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The Nine Network (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • The Precious Book
      The Precious Book
      Episode 26
      The old boiler in the cellar at O'Keefe's explodes, revealing the hidden diary of Aonghus O'Keefe. Cormac accidentally gets the diary wet, but promises to restore it. With the school in financial difficulty, board member Mr Staunton is urging a sale to rock star Tiffany Brooks who he's invited for a tour. Brett and Hannah escape the egotistic star by portalling to Perth, but are stranded in Brett's basement when Tiffany removes the portal key on the Irish side. Only Cormac has a chance of re-opening the portal, but he doesn't even know it exists. The portal has re-opened, but where has Cormac gone?moreless
    • Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
      Tara woos Brett because she thinks he's a heir, but Hannah discovers that Brett really is one, only it must be kept a secret. Aonghus O'Keefe, inventor of the portal and founder of the school, disappeared over 100 years ago and Hannah is keen to find out where he is buried. Brett isn't interested because Tara believes that Brett is secretly wealthy and has suddenly found him attractive. Finding no grave in Ireland, Hannah searches the cemetery in Perth, but still finds nothing so she turns to Jackie for help. Meredith traces Jackie's family tree and discovers that Aonghus married Jackie's great grandmother. Brett really is the heir to a fortune, but if the portal is to remain a secret, so must this, even if it means that Tara will dump Brett.moreless
    • True North
      True North
      Episode 24
      When Meredith gets interested in Feng Shui, Craig decides that Brett's room needs renovating and the first thing he'll fix is that ugly rock wall. To save the portal from being plastered over, Brett has to redecorate first and O'Keefe's is throwing out a whole lot of old stage props. In Ireland, the school is on an orienteering course and Hannah's compass is going wild. Each time Brett uses the portal to get props from O'Keefe's, the portal's magnetic energy interferes with the compasses and sends the students off course. If Cormac hadn't issued everyone with a GPS, the entire school would have gotten lost, except for Tara and Martin. Martin isn't using a GPS or compass because he's got a copy of the orienteering map, only he doesn't realise that it's last year's.moreless
    • Born To Be Mild
      Born To Be Mild
      Episode 23
      Tara sees Brett riding Seamus's old motorbike around the school and thinks he's cool. To prove that he's cool too, Martin takes the bike for a joy ride and crashes it. He flees the scene leaving Brett to take the wrap. Unable to show the police his passport, Brett escapes through the portal to Perth where Wayne has started a business selling pre-loved junk. Hannah and Cormac know that Brett is innocent and play detective to find the real culprit. Martin looks like he's going to get away with it until Brett makes a last trip to bring Seamus a tank badge he's got from Wayne. He catches Martin out and Cormac records the admission. Martin has no choice, but to confess. His apology to Seamus is overheard by the whole school.moreless
    • Book Launch
      Book Launch
      Episode 22
      The hot new book "Prince Of Roth" is being launched at midnight all over the world and no-one, not even Tara can get an advance copy, but when Hannah realises that midnight in Perth is 8 hours ahead of midnight in Ireland, she decides to portal over and get a copy. Meanwhile, Brett and Cormac have illegally wired into Seamus's satellite dish to watch the soccer final, but all they can get is a kid's show which is doing a live link to Australia where the book is about to go on sale. Unfortunately, Miss Murphy surprises them and then stays to watch the show. Whilst queuing for the book, Hannah uncovers a plot by Wayne to cheat Meredith out of winning a trivia contest. Hannah manages to expose Wayne, but risks exposing her presence in Australia.moreless
    • Hostel
      Episode 21
      When Miss Murphy asks about the hostel that Brett claims he is living in, Brett doesn't realise that she is looking for accommodation for her visiting mother. It seems as if Brett's cover story will be blown, but then Cormac asks Hannah to feed the fish in his auntie's house whilst she is away. Brett pretends that this house is his hostel and speaks so highly of the cooking, that the Murphy's decide they want to try it. After a dinner brought by Hannah via the portal from the restaurant in Perth, Mrs Murphy decides that she would rather stay here than at O'Keefe's. All seems lost until Seamus arrives. Mrs Murphy decides that the food of love is tastier than the seafood platter and decides to stay at O'Keefe's.moreless
    • Toy Soldier
      Toy Soldier
      Episode 20
      When Cormac discovers an old chest of junk at O'Keefe's, Brett takes what he thinks is a worthless old tin soldier as a birthday present for Wayne. Then Miss Langham discovers that the soldier could be a part of a valuable collection and has the whole school searching through the rubbish to find it. Hannah portals to Perth in the middle of the night to get the soldier back, but Wayne is using it in a "Dungeons & Dragons" type of game he secretly plays with his mates. Brett has to persuade Wayne to let him join the game and win the soldier back.moreless
    • Granny Gambit
      Granny Gambit
      Episode 19
      When Craig tells Wayne to help Hannah take home some food, Hannah suddenly has to have a home in Australia to take it to. Wayne is getting suspicious until Hannah goes to the front door of a house they have passed three times. Before Hannah can get rid of Wayne the old lady owner invites them in. Wayne thinks that the woman is Hannah's wacky granny and escapes. Brett comes to the rescue a little late and ends up inside too. Jackie, who is delivering food to the elderly in the neighbourhood is invited in and is soon joined by Craig and then Meredith. Thankfully no one, but Brett and Hannah understand what is going on especially not the delighted old lady who hasn't had so many visitors in years.moreless
    • Bottoms Up
      Bottoms Up
      Episode 18
      While Cormac is showing off his interplanetary exploration robot to Martin, the robot follows Hannah through the portal and sends back intriguing pictures. Cormac's computer tracking program seems to indicate that his robot is not lost in the school grounds, but is on the other side of the world. Hannah discovers that Meredith has taken the cute robot on a family picnic in Perth's Kings Park and has to move fast to prevent Cormac and Martin from discovering where the robot really is and how it got there.moreless
    • Dog Down Under
      Dog Down Under
      Episode 17
      Tara smuggles her pet dog Pookie into the school, but while hiding it from Seamus, Brett accidentally sends Pookie through the portal to Australia. After causing chaos in the restaurant, Pookie flees to the beach and is caught by the Ranger. Hannah and Brett have to rescue Pookie from the dog pound whilst at the same time making Tara believe that her dog is still at O'Keefe's and not on the other side of the world.moreless
    • Tunnel Vision
      Tunnel Vision
      Episode 16
      Tara catches Hannah sneaking out of the school at night and threatens to tell Miss Murphy unless Hannah agrees to take part in her "extreme make-over" assignment. Tara decides that it's not just Hannah's appearance that needs improving, but her entire life, so she follows Hannah 24/7 to ensure that all bad influences are removed, including Cormac. With Tara constantly watching her, Hannah's portalling days are over. The discovery of an old tunnel leading from the cellar of O'Keefe's to the castle ruins provides a solution, but Brett and Hannah have to make Tara believe that Hannah is sneaking out of school again. This proves tricky until they realise that both Tara and Cormac have an interest in stars.moreless
    • Sunburn
      Episode 15
      Brett is pleased that Hannah has decided to learn surfing, unaware that it's only because she's got a crush on Paul, the handsome young surfer who runs the new surf clinic. Ignoring her studies, Hannah portals to Australia every night to be with Paul at the beach during the day. Sadly, her crush gets crushed when Hannah discovers that Paul already has a girlfriend. Exhausted, Hannah falls asleep on the beach. When Brett discovers that she is about to miss an important exam, he portals to Australia only to find that Hannah is badly sunburned. Back at O'Keefe's, the school matron remarks that Hannah is so red that she looks radioactive which might be easier to explain than being sunburned during an Irish winter.moreless
    • Sticky Fingers
      Sticky Fingers
      Episode 14

      Michael O'Connor claims to operate hotels all over the world, including Galway, so when he asks Jackie and Craig to be partners in a new hotel in Perth and offers Brett sponsorship for the World Surfing Classic, Brett is very excited. Then Hannah and Brett check out the O'Connor family in Galway and discover that Michael O'Connor died over 20 years ago. So who are Jackie and Craig about to do business with and how are Brett and Hannah going to get the evidence that he's a con man, back to Perth without giving away the portal?

    • Another Fine Mess
      Another Fine Mess
      Episode 13
      Preparing a meal for Jackie and Craig was Meredith's idea, so how did Brett end up doing the cooking? When Brett portals through to Ireland to get Hannah to do it for him, he overhears Miss Murphy and Seamus talking and gets the impression that the school is going to be sold. No school means no portal. Putting the buyer off isn't a problem, but the truth is, the buyer is actually an insurance valuer. All of the defects that Brett has pointed out will have to be remedied before the insurance can be renewed and it's Brett's job to do it and he still has to cook that dinner.moreless
    • The Burglar
      The Burglar
      Episode 12
      When Hannah discovers a silver candelabra from O'Keefe's in Brett's home, she can't believe that Brett is a thief, but when Hannah finds a whole bag of loot hidden in O'Keefe's cellar, she has no choice, but to think the worst. Then Craig recounts the wild story of a burglar who gave himself up to the police, swearing that he had been zapped to Perth from a school in Galway. To save the portal, Brett and Hannah have to put all the stolen goods back where they belong before the police check out the burglar's story.moreless
    • Knockout
      Episode 11
      Brett falls off a ladder at O'Keefe's and knocks himself unconscious. He wakes up in hospital and makes the doctor believe that he is concussed by insisting that he lives in Australia. While Brett is kept for observation, Hannah has to cover for him in Perth, by taking his place for his family's big day of spring cleaning. Brett persuades Cormac to smuggle him out of hospital. Brett goes back to Perth, unaware that Hannah has done his cleaning jobs. Brett's behaviour makes his family suspicious and when Hannah arrives, she has to clean up again.moreless
    • A Load Of Old Bull
      A Load Of Old Bull
      Episode 10
      While preparing to be hostess of 'Founder's Day' at O'Keefe's college, Tara sneaks into town to buy a new dress. Brett offers to show Tara a short-cut back to O'Keefe's, but the journey over rocky fences and through muddy fields culminates in them being baled up in a barn by an escaped bull. Tara is terrified and Brett gets a chance to play the hero, saving them by distracting the bull with Tara's new red dress. The dress is ruined and Tara's fury makes Brett wish he'd stayed with the bull.moreless
    • Photo Opportunity
      Tara finds a photo of Brett and Hannah on a glorious beach and she is convinced that it's proof of their romance. To keep the photo a secret, Hannah is forced to become Tara's slave, but Hannah is only interested in the photo because an Australian lifesaving boat is in the background. Tara hasn't noticed it, but Miss Murphy might. Explaining how she and Brett came to be on a beach in Australia is going to be impossible, so the photo is going to have to disappear.moreless
    • No Return
      No Return
      Episode 8
      Hannah goes to portal back to Ireland, but the key is missing. Hannah is stranded in Australia until she and Brett can discover who took the key, but when they find out that Meredith has taken it to the museum, things take a turn for the worse. Dr Ackerman, the museum geologist, has determined that the strange artifact is made from an unknown meteoric ore. She won't give the key up until she has run tests to unlock it's secrets. The test for Brett and Hannah is getting the key back.moreless
    • Lie Low
      Lie Low
      Episode 7
      Keeping the portal a secret has gotten Hannah into a lot of trouble and now she is in Miss Murphy's sights. Having missed her science test whilst diving on a reef in Australia, Hannah persuades Cormac to help her make up marks in the practical exam. Brett thinks that inventing a talking lie detector is not a good idea for people who have secrets. Hannah scoffs until she gets into the exam and finds out that Miss Murphy will be asking the questions.moreless
    • Home Alone
      Home Alone
      Episode 6
      Brett and his new stepbrother Wayne can't seem to get on, so Craig suggests they go bush for a "bonding" camp. Whilst Brett is away, Hannah decides to portal to Australia and spend a relaxing day at the beach, but the new magnetic security system that Cormac has installed in his room creates havoc. The portal sends a tornado through Brett's home and Cormac gets locked in his room. Hannah's day is ruined, but Brett and Wayne succeed in bonding when Craig has an accident and they have to rescue him.moreless
    • Father's Day
      Father's Day
      Episode 5
      Asking a colourful Irish busker to pretend to be Hannah's father seemed like a good idea at the time. All he had to do was make a phone call so Hannah could have permission to join Brett's family on a boat trip. Getting himself invited to dinner wasn't part of the plan. Back in Ireland, Hannah's real father arrives at the school for Father's Day. Now she has to race back and forth between countries to look after the two dads.moreless
    • Magnetic Attraction
      In the science lab at O'Keefe's, Hannah and Cormac discover the extraordinary magnetic powers of the portal key. In Australia, Brett makes his own discovery, if the key is missing on the other side the portal won't work. Hannah is supposed to be doing her last round of beach cleaning duty and she'll be in trouble with the Beach Ranger if she misses it, but with the portal closed, Brett can't get hold of Hannah and time is running out. Picking up beach litter is bad enough, but having to dress up in Hannah's clothes and wear a wig, really puts a strain on their friendship.moreless
    • Pride And Porridge
      When Brett is busted on the school grounds by Tara, Hannah comes to the rescue by pretending that Brett is an exchange student looking for work experience. Seamus the caretaker, is keen for help as he has a plumbing problem, an upstairs toilet that has been the repository of years of unwanted breakfast porridge and is well and truly blocked. Brett solves the problem with some Aussie ingenuity.moreless
    • Shark Alarm
      Shark Alarm
      Episode 2
      Hannah portals from Ireland to get her first look at an Australian beach, but finds herself having to explain to Brett's mother why she is in Brett's bedroom at 7.00 in the morning. Brett and Hannah allow the family to believe that Hannah is an international surfer wanting to borrow a board. Within minutes, Hannah becomes a contestant in a surfing carnival and she can barely swim. Desperate to end the embarrassing situation, Hannah triggers the shark alarm, having no idea of the chaos this will cause.moreless
    • The Portal
      The Portal
      Episode 1
      When Brett discovers a mysterious portal leading from his basement bedroom in Perth, Western Australia, to the cellar of a boarding school in Galway, Ireland, he can't resist trying it out. Caught near the girl's showers, Brett flees, but is saved by Hannah, a no-nonsense schoolgirl who is about to give him up until he tells her about the portal. With the teachers and police on the lookout for a fugitive, Hannah smuggles her crazy Australian friend back to the cellar and they go through to Perth. Realising that the portal is real, Hannah agrees to keep the incredible discovery a secret and goes back to Ireland. Now that the portal has been opened, Brett and Hannah's lives will never be the same.moreless