Ford Theatre: All Star Theatre - Season 2

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Indirect Approach
    Indirect Approach
    Episode 39
    A young woman has her sights on marriage but her intended keeps slipping through her trap. She enlists the help of a less-than-honorable male friend to provoke the boyfriend into matrimony.
  • The Tryst
    The Tryst
    Episode 38
    A young woman's boyfriend dies of a sudden heart attack while the two are alone in a private cottage. Hoping to protect her reputation as a "good girl", she convinces her brother's fiance to say she was also there with them. Despite this adjustment to her story, local gossips spread rumours anyway.moreless
  • The Mason-Dixon Line
    A young couple engaged to be wed enters a contest and wins a new house. A small spat over which one actually owns the home escalates into a major fight with a rope dividing the house into two parts: his and hers.
  • The Unlocked Door
    The Unlocked Door
    Episode 36
    In this eerie tale of witchcraft, a young wife cannot escape her malevolent mother-in-law, even after the old lady's death. Her spirit torments the couple to such a degree that the wife takes extreme measures to exorcise the spectre.
  • Keep It in the Family
    A harried father of three is perplexed by his teenaged daughter's "discovery" by a theatre talent scout. It turns out the agent is actually a recruiter for a drama school and the father tries to gently set his daughter straight.
  • Beneath These Waters

    Filmed with help from the US Navy, this fact-based story tells of the U.S.S. Barksdale during World War II. After surving the attack on Pearl Harbor,Lt. Comdr. William Masterson takes over command as the captain falls ill with appendicitis. While in charge, Masterson allows the ship to take a torpedo to save a larger nearby cruiser. In route for repairs, they fight off a squadron of Japanese fighter planes.

  • Wonderful Day for a Wedding
    In this comedy, a sincere suitor cannot get his girlfriend to marry him. He's determined to change her mind by camping out on the sidewalk in front of her house, furniture and all. The girlfriend is resolute, until a sexy neighbor takes an interest in her man.
  • A Season to Love
    A Season to Love
    Episode 32
    An unexpected romance develops between the town drunkard and the lonely spinster who who owns the bookstore. Despite the man's obvious problems, the desperate woman marries him with wishful plans for rehabilitatation. After selling her bookstore to purchase a business for him, he loses interest and impulsively sells it. One redeeming thing does come from all this drama.moreless
  • Night Visitor
    Night Visitor
    Episode 31
    A policeman takes drastic measures when he's indicted for accepting a bribe. The effect it has on his family and friends is substantial.
  • Wedding March
    Wedding March
    Episode 30
    This romantic comedy is told through a series of flashbacks. On her wedding day, Mary McNeill recalls the problems she had choosing who to marry frombetween two suitors. The answer becomes obvious when she accidentally makes a date with both of them on the same night.
  • Sister Veronica
    Sister Veronica
    Episode 29
    Sister Veronica, the beloved superintendent of St. Mark's Hospital, maintains the morale of the hospital's staff and counsels patients. An emergency case involves a young woman who arrives at the hospital with a concussion. Her real problem is her father-in-law. The rich old man is determined to break up their marriage.moreless
  • Yours for a Dream
    Yours for a Dream
    Episode 28
    A bookstore clerk falls in love with a handsome customer, a poor medical school student. Her relationship receives a helping hand from her kind boss.
  • Turn Back the Clock
    Turn Back the Clock
    Episode 27
    A Korean soldier suffering from amnesia doesn't recognize his own wife, but does say the name of another woman. His wife helps him regain his memory, though she realizes that if he recovers, he may no longer be in love with her.
  • The Taming of the Shrewd
    An advertising man with a love of gambling finds a new bet. After witnessing a gold-digger turn down a fur coat from a Texas oilman, he bets that she can catch herself a millionaire husband.
  • The Last Thirty Minutes
    A once-ethical lawyer has allowed himself to be become a shady member of a political machine. As a result, his marriage is in shambles and his life is in danger. He's confronted by a man he's wronged in the past who wants revenge, giving the lawyer just 30 minutes to live.moreless
  • Come On, Red
    Come On, Red
    Episode 24
    In this comedy updating of the Faust legend, a reformed hobo is visited by the devil himself.
  • The Good of His Soul
    Father Devlin's beloved dog Spot saves a young boy who becomes trapped in an abandoned refrigerator. The child is so grateful that he becomes as devoted to the priest as his dog.
  • Marriageable Male
    Marriageable Male
    Episode 22
    An artist mistakes one of her clients, an executive, for a male model. When she asks him to play the part, he agrees to go along with the ruse.
  • For Value Received
    For Value Received
    Episode 21
    A man finds it hard to face life after he loses his money and is forced into bankruptcy. This impass leads to the the end of his marriage.
  • For the Love of Kitty
    The local bookies are up in arms because newspaper horse race handicapper Kitty O'Dare is on a winning streak picking winners.
  • Lucky Tommy Jordan
    Lucky Tommy Jordan
    Episode 19
    A couple allows a one-time acquaintance to stay at their home, though he has a reputation for gambling.
  • Mantrap
    Episode 18

    Desperate to land a husband, Sally Marland rents a househoping it will help her catch a man. Her landlord, a handsome pilot, becomes jealous as she regales him with phony stories about all the men after her. He become jealous and wants to throw her out.

  • The Happiest Day
    The Happiest Day
    Episode 17
    Marital bliss takes a back seat to a husband's career and social calendar. The two make an effort to save their wrecked marriage after playing a simple party game at a party.
  • The Ardent Woodsman
    The Ardent Woodsman
    Episode 16
    A rugged woodsman and a school teacher team up to fight political corruption.
  • The Fugitive
    The Fugitive
    Episode 15
    Wanting a raise, a newspaper reporter takes on a dangerous task. Since the writer's original stories had resulted in a lenient prison sentence for the convict, the police believe he can convince the escapee to release the little girl he's holding as hostage and surrender. Placing himself in harms way, the reporter confronts the killer in the building where he's hiding.moreless
  • Alias Nora Hale
    Alias Nora Hale
    Episode 14
    A woman is unjustly sent to prison and this causes her such bitterness that she vows revenge on the authorities responsible.
  • Ever Since the Day
    Ever Since the Day
    Episode 13
    A veteran buys a house for the woman he's only dreamed of. Unfortunately, the woman is already engaged.
  • Gun Job
    Gun Job
    Episode 12
    Hank Fetterman, a cattle baron, refuses to recognize the land rights of immigrant homesteaders. This forces the retired local sheriff to strap his guns back on and enforce the laws.
  • And Suddenly, You Knew
    A couple wants to adopt a young girl since the wife doesn't like little boys, but the orphanage they've contacted doesn't have one available. The wife has a surprising change of heart after a chance encounter with a young boy in their neighborhood.
  • Kiss and Forget
    Kiss and Forget
    Episode 10
    A man has no recollection of a wartime romance but the woman certainly does. In this comedy, the "forgotten woman" recruits the bachelor's sister to help jog his memory.
  • Double Bet
    Double Bet
    Episode 9
    A widowed mother of three wants romance in her life, but all of the eligible men she meets run when they learn about her children. She decides not to tell her next boyfriend about her offspring, but he becomes suspicious of her cancellations and checks up on her.
  • As the Flames Dies
    As the Flames Dies
    Episode 8
    A doctor, in love with the hospital's director, learns she has an incurable heart problem. With very little time left in her life, she decides how to best spend her remaining time.
  • The Ming Lama
    The Ming Lama
    Episode 7
    Johnny Nighthawk, the pilot of a one-plane airline is hired to pick up a valuable vase in San Francisco's Chinatown. With the help of a gal-pal who's good with a gun, he's able to fight off the various underworld figures who also have their eye on the Ming Lama.
  • The World's My Oyster
    A wealthy business tycoon encounters his exact double, a hobo, and the two temporarily trade places. Both roles are played by Charles Coburn.
  • Tomorrow's Men
    Tomorrow's Men
    Episode 5
    Spud Malone is a college football coach who's feeling the heat from alumni to start winning games. His son, a student at the school, has the makings of an All-American halfback if only he would only listen to his father's coaching advice.
  • The Bachelor
    The Bachelor
    Episode 4
    A bachelor's life is turned upside down with the arrival of an girl he's known since she was a baby. Now a sophisticated young woman, she's unable to find a room for the night so the bachelor grudgingly allows her to stay at his home. He then is forced to hide the young lady from the rich divorcee who's after him.moreless
  • Emergency
    Episode 3
    A doctor is on the run from police who have charged him with manslaughter. His getaway is compromised by an encounter will a seriously ill man. He must decide which is more important: escaping or upholding his physician's oath.
  • The Doctor's Downfall
    In this romantic comedy, a psychiatrist who supposedly knows all about women writes a magazine article about the women lose prospective husbands. In actuality, he's clueless about the opposite sex, especially the smart woman who acts has his receptionist and disagrees with many of his theories.
  • Tangier Lady
    Tangier Lady
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, an adventurous woman and her wealthy boyfriend encounter danger in North Africa. Someone's out to kill her beau and that leads to fights, traps and a daring escape by the pair.