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  • Different people are gathered on an island to make money. Every week, if they're still there, they gain 4 golden coins, worth about 4000$.

    Completely rip off from Paradise Hotel, a show much more original and entertaining than this timewasting show. Because that's all it does; waste your time. If you watch this, you better have nothing else to do but to sit and watch it. I did, but I actually regret it. I feel like the show has made me dumber. People on the show were so coniving and naive and the same time that it almost killed me. Boys were playing several girls, girls thought they a boyfriend, boyfriends tried to backstab their girlfriends and so on. You get the picture. Don't watch it!
  • Forever Eden though Gone was a gem but didnt have enough viewers

    This Reality show was the best reality show Ive ever seen. Its a shame its gone, The reruns are now on the reality channel and I still watch it over and over Bring it Back!!!!
    The way they set up the banishments with a backlash of consiquences around every corner is awesome, brilliant and refreshing, I am as picky as they come when it comes to reality, I dont even like survivor, but this show was the best.
  • Was a awesome show

    I remember flipping threw the channels and landing on a show called Forever Eden now there was nothing else on so I decided I would watch it. So as Im watching it I loved the first episode, and I noticed that there must be a marathon going on for the show so I watched it for 2 days straight and I got hooked on the show. Now the main objective is to try and survive until the end by either getting the Apple which can be a good or bad thing or by playing it smart and knowing ur friends wisely, Watch this show.
  • I becomes very addicted to this show when it first aired.

    forever eden was my first reality show that I ever watching! I really enjoy it after all and I always keeps wonders who's hot chicks and my jaw were dropped on the floor and left me very speechless!

    I watched almost every episodes of this show. Too bad for this show. That show got ended very badly and I was expect for second season!

    it left my heart spilt in the two apart!

    except for that hot british host..! She's so awfully beautiful and she did a fine job doing host this show, I hope to see her again someday in the future.
  • A blatant clone of the similar reality series Paradise Hotel, Forever Eden is one of the best reality shows to date. Its amazing cast, wonderful location, and countless twists make it a must see!

    The show originally aired in 2004. However, after 7 episodes it was pulled. At that time I did not enjoy it. They were cranking out the episodes like wildfire; way ot hard to see them all. So I started watching at the fourth episode, and frankly I was confused. These kind of shows are not as fun if you do not know the characters, but after a few episodes you'll be hooked!

    I started watching again when Fox Reality put it on the air in 2006. After one episode I already found myself trying to find out who was going to win the whole thing. Every episode is a exciting. With all the new twists, guests and banishments, this show gives new meaning to the word suspense!

    Many people find shows like this bad and like a guilty pleasure. But that is not so. Beneath its seemingly shallow surface is a world of emotion and life lessons that will keep you wondering forever.
  • This Program gets better every time you watch it! oh yeah its the best!

    Forever eden is described by one of the guests (Jordan) as "hell" that, people, is more or less what it is now turning into. thing is, thats what makes me love it even more.

    the show will live in shadow of paradise island, but i dont think its anywhere as good as forever Eden, i mean does paradise island have people that almost hate everyone on the 1st day? no so Eden is the best in its category, beats big brother, beats them all!

    the first few epsisodes were more or less the group finding days, everyone gets into their little alliances, then at banishment, people always show their true colours, then on top of that. people with hidden personalities add to the twists, for example. a woman gets outnumbered into a banishment by the men, then she can choose to take one out with her!. if this isnt hell on earth, ive love to see what is.

    then we have the sex lies and videotape style, if that dosent keep you happy, you need to learn to let it!.

    Eden is a one of a kind, it makes and breaks people, lies, sex, odd violence, grudges, laughs, cries, its got it all. and the best part is that none of the people really know the other to know what they would do in a situation.
  • This is the best reality show I have seen for ages. I am addicted to it. Intrigues, nerve-wrecking banishments, participants with personalities, and friends selling each other out daily - excellent!

    For the first few episodes I hardly paid any attention to the show, yet suddenly the cast and the whole show started to grow on me. The whole show is saturated with intrigues, as everybody has to lobby every day to ensure not being voted off at the banishment ceremonies. As participants have to team up in couples, some are forced to pretend either friendship or love in order to survive the banishments. Some are better at the game than others and survive one banishment after the other, although it is hardly deserved, while those with more integrity find it hard to play the game. This is what makes this show so brilliant and at the same time frustrating - my favourite cast members are constantly at risk for being voted off as they do not play the game as well as the more smart, manipulative and lying participants.