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To Tell the Truth Episode Discussion (SPOILERS)

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    I'm not even sure I want to watch the show anymore after this episode. I mean there already wasn't much to it: it's pretty much your average 'of Love' show, except the girls are more obvious (if not out right spell it out like Ice from FoL 3 and same girl from ILM3) that they're fake.

    Honestly, there's no one left to root for in the house if Cocktail leaves, and even she's iffy at this point. I thought it was ridiculously stupid that Ray J eliminated Chardonnay. I mean honestly: she scored the highest on the lie detector challenge and he even admits he loves hanging around and having fun with her. Certainly, I can understand the lame 'friend' excuse/vibe but he at the very least, could have kept her around another episode just to make sure instead of going on one date and then jumping to the conclusion immediately. It makes even less sense when it comes to what the other three girls had going against them:

    Cocktail- may be clingy a bit and thinks she needs a men to complete her, possibly a gold digger. May not be liked because she snitches on the other girls to get them out of there, more so because she may be a hypocrite.

    Unique- By far, my least favorite in the house because she phony, tries to act holier than thou and that she's better than and looks down upon the other girls in the house even though she's no better then them. From the lie detector test: The classy good girl image? A front. She thinks she's better then every girl in the house (one of the only questions she DIDN'T lie about, WOW.) Doing the show to get exposure, has lied to Ray J. She's sneaky, conniving (Got Feisty drunk on purpose to get her eliminated. And that was suppose to be a 'friend'.) And thinks she's a good liar.
    And quite frankly, her questions for Danger were up there with just plain flat out mean. Then on top of that, for her to just sit there and laugh at the girl's pain like that...honestly it made me like and respect her even less then I already did. Even if Danger IS a bit off. To me, it's just an insight to her truely ugly attitude.

    Danger- . . .I'm not sure whether to think Ray J. is stupid, or be a little scared for him that he kept this psycho in the house. At first, I'll admit, I loved Danger because she had this 'no nonsense' attitude and was able to spot Unique and her wack ***, fake attitude a mile away. Not to mention I loved when they confronted her and she admitted point blank that she didn't like the, wasn't there to like them and was quite calm and collected about the whole thing. She may have been mean but at least you could respect her attitude. But goodness... she's dated people for money, wants to kill someone in the house (Unique?), admits being on the show could get her exposure, lied about having a restraining order on her, and has hurt an ex boyfriend in the past...that her mother didn't know about.

    And then there was Chardonnay, who had the highest score (93-94%?) and the worst her truths got was "I like to drink every day." Yet he keeps people like Unique or Danger over her. Heck, even Brandy said that she thought Chardonnay was honestly there for him, Cocktail, while weak, seemed good, yet she likes Unique--it's like both she and Ray COMPLETELY forgot what the heck she LIED about. Yeah, she lied but it's WHAT she lied about that should have been more important.

    At this point, there really isn't a point to watching it. I'm pretty sure they'll find some stupid reason to get rid of Cocktail (because getting rid of Unique would be too much to ask for at this point and since drama = ratings, they won't get rid of the two girls that create the most of it and hate each other) for some stupid reason and it's obvious whomever he ends up with out of Unique or Danger won't last: Unique is just too phony and Danger will probably try to kill him eventually. Might as well just end the show now and announce Season 2. Like we DIDN'T know that was coming. And if by some mircle Cocktail does make it and Unique or Danger do go home, then at the very least, I'll root for her.

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