For Your Love - Season 1

The WB (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • The Last One of Season One
    Dean's sexy former girlfriend wants to reunite. Bobbi has a secret admirer.
  • The Drought
    The Drought
    Episode 10
    The women want more time with their preoccupied men. Dean asks Sheri for a period of abstinence, during the softball-league playoffs.
  • The Cookie Monster
    The Cookie Monster
    Episode 9
    When Reggie demands the option to date other women, Bobbi teaches him a lesson. Dean's fib to a prospective employer creates problems.
  • The Brother's Day
    The Brother's Day
    Episode 8
    A brotherly tiff between Mel and Reggie threatens to ruin Malena's first Mother's Day dinner for her mother-in-law -- a feast for which the clueless cook has enlisted Reggie and Sheri's culinary skills. When the guys argue about ownership of a prized Reggie Jackson baseball, Reggie bails on the dinner, leaving Malena to fend for herself. Meanwhile, anxiety also consumes Bobby, who is convinced that Mrs. Ellis disapproves of her, and Dean's special Mother's Day gift goes up in ashes with Sheri's flaming dessert.moreless
  • The Vows
    The Vows
    Episode 7
    Dean panics as he and Sheri prepare to renew marriage vows on their fifth anniversary, and he must pen promises as poetic as those he paid someone to write for the original ceremony. Panic grips Mel too, when he loses his wedding ring after telling Malena of his preference to go ringless. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Reggie seek a suitable mate for Thor/Chi-Chi, and a parade of canine hopefuls prance though the apartment.moreless
  • The Good Doctor
    The Good Doctor
    Episode 6
    When a famous pop psychologist comes to town, Malena coaxes a skeptical Mel into attending her couples seminar and the shrill shrink promptly causes a rift between the newlyweds by siding with Mel. Meanwhile, Bobby sees through tightwad Reggie's "romantic" dinners by candlelight -- which includes a shared shower for the two of them.moreless
  • The Gift That Keeps on Giving
    Dean sets out to surprise Sheri with the birthday gift of her dreams, but he's flabbergasted when Malena reveals what Sheri really wants -- the fulfillment of a particular sexual fantasy. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Reggie shudder to think that their adorable adopted mutt, Chi-Chi/Thor, represents a degree of commitment.
  • The Donor
    The Donor
    Episode 4
    Bobbie's reverse psychology seems to backfire when she encourages Reggie to accept an astonishing invitation to be a sperm donor for an anonymous female acquaintance. Also, Dean introduces Mel to the joys of bulk shopping with disastrous results, after Malena insists the household duties be split evenly.
  • The Mother of All Visits
    Dean and Sheri brace themselves for his caustic, overbearing mother's annual visit, and as an aggravator Mary Winston knows no peer, but Dean finally throws his mom for a loop when he unleashes his true feelings about her behavior -- and he sets their relationship on a smoother course. Meanwhile, Bobbi tells Malena about Reggie's sexy moves, and the secret gets back to him.moreless
  • The Games People Play
    When the couples get together on game night, a few "skeletons" pop out of Mel and Dean's respective closets: Malena is dismayed to find that Naomi Campbell is Mel's ex-girlfriend -- and the supermodel is back in town. Sheri is miffed to learn of Dean's secret 20-year collection of "Playboy" magazines. Meanwhile, Reggie aims to strike a balance between maintaining his macho facade and keeping Bobbi satisfied.moreless
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Newlyweds Mel and Malena Ellis cross the threshold of their new suburban love nest -- next door to their best friends, childhood sweethearts Dean and Sheri Winston -- and before the last box is unpacked, Malena confides news of her possible pregnancy to Sheri. While Malena ponders the perfect way to tell Mel, word spreads quickly, and he is the last to know. The whole notion of commitment and domesticity sends shivers down the spine of Mel's brother, Reggie, whose girlfriend, Bobbi, now holds the key to his apartment and his heart, but isn't so eager to settle down either.moreless