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The Nine Network (ended 2004)


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  • Foreign Exchange is a show where there is a magical portal that enables anybody who steps through it to go from Australia to Ireland or Ireland to Australia.

    I think Foreign Exchange is a great show! There is only one series but i wish they had made a second. It is a great idea for a show and it is so exciting to watch! It is about a teenage boy named brett accidentally finding a magical portal which enables him to travel to Ireland by just stepping through it. In Ireland he finds himself in a Boarding School in Galway. He meets a girl called Hannah and tells her about the portal. She doesn't believe him at first but then he shows it to her. She is amazed! They decide to keep the magical portal a secret. In the show twists and turns happen but it turns out all right in the end.
  • This show\\\'s fanbase are in desperate need for more information about it and the actors! It\\\'s so cute and funny, and the humour is dead on! We need to know where/if we can purchase the first season on DVD, for example!

    I became a fan of Foreign Exchange only a little more than a week ago, and I got hooked after four episodes!

    It\\\'s not a show trying to conquer the world\\\'s fanbase, but it\\\'s doing well on its own turf.

    The story centres around Hannah (an Irish girl attending a boarding school) and Brett (an Australian surfer boy) who have discovered a portal allowing them to simply turn a rock-shaped key and walk straight through it and end up on the other side of the world!

    This is their huge secret; they know that if it gets out that there excists such a portal, they won\\\'t be able to peacefully use it as they do.

    The fact that they have to keep hiding this secret gets Hannah and Brett into a lot of scrapes in every fun-filled episode, and it\\\'s a joy to watch these wonderful actors who liven up the show despite their inexperience.

    The only problem with this tv-show is, you get addicted, hooked, whatever you want to call it. And the first season only has 26 episodes which seem to rend away all too quickly for a recent fan needing more.

    The internet (usually my trusted resource for any information on any of my obsessions) fails to give us fans more of what we want, which simply is; more information on the series. When is the first season being released on DVD for example? And when are they done with filming the second season? And what about the actors? We don\\\'t know anything about them, despite the fact that they are quicky, funny and brilliant!

    Despite this critical lack of information (I HAVE found a very satisfyingly long trailer, though), this tv-show is brilliant!

    Now, there is nothing more for me to say, but check it out, please review, and could someone please tell me how I can get access to posting on the messageboards?

  • Foreign Exchange is a childrens tv series that was filmed in Perth, Australia. It is based on Brett and Hannah as they discover the secrets of using the secret portal.

    Foreign Exchange is based on Brett and Hannah. When Hannah was going down into the basement, she accidentally slipped and opened a secret portal. On the other side of the portal lives Brett Miller. Hes a typical Ozzy teenager that likes to go surfing.

    The show was filmed in Perth, Australia. There should be another season of this show. I believe that they should bring the show back on televison.

    I love the Irish accent used in the show and the crystal-clear waters of the beach.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who like going on adventures.