Forever Eden

FOX (ended 2004)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Forever Eden
      Forever Eden
      Episode 25
      The guests are back, and the final 4 are competing for the grand prize of $240,000. Question is, who is it going to be? Who is going home empty-handed?
    • Old Friends
      Old Friends
      Episode 24
      Despite all the banishments that have taken place, Eden still has a very large surprise in store for all of the remaining guests.
    • Banishing Act
      Banishing Act
      Episode 23
    • Kassie Who?
      Kassie Who?
      Episode 22
    • Risky Business
      Risky Business
      Episode 21
    • Money Changes Everything
    • Crying All the Way to the Bank
    • Double Crossing Jordan
    • London Calling
      London Calling
      Episode 17
    • Here Comes the Bribe
    • Trash Talkin'
      Trash Talkin'
      Episode 15
    • Mama Knows Best
      Mama Knows Best
      Episode 14
    • With or Without You
    • Mum's the Word
      Mum's the Word
      Episode 12
    • Law & Eden
      Law & Eden
      Episode 11
    • I Know What You Did Last Night
    • It's Just a Kiss
      It's Just a Kiss
      Episode 9
    • Worst Nightmare
      Worst Nightmare
      Episode 8
      The episode opens with the new girl burning her identity in the fire, standing next to Ruth. She introduces herself as Michelle, 21 from Brooklyn. She's in Eden because she likes to party and stir up trouble. The girls, especially Neveen, take an instant dislike to Michelle. The guys aren't impressed by her attitude either. The girls take Michelle to her room, she's sharing with Wallace. She explains in her confessional, "Wallace is the only guy I'm interested in. Cos he's hot." At dinner Michelle's encouraged to give her honest opinion of the group, and is assured no one will hold it against her. Michelle says about Brooke, "You're totally the bad girl Brooke, and you're definitely, probably, not to be mean, you're probably the most loose!", then points at Neveen, "You are just a vulgar, vulgar, dirty, dirty little girl, and you have nothing but nasty shit coming outta your mouth!" Both Brooke and Neveen comment in their private confessionals how much they dislike Michelle, Neveen absolutely hating her. Ruth announces that there is to be a Coupling Ceremony. A coupling frenzy begins and Michelle is offended when both Wallace and Chris do not want to couple with her, causing arguments. Michelle calls Brooke an "absolute pig" in her private confessional because she suspects that Wallace and Brooke are a couple. The next day, Michelle's breast implant breaks, leaking everywhere. Neveen is extremely insensitive and makes it known that she doesn't care, while the rest of the group sympathise with Michelle as she's told by Hawke, Eden's Medic, that she must leave Eden. Before leaving, Michelle tells the girls that she'd seen tapes of previous episodes, and Neveen had called all the girls "bitches". She hugs everyone except Neveen when she leaves. The other girls confront Neveen about calling them bitches. She admits it, saying of course she should have called them bitches when they all voted to have her banished from Eden. Kassie explains that Michelle said Neveen said it twice. "Well then she's a stupid trick and I didn't like her from day 1, and I'm glad her fuckin' boob exploded," Neveen replies, "And did she also tell you Brooke that she also talked crap at the dinner table about you last night? Did she tell you that? I woulda broken a lamp on her head, that's what I woulda done. If I woulda been kicked off, I woulda punched her in the face and blown up her other boob, that's what woulda happened!" The others comment on how harsh she was before she continues, "I will knock her out, I will punch her in the chest just to make sure she leaves. I will, oh I will beat her ass so bad..." At the Coupling Ceremony, Ruth explains that at the end of the ceremony, the man without a partner will be banished from Eden. Both Chris and Jordan choose Claudia, and she chooses Jordan as her partner. However, Ruth says that the ceremony is not over, and as a special privelidge due to everything that happened, Michelle was able to choose someone to replace her. Shawna walks into the banishment temple, smiling as the show flashes back to her making out with Wallace, then to Jason picking Neveen over Shawna in an banishment ceremony, and finally to Jordan's harsh words to her when he got banished from Eden for the first time. Ruth, "Welcome back Shawna." Shawna, "Thank – You!"moreless
    • Where's Wallace?
      Where's Wallace?
      Episode 7
      Jason and Neveen have a fight over who's smarter. Neveen says she thinks Jason is just a big idiot. Matt and Kassie get closer, as Matt tries his moves on her. Chris continues to reveal that he has an attraction to Wallace, so trying to prove that he's not gay, Wallace asks Brooke if he can sleep in her room together. Romance begins to bloom between them. Later, Wallace comes right out and says to Chris that he basically just doesn't like men. Matt becomes annoyed by Neveen during a volleyball game by her constant negative comments about Matt's playing. He later contemplates a way to try and have Neveen voted off. Jordan decides that a relay race should be held with everyone participating. The loser men will have to wear Neveen's clothes (since they're so outrageous), while the loser women will wear sexy clothing. Ruth later arrives explaining that everyone will have to write down a question that they want to ask one other person. Later that evening, everyone will gather around the "Tree of Truth" to ask and answer the questions, truthfully. Tensions spark as soon as they get into it, causing someone to break down. Then, a new girl shows up at Eden. Her mission: to tear everyone apart.moreless
    • It is On and It is On
      Jason tells Kassie about the comment Liz made about her in the previous episode (flat stomach). When confronted, Liz denies ever saying anything so mean, and instead accuses Jason of him making that comment and not her. A little later, everyone begins to think Liz was lying, and she did in fact make the comment all along. A new guest arrives in Eden. Ruth explains that this certain someone has been watching the guests' every move, and has actually been at Eden the entire time. This certain guest has a new task to bring back someone who was previously banished. The person is picked, and the guest returns to Eden with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Liz and David's relationship starts to heat up.moreless
    • Stand By Your Man
      The women receive an apple, which turns out to be - good. The letter that came with the apple reads that the women must each choose a man to partner up with in Eden. Earlier, Jason tells Shawna that he thinks she's the most beautiful girl there, but Shawna just rolls her eyes at the compliment. The pairing up begins as Kassie wants to go with Matt, Brooke wants Matt, Liz wants David, Brooke wants Michael, Shawna wants Wallace, and Neveen later decides that she wants Jason. A new guest also arrives at Eden, whose name is Claudia. Ruth explains that since the girls now outnumber the guys, the person that doesn't pair up with someone will be banished next. Thinking that a twist will show up at the banishment ceremony, David, Liz, Shawna, and Wallace work up a plan in order for Claudia to not pick David and Wallace. Their plan involves Wallace and David dressing up as total geeks, so that it will leave a bad first impression on Claudia, and she'd have to pick someone else. The "plan incapable of failing" falls through as Claudia makes a surprising decision.moreless
    • Adam's Apple
      Adam's Apple
      Episode 4
      Neveen misses the recently banished Khalilah, and she explains she won't be friends with the rest nor will she be their enemies. The new guest, Jason arrives at Eden and stirs things up. The group sees him as a party animal/goofball with similarities to Matt, who always thinks he's crazy. Jason receives an apple, which is a good one, and is crowned the first Adam of Eden. With his new responsibility, he has to choose the first Eve out of all the girls. After kind of getting to know each and every one of them, he chooses Shawna. Ruth tells them that together they must make a decision by the end of the day. They must banish one male from the group. Jordan and Matt are worried they're the targets, and are, of course, feeling the pressure.moreless
    • True Colors
      True Colors
      Episode 3
      Brooke and Matt get into a fight over Matt's constant immature remarks and calling Brooke names. Michael is chosen as the most desirable man in Eden by the ladies. Ruth tells him to pick two girls out of the bunch to take them to another part of the resort on a day of pampering and relaxation. He picks Neveen and Brooke. While they're gone, the rest of the guests get a surprise: they must pick either Brooke or Neveen to banish. Otherwise, if they can't come to a decision, the tables will turn and one of them will be banished instead.moreless
    • Reap What You Sow (2)
      Mary is given the power to banish one male. Most of the men suck up to her, but she still remembers what each and every one of them said to her in the beginning. She later makes her decision (see recap). Two new guests move into Eden, and a shocking twist is revealed.moreless
    • Reap What You Sow (1)
      Here's what we've seen of everyone so far in Eden: Craig is a body builder with a girlfriend back at home, who just so happens befriends the outcast Mary, and has a soft side for just about anyone. Mary is not out-going, and she makes racist comments towards Michael. David hasn't done too much yet. Jordan is the unofficial "smart" one of the group, since none of the others have been showing signs of intelligence. Jordan also uses Rogaine, and he is called "short" by Kassie. Accidentally retaliating, he calls her "fat" which makes even more trouble in Eden. Brooke has had maybe one minute of air time. Khalilah is the party girl with the loud mouth, and Matt is the party guy with the overbite. Neveen hasn't had much to do thus far. Shawna tries to be Mary's friend when nobody else at the time is, and so far is being the nicest.moreless