Forbidden Science

Season 1 Episode 7

Property, Part 2

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 2009 on Cinemax



  • Quotes

    • (after Julia helps a sentient android escape, but is shot and captured herself)
      Julia: I'm alive.
      Colin: You think because you're a clone, you have something in common with an android. See this? (shows a vial of Julia's blood) This is where we grew you, again. It costs roughly a dollar. Your growth accelerants and nutrients cost, say, $600,000 plus tax. Then there's incubation, memory download, etc. Bottom line, you're worth about one million, give or take. The android, his basic parts come in around EIGHTY million. That's just arms and legs and what-not. The brain, that's really expensive, 300 million, no kidding. Add in building and repair, and you're talking about half a billion dollars. So you want to know the difference between a clone and an android? About 499 million dollars, give or take.
      Julia: You brought me back. You must want something.
      Colin: (seething) I want my f***ing property.