Ford Theatre: All Star Theatre - Season 1

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • The People vs. Johnston
    In the season finale, Paul Muni plays a criminal lawyer who defends a truck driver up against a mountain of circumstantial evidence. After picking up a lead from a witness, the lawyer proceeds to undermine the prosecutor's case.
  • Malaya Incident
    Malaya Incident
    Episode 38
    This is a tale of Communist guerilla warfare against a British rubber colony in the Malayan jungles.
  • The Trestle
    The Trestle
    Episode 37
    A small town couple have a local enemy who's determined to put their newspaper out of business. When that man is mysteriously murdered, their boy has suspects that his step-father is the murderer. He fights anyone who tries to smear his step-dad's name, keeping his suspicions to himself.
  • There's No Place Like Home
    After running off and eloping with their daughter, a young man returns with his bride to live in his in-laws' home. He also opens a bookkeeping business in the attic and published a newspaper in their basment in this comedy.
  • The Jewel
    The Jewel
    Episode 35
    A surgeon suffers from amnesia following his escape from the East German secret police who had placed him under arrest.
  • Sweet Talk Me, Jackson
    A singer who adores himself also loves the adoration he gets from young females. He encounters one young woman who is unimpressed by either his singing or popularity. His outsized ego takes a beating.
  • Look for Tomorrow
    Look for Tomorrow
    Episode 33
    A woman who has dreams of becoming a sucessful singer but suffers from questionable talent falls in love with her vocal coach.
  • The Lady and the Champ
    A boxer's desire to help a female friend keep her business is the reason he persues the middleweight championship.
  • The Son-in-Law
    The Son-in-Law
    Episode 31
    In a case involving mistaken identity, a sincere suitor finds himself saddled with two fiancees in this zany farce.
  • The Life of the Party
    A young couple's marriage is jeopardized by the husband's incessant desire to "clown around" and be the center of attention. From a hospital maternity ward, the wife reflects on the marriage has has given her monumental headaches and her husband an excessive amount of fun.
  • Allison, Ltd.
    Allison, Ltd.
    Episode 29
    An internationally known dress designer rises to the top of her profession. Her career has been planned as revenge for a horribly broken marriage.
  • Just What the Doctor Ordered
    In this comedy, a rich patient undergoes emergency surgery performed by an attractive doctor. From his hospital bed, he falls for the surgeon, wooing her in an outrageous fashion to cut through her calm demeanor. When he brags that he makes all his own clothes, she thinks he needs a psychiatrist.moreless
  • To Any Soldier
    To Any Soldier
    Episode 27
    Upon his return from Korea serving as an Army chaplain, Father Dan Raymond tells his congregation about the people he counseled. One of those is a cynical soldier hardened by the fighting and his loss of family. The soldier opens a package addreessed "To Any Soldier", sent by a woman whose son had been killed in action, and he loses his bitterness.moreless
  • Double Exposure
    Double Exposure
    Episode 26
    In this comedy, a hot-headed city editor is planning an expose on the city's crooked political machine. His junior cameraman is notorious for taking photos of the wrong things when on assignments. When the mistake-prone photog accidentally takes the an incriminating picture that the editor needs, he holds his photo ransom to get a high-paying contract.moreless
  • The Bet
    The Bet
    Episode 25
    A poor lawyer makes an outrageous bet with a financier. He voluntarily spends ten years self-imprisionment to win 2,000,000 florin.
  • My Daughter's Husband
    A wealthy father refuses to accept his daughter's choice in husbands: a "poor" man.
  • Madame .44
    Madame .44
    Episode 23
    While visiting her family in New England, a woman pretends to be a straight-laced school teacher. In actuality, she's an infamous Vegas gambling hall owner called Madame .44 because she's known to have killed a claim jumper or two. She falls for a man and is prepared to marry him when she learns that he, too, has a shady past. The husband-to-be is behind a crooked deal that would cause a friend of hers to lose his fortune. Again, she decides to let her guns do the talking.moreless
  • All's Fair in Love
    All's Fair in Love
    Episode 22
    A would-be poet fancies herself in love with a single artist. She's reminded how much she does love her husband when her three children become involved and disrput one of the painter's cocktail parties.
  • Margin for Fear
    Margin for Fear
    Episode 21
    A police lieutenant sent to the country jail for entering a criminal's apartment without a search order determines that his cellmate, a dull-witted man, is innocent of murder. The lynch mob heading for the jail doesn't know this and just wants to take care of the "murderer". Desperate, the sheriff deputizes the lieutenant hoping he can put a stop to the angry mob.moreless
  • The Old Man's Bride
    The Old Man's Bride
    Episode 20
    In this comedy set during the 1800s, an older Texan sends his emissary to New Orleans to bring back a woman for him to marry. He instructs the young man to select the woman as if he was choosing a bride for himself. With this in mind, he selects a young woman and promptly falls in love with her, leading to great romantic complications.moreless
  • The First Born
    The First Born
    Episode 19
    A remarried father tries to convince his son to love his new step-mother. It's a tough task because the boy has fond memories of his fun-loving late mother. Matters are complicated when the new wife becomes pregnant and needs the boy's care. Major inroads are made when the wife helps save the child's injured dog.moreless
  • Adventure in Connecticut
    A pair of "displaced persons" arrive in the United States to find that their sponsor has died. The pair latch onto a harried professor of zoology and force him to help them find another in this comedy.
  • The Sermon of the Gun
    Set in the Arizona Territory of the 1880s, a gunslinger-turned-preacher uses peaceful methods to deal with a ruthless land baron. His efforts fail in discouraging the villian and his band of thugs. He has no choice but to once again strap on his pistols.
  • This Is My Heart
    This Is My Heart
    Episode 16
    An actress finally learns what it means to have heart when, as research for a role, spends time on "skid row".
  • It Happened in a Pawn Shop
    An out-of-work trumpeter meets up with an equally unemployed female singer as he's hocking his horn at a pawn shop. The woman is being courted by a millionaire and this leads the pair into a complicated finalcial deal.
  • They Also Serve
    They Also Serve
    Episode 14
    As a husband is about to be shipped out to Korea, his marriage is endangered by a scheming blonde.
  • Heart of Gold
    Heart of Gold
    Episode 13

    In this holiday tale set "somewhere in New England, 1903," children build a snowman and place a gold locket in his chest to act as his heart. This magically brings the snowman to life.

  • So Many Things Happen
    A marriage is threatened by the devious maneuvers of the wife's sister. The evil sibling flirts shamelessly and uses convenient coincidences to divide the two.
  • Crossed and Double Crossed
    A city slicker encounters a feisty small town girl in his search for buried treasure in the Florida Keys.
  • Something Old, Something New
    A rancher goes to the big city, drinks too much at a party and forgets everything that he did. On the even of his wedding to his childhood sweetie, a blond city woman arrives and announces that she married him during his wild night on the town.
  • The Divided Heart
    The Divided Heart
    Episode 9
    A hard-boiled lawyer agrees to defend the brother of the woman he loves, despite believing that his client is guilty.
  • Sunk
    Episode 8

    An South Seas trader is disheartened to see his nephew destroying his life with alcohol. When the young man asks his uncle for his inheritance early (so he can drink it away), it's time for drastic measures. The uncle agrees if the nephew will accompany him on a voyage and murder a man named Jake Finch.

  • Protect Her Honor
    Protect Her Honor
    Episode 7
    An argument breaks up the new marriage of a detective and his wife, a judge. The couple reconciles after the husband saves her from the clutches of an escaped convict seeing revenge.
  • Edge of the Law
    Edge of the Law
    Episode 6
    A gambler is forced to run for his life when he wins $14,000 from murderous gangsters.
  • Girl in the Park
    Girl in the Park
    Episode 5
    A scientist is perplexed by a woman he meets in the park. He studies her to try and understand why she prefers to sleep all day and live the high life at night.
  • Birth of a Hero
    Birth of a Hero
    Episode 4
    A highly reserved and disciplined bank teller would do anything to keep her bank from being robbed. Marriage had no place in the life of this dedicated career woman. Her outlook changes drastically after meeting Mark, a new man in town.
  • National Honeymoon
    National Honeymoon
    Episode 3
    Blinded by the prospect of a big haul of free wedding gifts, a bride allows a game show to arrange the details of her wedding. When her fiance learns their ceremony is now a television show, he hits the roof.
  • Junior
    Episode 2
    The large ego of an outstanding courtroom lawyer stands in the way of his son's career. Wanting desperately to prove his law skills to his father, he rigs a witness to win a spectacular murder trial. His father catches wind of the scheme and prevents justice from being miscarried.
  • Life, Liberty and Orrin Dooley
    A Korean War vet returns with the goal of getting himself a girl. He returns to the classroom in a small, rural school and is soon competing against the principal for the teacher's affections.