For the Love of Ray J

Monday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Feb 02, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • The same old hot mess

    You know I love me some flavor of love but this whole dateing a group of people show thing is getting really, really tired. The girls get into fights about the same thing "shes a fake b****, shes here for television, okay, okay we get it. Also who is Ray J, hes had like one hit, when are they going to get a dateing show for a real celebrity. Overall this is the same kind of dateing show with abslotley no twist and not even the slightest hint of originality so its just a boring version of Flavor of Love.
  • The set and plot is the same as all the other VH1's looking for love on a Reality Show.

    Ray J is known for his R & B music and being the younger brother of Brandy. From the minute he walks on the set, viewers can see Ray J is in charge of his life and has overcame the Ray J & Kim sex tape scandal. He is charming and talented with a certain cool attitude that can capture men and women viewers both. He handles all the beautiful women around him with respect and interest, he gives them a shot at showing him why they want a chance at loving Ray J. He knows that not all are on the show for him so he has to watch, listen and pry for the information on who is trying to get a shot a being a celebrity or get a shot at loving Ray J.