray J introduces them to his friends and family.

    • The Breaking Point
      The Breaking Point
      Episode 10

      The Breaking Point is the tenth episode in the second season of VH1's reality dating show For the Love of Ray J. Ray J has narrowed down the original 19 eligible bachelorettes to the final four. The final four women know Ray J will be breaking one of their hearts soon and react by becoming jealous of each other.

    • The Truth Will Set You Free
      With five girls left, close-knit friendships will be put to the ultimate test as Ray asks the girls to investigate each other. It is every woman for herself as they square off over a lie detector machine? With lies exposed and secrets revealed, no one is safe from elimination. Is honesty always the best policy?moreless
    • Dangers Liaisons
      Dangers Liaisons
      Episode 8
      Seven girls remain and Ray needs a little extra help figuring out who is right or wrong for him. Danger (an intense woman who nearly won Ray's heart last season and is now his close friend) returns to evaluate the girls for herself. It is not a pleasant experience for any of the girls as Danger intimidates and insults everyone in her path. The surprises keep coming as Ray continues to seek helpful advice, but it all might backfire once old feelings begin to resurface, making his next elimination harder than ever.moreless
    • The Amazing Rays
      The Amazing Rays
      Episode 7
      The ladies are in for a wild ride when Ray sends them on a race through Los Angeles. In teams of two the girls must follow clues to get them across the city and try to be the first to find Ray. The girls discover it's not easy trying to keep down a belly full of chili dogs while climbing endless flights of stairs and chasing down taxi cabs, but ultimately two strong-willed ladies persevere, winning prized solo dates with their man. Drama soon breaks out when one girl finds herself hated by every other girl in the house. As she begins to break down from the stress, Ray wonders whether she is strong enough to handle not only this competition, but his life in general.moreless
    • Ray J Fever
      Ray J Fever
      Episode 6
      With nine ladies in the house Ray wants to find out who has what it takes to be part of his greatest passion: music. In front of a live audience, the girls must channel their inner disco diva and perform a 70's-style song. Ray's sister Brandy lends a helping hand as the girls pull out all the stops to write, sing, and dance their way into Ray's heart. One talented diva wins the most romantic date yet and the pressure is on to see if sparks will fly.moreless
    • Mean Girls
      Mean Girls
      Episode 5
      Ten girls are left and tensions are running high. Knowing there are girls that he hasn't been on a single date with, Ray decides to give everyone a chance to go on a date with him. While some connections continue to grow, others flounder. The pressure to make an impression on Ray leads some girls to pick on the one they think is Ray's favorite. When they push her to the limit, the house erupts and cat fighting ensues, and not the kind that Ray likes.moreless
    • Too Little Too Late
      It's down to twelve girls and for their next challenge they must style Ray for a Sean John photo shoot. Ray is growing closer to several girls who are managing to capture his interest, but one of his favorite girls seems to be holding back. The stakes are high for her, and the girls who haven't managed to shine above the rest. This could be their last chance to make a big move, or face moving out.moreless
    • Not Again Dre...
      Not Again Dre...
      Episode 3
      Ray is pumped to watch his girls compete in a dance battle challenge. But the good times are threatened when Ray learns one of the girls might have previously hooked up with one of his friends! Reminded of the drama last season when Ray learned Danger "smashed the homie," Ray must decide how to handle the situation and whether or not that girl's response is a deal breaker.moreless
    • Ray's Leading Ladies
      Ray is looking for his very own leading lady, so in their first challenge the girls have to create movie scenes to act out with Ray. For some girls the on-screen chemistry with Ray is clear, but when other girls fail to impress, Ray is left with rotten tomatoes. Everyone wants to stay in the house, but who will actually earn a place in his heart?moreless
    • That's What's Up
      That's What's Up
      Episode 1
      Ray J, musician, actor and multi-platinum artist tried to find love last season when he brought 14 girls to live with him in his mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Ray thought he'd found love when he picked Cocktail, but it didn't work out... so he's doing it again! This time, Ray's going to bring 19 girls to his house to see if he can find that special one -- the one that makes him want to get out of the game.moreless
    • That's What's Up: Sneak Premiere
      Watch the premiere episode as nineteen lovely ladies are ready to fight "For the Love of Ray J"!
  • Season 1