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  • If you are a bigot you will love this show

    This show exaggerates to say the least. As "Making a Murderer" shows, when it comes to forensic evidence "garbage in, garbage out". There was a time when TV dramas never showed a corrupt cop. We are beyond that by about 60 years but this show is clueless. Police and prosecutors have motives to get their man quickly and sometimes have conflicts of interest. This show only shows one side of the story. Why not show the side where forensic evidence later turns out to be false. I found the way this show refers to gay or transgendered men as offensive.

  • Bring back the former TV Show Director

    I have been watching Forensic Files for many years with passion. I like to see how dedicated police officers, helpful media, cooperative friends & family members, TV crew, the casts, etc. play a very important role to bring the criminals to justice.

    However, the recent shows being aired in 2016 are not appealing to eyes with horrible direction. The director may have changed. Lighting is not the same as it was in the previous shows, the cameras capture interviews of the people from too close that it distort the image and even if the interviewee moves a little he/she goes out of picture and we can see only partial face. Content of their statements are not as interesting as they were in previous episodes. The background is also blurry and not interesting like before. My family and I prefer the direction in the previous shows. I hope the previous director returns or the current director changes his direction strategies.
  • We need more people like the detectives and scientists on this show!

    I like to see the victims getting justice because of all the dedicated people in the police departments and all the scientists in their laboratories. We can't thank them enough for their undaunted determination to uncover the truth and provide closure for the victim's families.

    After watching a series like "Making A Murderer", I had lost faith in the Justice system but this series shows that there are people who are fair and decent and who won't just settle for the easiest answer. I wonder what any of the truly hardworking and honest police and forensic people from this series think of the work done by all the people who assisted the prosecution team against Steven Avery.
  • Dr Mengele, 1979 death was faked well enough at the

    A test of your broadcasting company is how far it has been embraced by monarch programming. MP is a trauma-based military mind control success akin to MK Ultra. Mengele was a trauma jockey and we in the West post WW2 employed him to far reaching effect in a subliminal context once the real terrors were over.

    I know enough to claim is fair cop for me being neutralised but resolving a little difficulty over Mengele and mens rea whatever the actus rea was then. Forensically my account pretty well demolishes the forensic record on many levels and were I approaching a patent agent to protect my story from shill accusations after due consideration ("How tall was Mengele?") I would be told my story had little inventive merit as it was full of "obviousness". Thanks. Tim Baber beachhutman on twitter and "Discus". Forensics eventually (from an ingenue idiot savant left to rot )can recover the truth.
  • Top Show

    I could watch episodes of this all day long, im now finding it hard to find ones that ive not seen but anybody who has not watched this show and likes crime shows then almost every single episode is available to watch for free on youtube, its not a long winded show like some shows of this kind can be but its a easy entertaining 20 minutes
  • reruns

    We love to watch Forensic files. but do you not have a new series that you can air?

    Every night we turn it on and it is same shows over and over..

    We would like to watch some news shows..


    I would give it a 10 if you could air new shows..
  • Absoultely engaging

    Stories about crimes about how various law enforcement personnel piece together puzzles and solve mysteries. Very addicting on how they use various techniques to catch crooks in their lies and show what most likely really happened. Not a disappointment at all. A great mix of science, mystery, suspense, and in some cases something else.
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  • An Interesting show leaving you wanting more!


    Forensic files is the most addictive show I have watched. They take real life mysteries and take them in depth. You see and hear what you don't on the news. When you turn on Forensic Files your eyes will stay on the TV until the end. Truly a fantastic show!

  • A true fan of forensic files however I would like to see what this Peter Thomas looks like! Have the need to see the face that goes with that voice lol...anyone seen what he looks like?

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  • Shows how forensic science helps to solve crimes.

    This show is great! I have been watching this show since its days as "Medical Detectives," and it has never once disappointed. Everything on this show is perfect- the reenactments, the narrator, everything. I would recommend this show over CSI any day. I myself have performed many of the forensic techniques that have been glorified by CSI, and they are nothing like the "solution in a minute," that I have seen on CSI, which is why I enjoy Forensic Files more than CSI- Forensic Files shows how painstaking this branch of work is. My advice is: Watch Forensic Files- not CSI. One of the best reality crime-solving shows ever!
  • "Forensic Files" is a show about how scientists, police, and detectives work together to solve entire crimes based on small pieces of forensic evidence.

    I like this show, but it creeps me out! Between the narrator's voice tone and the stories they tell and the music and they wording of the shows, one episode can keep me awake for hours at a time! I'll admit, that is my fault for watching the show before I go to bed, but the reason I do is because the way the open every episode is so interesting, it is highly addictive. Also, it is amazing how intelligent these forensic scientists are and everyone who helps is so passionate about what they do. I think this is a great show, I just wish they focused on more nonviolent crimes or aired the more violent crimes earlier, not right before people are getting ready for bed. I reccomend this to those who like mystery and science, but not for the faint-hearted or children.
  • Forensic Files is one of the best real detectives shows on TV.

    Formerly CourtTv's now TrueTv original show "Forensic Files" is probably one of the more interesting and educational reality shows. It is part reality show because unlike most reality shows this one is actually true, the cases are true, the victims are real, the villains are real and the verdicts are real.

    This is the real life Criminal Investigation unit not that CBS show. You always learn something new in this show. You learn how the real life forensics work and the technology they use. You learn terms such as the lensometer (used to measure lens), spectograph, prc technology (used to magnify dna), microtremors and other neat science terms. Of course last but not least what's really shaped the criminology nowadays is the advent of DNA leading investigators to close "cold cases" and new ones sometimes even the DNA found helps innocent people out of jail. Such the case was the episode about a girl named Vickie Lyons, scarred for life by a hit and run driver. The police were incompetent, arrested the wrong man and even with forensic evidence still refused to release the wrong man. Eventually the right man was found.

    In other cases like "Bad Blood" a woman swears for over seven years that she was raped by a well known doctor. Everyone thought she was crazy until it was found out that the doctor himself manipulated the DNA evidence.

    I tell you then this show has everything. You learn how investigators and how the forensic team work. There's a wide variety of cases which makes the show very unpredictable everything from murder, to hit and run, to dirt cops, to deranged mothers and fathers.. Even by TV standards it's still up to the level of any show on TV today.
  • this show is about solving crimes all tips of crimes.

    this show drama,action,energy,frustrating,and over is frustrating to see when they find out who is the person that created the crime,is drama in till the end of file,it has action when they are trying to arrest someone.they all have energy to do there job,it's over baring for so many things that happen.when you see it keeps you on your toes because you what to find out the truth and you for some reason try with them.this show pulls you in like if you where really there at that time.It makes you feel the peoples pain everything they are going throw.this show has mad me cry.
  • See how experts put together the pieces of the crime puzzle. As each episode shows, every criminal leaves a clue behind.

    I only saw a couple of the episodes and I just fell in love with Forensic Files. It's a very suspensful series. The reinactments of the crimes are creepy and the way they find the felon is even creepier. It just wants you to think about life and whats coming around that next corner.

    Even though Forensic Files is one out of two crime/mystery shows I watch, I think it's the best crime/drama series ever. Forensic Files is very well written. It has the most suspensful crimes, cases, and stories I have ever heard, or seen for that matter. Just excellent. I am officially hooked. 10/10 excitment out of Forensic Files.
  • crime cases are solved.

    this is by far an amazing show. forensic files is greatly informative. I love crime shows they are all wonderful.. something about this show is different. aside from all the cases being the dedication put forth by ALL the investigators. they are all so dedicated to their cases they get things done...cases that have been cold for decades are now getting solved. this is due to the men and women who take their jobs seriously. each show a new episode= a new case. all the cases are different. murders suicides missing goes on..this show is truly amazing.
  • i love forensics

    Forensic files shows you a whole new view of crimes. normally you hear about the cases or what happened during the crime... its not very often that you see just how people figure out what happened and who did it... i mean i watch this show so much that now within the first 10 minutes i've got a pretty good idea of who did it. I ove that about the show.. everytime you watch it you learn about about how they figure this out.. you learn who would have a good motive.. so the next time you watch it you know who to look out for.. its great!

  • The show forensic files is better every season!

    The show will never end. I am confident in that. There can be new ideas every day that the people can put together. Every season gets better and better. With a new episode every Wedensday night at 9:00 P.M. on Court TV, we see an astonishing new episode. It just keeps your attention. There are Forensic Files three hour marathons on Saturday from six to nine. You can watch the episodes without moving a finger. Some of these episodes give you the chills, while others scare you. There have been nights that I have slept with one eye open after watching Forensic Files episodes late. I am fully interested in seeing how trials pan out and how the forensic experts decide to present their forensic evidence in court. If you enjoy this, Forensic Files has recently released a DVD of about twelve episodes with behind the scenes forensics extras on the disk. The disk has the popular episode "The Sign of the Zodiac" which many people have enjoyed. The DVD features the twelve best episodes of all time. I personally like the one where a man calls the police to report his daughter missing before school and when they find pollon and trackings to the grave of the little girl, they catch him. I don't have a clue of the name of the episode but if you happen to remember it, I would love to know so email me. Thanks!
  • Possibly the creepiest narrator's voice in the whole world.

    This crime case series provides an interesting look into the mechanics of solving difficult cases. While it does look into personal stories of the different people involved, it spends more time on the technical aspects-- hence the name. It also features the most distinctive voice-over this side of Bill Kurtis. The individual in question this time is Peter Thomas. Nothing personal, but if you hear his voice, you won't be able to get it out of your head all day. The information on the scientific and police work done for a case is quite enjoyable. We get to learn about the process that goes into laboratory work and on-site research. The truth can be surprising, and the first conclusion isn't always the only one. So if you want to delve into the nature of decoding evidence and solving crime cases, give this show a try.
  • 1.Crime 2.Forensic investigation 3. How the perpetrater was caught. 123 Simple!

    This is what I like call 123 simple! There is no corners on this one. They keep it very simple. It is more informative than entertaining. It will definitely still take you off your seat. I believe it is still so shocking what can be done with forensic science. As long as forensic science keeps improving, you will always have a dedicated Forensic Files watcher. These fans like the straight edge approach rather than or as a fan to the CSI's. I personally am interested and recommend them greatly. I think you should try it. You will become a watcher{fan} too!
  • Forensic Files is a crime that happened in a town and detectives get together and solve the crime. Absolutley fabulous!!

    This show is totally awsome! The show starts out where the police first find out about the crime.[Usually a phone call.] When the police arrive, they point important clues to how the perpertrator committed the crime. Usually they can't find out who did it with the clues they had, so they turn to forensic experts. These forensic experts take the clues the police found and sometimes the crime scene. The way they do it is so smart! Anyway, they take the clues and find blood, hairs, or other DNA objects to link them to the perpertraror. It explains how they caught him or her. This show is a huge mystety, asking questions to you along the way. If you love a good mystery, this is your show!
  • One of the originals, and still the best.

    The show actually started as \"Medical Detectives\" on TLC back in 1995. They switched networks and names, but the attention to forensic detail and to great story-telling, along with narrator Peter Thomas, makes this the grand-daddy and king of forensic television shows. When it started, \"CSI\" was just a gleam in Jerry Bruckheimer\'s eye.

    The recreations have gotten better and better over the years, while other shows have stayed cheesy.
  • I absolutely love this show!

    I am a devoted FF fan and I've been watching since it first premiered. Each and every single episode is interesting and has never failed to lure me in. I think it's amazing that they've managed to find cases in which I had never heard about. Everything from tracking down a killer simply by a bite mark or a single grade of hair, I just can't get over it. I'm very glad DNA testing exists today. Maybe if it had existed years back, many more criminals would have been brought to justice.

    Keep going FF, it definitely rocks.
  • Started my love affair with forensics :)

    I can\'t remember if it was this show... or The New Decetives, or one of the other shows about forensics I watched when I was in elementary school, but, I totally fell in love with forensics during this time. I still love it...and now I am in college and going to go into the Forensic Field.
    I love CSI also, but this show is nice because it is the pure science. I always know I can trust this shows science (instead of CSI and other forensic programs in which I am like \'yeah, that so can\'t happen.\')
    This show has so many interesting cases, that are not all murders... there are rapes, robberies... every time of case. Some are famous, some are not. It is always interesting when you see the forensics behind a well know case... or when you watch an episode like \'The Footpath Murders\' in which it was the first use of DNA in a forensic case. I always think the way that they find to use the new DNA and new technology and how they have to test it.
  • CSI without the fluff.

    A great show for CSI fans who want to cut out the fiction and just leave the truth. Doing so leaves you with Forensic Files. It's a pretty basic set-up as a show, but it is very effective at what it tries to accomplish. I would suggest this to anyone.
  • This Is a show everyone should give a try!!!!

    This show is awesome!!!! I will stay up all night watching this show!!! I know that it sounds crazy :). It has a bit of everything in it suspense, drama and a bit of the rest. I know what your thinking... BORING however I love it and those I get to watch it with me become hooked as well.
  • I love Forensic files however I am not able to review a certain program called \"Bag of Evidence\" It is about a 9 yr old girl who was murdered and was aired 10-31-2002

    I can not review it!! Someone told me about this certain episode and I was wanting very much to read about this. I watch Court TV all the time and have never seen this one certain episode. I used to live in Flordia right around that area and would very much like to read about this
  • Very informative about forensics

    Forensic Files is one of the best crime oriented shows, sort of the original C.S.I. I find it very interesting to watch and it's very intriguing to learn about the way that crimes are investigated and solved by using forensics. I always love watching this show, even the reruns, because you can always learn something new about the justice system or forensics in general.
  • The best of the best!

    The pioneer in Forensic Science, Forensic Files tops the list of the best of the best. This show tells us that every crime has a clue; you just have to find it. These high tech clues come in many forms.

    You get a case and follow the microscopic clues to find the answer. Ever wonder if the stuff you see on CSI is for real, well this show gives you the answers. Solving a crime is one big puzzle; sometimes the pieces only come one at a time!

    Great show!
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