Forbidden Science

Season 1 Episode 2

Adversaries, Part 1

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 2009 on Cinemax



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    • Bethany: I saw her once, you know. The girl Adrian was...
      Julia: You saw her? What did she look like?
      Bethany: Naked.
      Julia: Ouch. So, you actually caught... Sorry. No wonder you have nightmares.
      Bethany: We never even really talked about it. Most women would've screamed or yelled. I should've at least thrown something. That's what women do in these situations. Right?
      Julia: I don't know. Last time I argued with my husband, he threw me down a flight of stairs and killed me.
      Bethany: (chuckles) Yeah, I should've done that to him.

    • Colin: (looking at the protesters) Look at them. We offer a chance to live longer and healthier, to save lives, and what do they do? They march in protest. Yesterday it was stem cells, today it's cloning. I gotta admit, part of me admires them in a weird sort of way.
      Laura: Admire them? They're idiots.
      Colin: No, they're believers. They're willing to sacrifice everything they have for what they believe in. I can't say I've ever believed in anything that much.
      Laura: Samantha's father, Jacob, he's the believer, not her. You know why? Because he can fucking walk!

    • Colin: I built 4Ever Innovations to improve upon creation, not replace it. To repair damaged organs, to bring back those we've lost. And perhaps in time, to discover a way to live beyond the limits of mortality.

    • Julia: If someone is only alive because another person died, how should they feel about that?
      Priest: How do you feel about it?
      Julia: I should feel guilty, I guess. But I don't. It's like I'm living someone else's life. I, I don't know who I am. I'm the carbon copy of a dead woman, inside and out.
      Priest: I'm afraid I don't understand.
      Julia: The reason I'm here, what I wanted to ask you is... Father, do you think clones have souls?

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