Forbidden Science

Cinemax Premiered Jan 10, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • How hard is it to understand that anything aired after 10pm on Cinemax is going to be infused with adult content and material. When reading the description of the show it's classified as adult; not science fiction, not a mystery/suspense or anything else.

    Through that wonderful innovation of Cinemax on Demand, I have been able to watch every episode of this show. I enjoy the fact that it's a blend of science fiction mixed with soft core adult content. It isn't hard to believe that in the future there will be a company like 4Ever Innovations that is breaking grounds in cloning technology, android creation, and memory downloads and implantation. By far the stand out actress of the series is Vanessa Broze. She plays Julia White, a clone of Stephanie White. Stephanie was in the middle of perfecting the "Gold Chip", a microchip able to completely scan every memory of a person and transfer it to a clone. Stephanie's husband accidentally murdered her, then had a clone made so he could access the information about the Gold Chip. As the clone, Julia has used the Gold Chip, specifically designed for Stephanie's brain waves, and downloaded all of Stephanie's memories. It has been made perfectly clear to Julia that, as a clone, she no longer has any of the same rights that a normal human has. Other elements of the show include the romance between Phillip, a computer geek, and Penny, a kooky science nerd. Adrian Turner, undisclosed owner of 4Ever, is working behind the scenes to manipulate the employees of the company.

    At the beginning of the show, at the urging of Adrian, Bethany is hired as a sales executive. Colin, the in-name only Owner and CEO, is also being manipulated by Adrian, but that doesn't stop him from getting involved with Bethany. I think that in the near future, some of the issues being dealt with on the show, clone rights, cloned organs, and human computer hybrids, could also turn into real life issues. This show is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and I can't wait for more episode. I do agree that some of the stiffness in the actors will change once they get acclimated into their roles.
  • Lame

    I really didn't get the main idea,is it about the clones and the science or it is about the girls?
    Please don't waste your time on this lame series, I wanted to try a new series but this was the worst, while watching I felt i wasn't watching an entertainment series, 30 min episode 15 min porno, I tried to convince myself that the next episode is gonna be better but it was even worse,I believe that every episode will be for a new girl and the story will just vanish by the time [they will forget about the story and make it 30min porno]
    I have nothing else to say
  • Forbidden Science is an interesting look at the future of Cloning Technology. This is a subject which has been underrepresented in the media and offers great scope for a new and hard hitting show.

    I have only seen the first episode thus far and so my immediate impression is that there is WAY too much sex in this show for me to take it seriously.

    In all honesty, it's softcore porn.

    I sincerely hope that this is solely for the benefit of the storyline in this episode and that it will not be a continuing theme. I am not against sex in shows, but I certainly feel that the level in this show is gratuitous and entirely unnecessary for the purposes of the otherwise decent plotline.

    Wooden acting in this first episode but that is to be expected with a pilot episode as the characters have not yet had time to establish their personalities and roles in the show.

    Summary: A good show but desperately needs to improve if it wants to attract viewers without a pot of a lube by their screens.
  • I can't wait to see Mary LeGault in the upcoming episodes!

    Jan 21st, 2009

    "If you were to fast forward through the nudity, the story stands on its own. The plot was ambitious for a half hour show, and it actually delivered. There was even a twist ending, and some genuine science fiction moments, as we were forced to ponder where humanity ends.

    There was actually something down right existential about the issue of whether memories are reality.

    The acting was a little bit stiff, but I'm sure the actors were actually more nervous IN clothes than out of them. In a few episodes, they'll settle into their characters.

    The actress playing the young scientist is clearly the stand out. She's reminiscent of the actress in NCIS, although I get the feeling I will like her WAY better in the episodes to come.

    I can't wait to see Mary LeGault in the upcoming episodes!" 

    -Jon Miller, Author