Forbidden Science

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Jan 30, 2009 on Cinemax



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    • Penny: (while having sex with Victor) Don't stop! Make Penny pop!

    • Julia: Well, I can pretend to be like everyone else, but let's face it, I'm a clone with the memories of a dead woman. Everything I have, or like, or even remember, isn't really mine.
      Bethany: Well, you got us.
      Laura: For what that's worth. Hey, come on. Three attractive ladies, sitting at home bitching on a Sunday night, not a man in sight.
      Bethany: Amen!

    • David: So, what's a woman like you doing on the market anyways?
      Julia: What kind of woman would that be?
      David: Let's face it. You're brilliant, you're intelligent, you're gorgeous.
      Julia: (laughs) Nice save.

    • Bethany: You seen Laura around?
      Philip: It's Saturday, you know?
      Bethany: You're here.
      Philip: Yeah, I'm life-impaired.
      Bethany: Oh, aren't we all?

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