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  • Season 5
    • The Married Little Christmas
      Malena and Mel plan a trip to New York at Christmastime, but they cannot find an available hotel room anywhere in the City. Meanwhile, Sheri asks Dean to pretend that their marriage is still intact for the sake of her visiting mother Ronnie. Dean attempts to do so but finally admits the truth, to Ronnie's disappointment. And Bobby and Reggie buy a live Christmas tree, even though it violates the policy of their building's management.moreless
    • The Blaze of Glory
      The Blaze of Glory
      Episode 18
      After the Winstons' garage burns down, the gang reminisces about the times they had there, both good and bad.
    • The Missing Link
      The Missing Link
      Episode 17
      Dean uses the Internet to locate Sheri's estranged father and invites him to their home. Bobbi walks in on her visiting cousin in a compromising position with Omar. Malena becomes obsessed with collecting all nine toys being promoted by a fast-food restaurant chain.
    • The Professionals
      The Professionals
      Episode 16
      On a night when both Mel and Malena have professional obligations, their babysitter is unavailable so one of them will have to stay home with Evan. Bobbie dates the father of a student, but the girl tries everything she can to sabotage their romance. When Sheri announces she is pregnant, Dean tries to prepare himself for fatherhood.moreless
    • The Lifelong Dream
      The Lifelong Dream
      Episode 15
      Dean promises to take Sheri on vacation, but their road trip is cut short. Meanwhile, Mel argues with Malena over having a second child.
    • The Reel Deal
      The Reel Deal
      Episode 14
      The gang competes against each other to be contestants on a TV reality game show, with Bobbi asking Omar to pretend to be her boyfriend because only couples are eligible.
    • The Odd Couples
      The Odd Couples
      Episode 13
      Dean tries to land an important account by setting his boss up with Mel's gay assistant, but his own enthusiasm trips him up. Meanwhile, Bobbi joins a dating service but her first experience goes badly.
    • The Enemy Next Door
      A silly misunderstanding between Malena and Sheri escalates after Mel and Dean start exchanging insults while trying to get their wives to make up. Bobbie reluctantly makes a date with a bartender because she is afraid that another rejection will devastate him.
    • The Blast from the Past
      When the Ellises hire Mel's childhood babysitter to help care for Evan, the bossy woman undermines Malena's maternal authority and still treats Mel like a child. Meanwhile, Sheri finds a Web site dedicated to Dean's former football career, but discovers that its purpose is to make fun of him.
    • The Helpless Hand
      The Helpless Hand
      Episode 10
      Mel has a horrible track record for hiring beautiful but incompetent assistants, so when his new girl Rhonda turns out to be a nightmare, he keeps it from Malena. When she finally discovers his bad hire, Malena finds the perfect candidate in her friend Leslie, who adds a little flavor to the office.moreless
    • The Green-Eyed Monster
      Mel is jealous of the attention that Malena is giving their son; Sheri is concerned about Dean's attractive co-worker; Bobbi receives divorce papers from Reggie and misinterprets advice from Omar.
    • The Affairs of the Heart
      Sheri is shocked when her mom announces that she is getting a divorce for the third time. When Sheri and Dean attempt to help her get through this difficult time, they find out that Ronnie happens to be coping quite well, since she hooked up with Fred the butcher.
    • The Sexual Evolution
      Malena and Mel kick Bobbi and Omar out of the house so they can have some intimate time together, but the result is disappointing for both. Sheri brings home a cute rabbit only to find that Dean is allergic to it.
    • The Picture Perfect Family
      When Mel and Malena's baby is picked to appear in a calendar, they argue about letting the child be photographed. Bobbi is evicted from her apartment after letting Omar have wild party there.
    • The Reunion
      The Reunion
      Episode 5
      Sheri considers a reconciliation with Dean as he considers what to get her for her birthday. Meanwhile, conflict between her job as a mother and as a therapist may cause Malena to lose a longtime client.
    • The Boy From Uncle
      Mel's young uncle arrives to take over running the restaurant, but clashes with temporary manager Bobbi. Meanwhile, Dean is reluctant to give the lost dog he found back to its rightful owner.
    • The Friend in Need
      Malena and Mel will be visiting her mother in Minnesota for Evan's christening and Malena wants to look her best. After an unsuccessful battle with the bulge, Sheri and Bobbi step in with some tough love to help Malena get her figure back.
    • The Great Escape
      The Great Escape
      Episode 2
      Without discussing it with Bobbi, Reggie decides to take a job running a restaurant in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, despite her need to have some time for herself, Malena is reluctant to leave the injured Mel alone to look after the baby.
    • The "What Have I Done?" Show
      Malena and Mel's newborn baby is home from the hospital but its constantly crying keeps them in a panic. Meanwhile, Dean and Sheri's moments of passion in the hospital make him think his wife is coming back to him, but she dismisses it as a mistake.
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