Forensics: You Decide

Monday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Aug 03, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Silent Witness
      Silent Witness
      Episode 13
      When a man discovers that his girlfriend has been brutally killed, his world falls apart. His dogs have also been abused and beaten. In this episode, forensics experts go head to head to figure out whether the tow truck driver is a grieving boyfriend or a calculating killer. The dogs may help them crack the case.moreless
    • Deadly Kiss
      Deadly Kiss
      Episode 10
      When a teenage girl heads out to a concert, she has no idea that she will never return alive. Years after her disappearance, a man ends up on trial for the girl's death. A range of forensics experts look at the evidence to decide whether the man is innocent or a predator.moreless
    • Murder in the Moonlight
      Murder in the Moonlight from the show Forensics: You Decide originally aired on the Investigation Discovery (ID) network on September 28, 2009. This ninth episode, featured during season one, presents evidence pointing toward a husband's guilt in his wife's murder, but does so in a way allowing viewers to decide whether or not he did it or not. His wife is murdered while the couple takes a stroll one night along a Florida beach. Despite the husband receiving multiple gunshot wounds, they appear to be self-inflicted.moreless
    • Into the Valley
      Into the Valley
      Episode 8
      While clinging to a branch along a mountainside, Peter Begna frantically calls 911 operators in Reno, Nevada. His pick-up truck is at the bottom of a 1,000 foot cliff after careening down the mountainside. His wife was belted into the truck during the wreck, and is lifeless at the bottom of the cliff. Did the husband plan this accident, or was it truly an accident? The possibilities are weighed by experts on two different teams, but it's difficult to tell who the jury will side with. Following throughout investigation, as well as reconstruction of the crash, investigators are certain they have an answer.moreless
    • Blood In The Birdcage
      After David Stagg reports finding the dead body of his partner Bill Jennings, he claims his Bill committed suicide. As investigation begins, it becomes clear that the scene is homicide. Is the professor the murderer, or was he framed. There are two sides to every story. Forensic scientists from both sides will give viewers the chance to make their own conclusions.moreless
    • Nature's Evidence
      When two children go missing and are later found dead near a local cemetery, it is up to Mother Nature to decide who is responsible. Investigators claim that seed and insect evidence point to their stepfather, but could the same evidence be proof of his innocence? Forensic scientists battle over the evidence to determine who the real murderer is.moreless
    • Caught on Tape
      Episode 5
      Analysts differ on the results of an investigation regarding the death of makeup artist Marcus Rogers. When his apartment building caught fire, his burned body was found beaten to death. Is the murderer a man caught on surveillance footage just minutes before the fire? Experts analyze the evidence, leaving viewers to make their own conclusion.moreless
    • Blood Brothers
      Blood Brothers
      Episode 5
      David O'Brien narrates this exploration of an unusual death. Gregory Maurek and his brother, Peter, wound up in a heated argument. Before long, a gun shot rang out. The jury tried to decided whether Greg had murdered Peter, or whether Peter had taken his own life. Special guests include Iris Dalley, a crime scene agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and Ed Hueske, a crime scene analyst.moreless
    • 8/24/09
      A town and family are divided after the death of Sharon Guthrie. Though it appears to be a tragic suicide, further investigations lead to the arrest of her husband Rev. Bill Guthrie. Is this a case of suicide or has a seemingly gentle priest committed a horrific murder? Finally, the jury reaches a verdict in this suspenseful episode.moreless
    • Up in Flames
      Episode 3
      Mystery surrounds the death of Amanda Alley. Was the fire that destroyed her home and caused her death a tragic accident or arson? As investigators seek answers, her married lover comes under scrutiny. Why was he outside that night? Experts come to two very different conclusions regarding the cause of the fire and the person responsible.moreless
    • Over the Edge
      Episode 2
      A quiet family vacation ends in tragedy when a wife and mother of two turns up dead. Investigators seek answers when Florence Unger is found floating in a lake in Michigan. Is it simply a terrible accident, or was a husband's last resort to end a troubled marriage? Forensic teams use evidence to show two completely different stories in this episode.moreless
    • Pilot: Blood Brothers
      When a grief stricken Peter Maurek comes home drunk one night, a fight breaks out between him and his brother. After a single gunshot is fired, Peter turns up dead in their family home. Is this a case of suicide or something more sinister? Forensic scientists disagree, and viewers will have to decide what they think happened to Peter Maurek.moreless
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