Forbidden Science

Season 1 Episode 2

Adversaries, Part 1

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 2009 on Cinemax
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Adversaries, Part 1
Julia White joins 4Ever Innovations as Colin, the CEO, goes public with the company's advances in the science of cloning organs, but there is an immediate backlash as an extremist attempts to shut the company down. Bethany is continually dreaming about her ex-husband, and an office romance is revealed.moreless

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    Richard Sutton

    Richard Sutton

    Adrian Turner

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    Simin Aamin

    Simin Aamin


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    Colin Murphy

    Colin Murphy


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    Mary LeGault

    Mary LeGault

    Laura Lucas

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      • Bethany: I saw her once, you know. The girl Adrian was...
        Julia: You saw her? What did she look like?
        Bethany: Naked.
        Julia: Ouch. So, you actually caught... Sorry. No wonder you have nightmares.
        Bethany: We never even really talked about it. Most women would've screamed or yelled. I should've at least thrown something. That's what women do in these situations. Right?
        Julia: I don't know. Last time I argued with my husband, he threw me down a flight of stairs and killed me.
        Bethany: (chuckles) Yeah, I should've done that to him.

      • Colin: (looking at the protesters) Look at them. We offer a chance to live longer and healthier, to save lives, and what do they do? They march in protest. Yesterday it was stem cells, today it's cloning. I gotta admit, part of me admires them in a weird sort of way.
        Laura: Admire them? They're idiots.
        Colin: No, they're believers. They're willing to sacrifice everything they have for what they believe in. I can't say I've ever believed in anything that much.
        Laura: Samantha's father, Jacob, he's the believer, not her. You know why? Because he can fucking walk!

      • Colin: I built 4Ever Innovations to improve upon creation, not replace it. To repair damaged organs, to bring back those we've lost. And perhaps in time, to discover a way to live beyond the limits of mortality.

      • Julia: If someone is only alive because another person died, how should they feel about that?
        Priest: How do you feel about it?
        Julia: I should feel guilty, I guess. But I don't. It's like I'm living someone else's life. I, I don't know who I am. I'm the carbon copy of a dead woman, inside and out.
        Priest: I'm afraid I don't understand.
        Julia: The reason I'm here, what I wanted to ask you is... Father, do you think clones have souls?

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