For Your Love - Season 3

The WB (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • The Talented Mr. Rip-Off
    When Dean's brother Andy claims he needs one of Dean's kidneys, Sheri smells a scam and tells Dean to refuse. Meanwhile, Malena is jealous when she learns Mel corresponds regularly with an old flame. When Mel refuses to understand her discomfort, Malena turns to Sheri's mom Ronnie for advice.
  • The Shrink Gets Shrunk
    Malena is rattled when a new psychiatrist conducting an annual evaluation has doubts about her performance because she believes Malena has a problem with rigidity. Meanwhile, Reggie becomes obsessed with Dean's motorcycle after Dean and Mel claim he's not very masculine because he's not good with tools.
  • The Prenuptial Disagreement
    Malena learns that Mel has prepared a prenuptial agreement. Meanwhile, Sheri serves as a wedding coordinator for Malena's assistant, Lana, who is marrying a truck driver.
  • The Pregnant Pause
    The Pregnant Pause
    Episode 19
    Malena's stomach flu turns out to be something else entirely. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Reggie decide to do a little remodeling.
  • The Bread Winner
    The Bread Winner
    Episode 18
    Reggie feels crowded when he has to share the apartment with Bobbi's best friend Felice, who has always hated him; Sheri fears Dean has lost the will to work after he is laid off and takes his time finding another job.
  • The Accidental Doctor
    When he tells off Malena's patient Dexter for calling her at home, Mel unwittingly gets Malena fired and himself hired as Dexter's new therapist. In other plotlines, Dean and Sheri unknowingly steal a gift meant for charity when they confiscate a recliner the Gerards left out on the curb; and Bobbi is upset when the groomer gives her dog a bad haircut.moreless
  • The Date That Time Forgot
    Bobbi learns she's living with Malena's leftovers when Sheri spills the beans and reveals that Malena and Reggie once dated. We find out the truth of the matter in flashbacks.
  • The French Lesson
    The French Lesson
    Episode 15
    Mel feels left out and fears his marriage may have met its Waterloo when Malena's French club consumes more of her time. Meanwhile, Dean and Sheri clash over how to handle Amber's wild ways when Dean catches Amber having a beer-soaked party after ditching school.
  • The Adulterer Who Came to Dinner
    Mel's boss invites himself to dinner -- and brings his mistress. Meanwhile, Eunetta paints a portrait of Reggie -- nude.
  • The Egg Timer
    The Egg Timer
    Episode 13
    When baby-making efforts put Dean and Sheri's lovemaking on a strict schedule, a frustrated Dean withdraws from his wife, scaring Sheri into doubting the stability of their marriage. Meanwhile, Bobbi and Reggie impulsively decide to live together, leading Mel and Malena to give the couple some questionable advice.
  • The Special Delivery
    Deborah breaks up Dean's guys-only weekend when her water breaks and the men must rush her to the hospital. But a blizzard forces them to take the train, where they become trapped during a power outage. Meanwhile, Malena, Bobbi and Sheri's girls-only weekend also disintegrates as they spar over who was invited.moreless
  • The Father Fixture
    The Father Fixture
    Episode 11
    Mel blames Malena for his parents' possible split because his mother followed Malena's advice to visit a therapist. Meanwhile, Sheri and Dean go for fertility tests, which have Dean spinning with anxiety over his virility.
  • The Burden of Truth
    The Burden of Truth
    Episode 10
    Malena must choose between her friend or family member when she learns Bobbi has a new beau behind Reggie's back: musician Jamal. Meanwhile, Sheri tapes over Dean's prized video of his favorite college football triumph and is forced to call his old friends, including Eric Dickerson, to get another copy before Dean finds out.moreless
  • The Couple's Court
    The Couple's Court
    Episode 9
    The Ellis marriage hits a rock when Malena's expert testimony for Mel erodes his case. Meanwhile, Bobbi clashes with the principal, Mr. Sato, when she wants her students to come in dressed as their heroes -- regardless of gender. He declares boys must choose male role models and girls must choose females.moreless
  • The Membership Drive
    Reggie and Dean smell tokenism when Mel gets into a country club Dean's been trying to join for three years. Meanwhile, Bobbi badgers Reggie into buying her a wide-screen TV, and Sheri and Malena can't face each other after unexpectedly having to bare all together during a ritzy spa mud bath.moreless
  • The Sins of the Mother...and the Boyfriend
    Bobbi's long-lost mother Brenda returns and asks Reggie to help her reconcile with her daughter. Meanwhile, Sheri enters Dean in a contest to appear in an underwear ad and he makes the final round. But when the ad is published, Dean cringes when he sees he's exposed a lot more than he expected.moreless
  • The Leap of Faith
    The Leap of Faith
    Episode 6
    Dean flips when Sheri decides to take up mountain climbing to sow her oats before becoming a mom, and Reggie regrets hiring Bobbi as a hostess for his club when her diva-like attitude starts riling his customers.
  • The Trouble with Angels
    After hearing Malena rave about her sexy gynecologist, an insecure Mel tells the doctor his wife has another GYN. Meanwhile, Bobbi confronts her own insecurity when Reggie starts dating another woman who has connections in high places.
  • The Ex-Files
    The Ex-Files
    Episode 4
    Dean fears his wife and his ex-girlfriend will realize he was seeing both of them at the same time during his bachelor days. Meanwhile, Reggie tries to get Bobbi to rescind her celibacy rule by feigning a love for poetry, and Mel and Mr. Gerard declare war against the drivers who speed down their street.moreless
  • The Girl Most Likely to...
    Malena intends to upstage her old class nemesis at her 15-year high-school reunion; Mel meets Malena's old flame, now an astronaut on the cover of a cereal box.
  • The Best Laid Plans
    Sheri's wayward teen-age sister Amber shows up and promptly steals Dean's company car. Meanwhile, things get heared as Bobbi prepares to begin her single life and Reggie tries to talk her out of moving.
  • The Thanks You Get
    The Thanks You Get
    Episode 1
    Reggie learns that Bobbi still wants him when his phone's star-69 feature reveals that she tried to contact him. Meanwhile, Sheri and Dean discover the advantages of being expectant parents when Sheri dons a fake pregnancy tummy; and Malena fumes when she finds out that Mel never mailed the thank-you notes from their wedding.moreless