Forever Knight

Season 3 Episode 21

Ashes to Ashes

Aired Unknown May 11, 1996 on CBS



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    • LaCroix: As a general in the Emperor's Army, I visited suffering upon my enemies in unspeakable ways. I've seen evil on this earth in all its forms and yet there was an evil in my own child that I couldn't bear to look upon.

    • Nick: Where's my partner, by the way?
      Reese: She didn't tell you? No, of course not. Why should she? She's only your partner.

    • Divia: Lucius, I want us both to experience everything our nature has to offer us, without restriction. We are free to do as we please. To kill as often as we desire, bathe in mortal flesh and blood, to do everything that is forbidden. No one can stop us! Everything we lust after can be ours!

    • Divia: You know why I'm here.
      Nick: You've come to kill me.
      Divia: Don't take it personally.

    • LaCroix: Divia, I know that I'm here because of you, but he made you!
      Divia: He thought he could control me! He said he brought me across because I was young and my evil was as pure as he'd ever seen. But then he tried to harness it, to make me in his image.

    • Divia: You're in pain, how I wished to see that.
      LaCroix: Now your wish has come true, all that remains is for you to kill me.
      Divia: And deny you the pain and loneliness? No, you must exist forever with the knowledge that you destroyed everyone who was dear to you. Your friends, lovers, daughter, mother... and now your son.
      LaCroix: What do you mean?
      Divia: Nicholas, I believe was his name. One always recognizes family, but he was your favorite, wasn't he?

    • LaCroix: I'm not going to let you leave here, Divia. There's enough misery in the world already.
      Divia: Oh, but there's always room for more.

    • LaCroix: He (Divia's master) was an Ancient! His knowledge of our past, of our very beginnings, was worthy of respect!

    • Reese: So we just write it off, huh? Put it down to ghosts or aliens? C'mon, Nick, the truth is out there!
      Nick: Yeah, but maybe just not in our jurisdiction.

    • LaCroix: I never thought I'd say this, Nicholas, but for once I'm glad of your insistent search for your humanity. Perhaps your resurgent goodness was all that was needed to defeat Divia's evil.

    • LaCroix: I always thought evil was a fine identity, until you showed me otherwise. Even I have my limits, Divia.

    • Divia: (to Nick) It'll be worse for you if you try to fight me, but that's up to you. Ready?

    • LaCroix: What can be said about a man who kills his own daughter?

    • Divia: (to LaCroix) Damnation, when I come to think of it, is a fitting sentence for your crime.

    • Nick: How could (Urs) be killed if she wasn't staked or decapitated? What, exactly, are we dealing with?
      Natalie: This might sound ridiculous, but could it be some new breed of vampire?
      Nick: A new breed, or a very, very old one.

    • Divia: (to LaCroix) Do you know what it's like to be betrayed by your own child? To be left alone in the darkness? I didn't think so. But you will know soon enough, as your friends die and the fear of death drives those still alive away from you. Then you will understand how it feels to be betrayed and alone.

    • LaCroix: (observing his empty club) The word is out: being in LaCroix's company can be fatal.

    • Divia: (referring to her master) It is here that he was destroyed. Staked, scorched by the sun, then interred with the symbol of the Sun God to imprison him for all time.
      LaCroix: But who did this? Did you take revenge on his killer?
      Divia: I could hardly have done so, Lucius, since I killed him.

    • Divia: (to LaCroix) The centuries I expected to spend loving you, caring for you... spent instead in darkness and isolation.

    • Reese: Someone breaks in, stuffs a corpse into a fridge, and gift wraps its head for you, just for the hell of it?
      LaCroix: It's my understanding that discovering a motive is your job.

    • LaCroix: Shouldn't all little girls be in bed by this time?
      Divia: But I'm not that kind of girl, you know that.

    • Vachon: Are you all right? Did someone hurt you?
      (Divia stands and snaps Vachon's arm)
      Divia: Lucius hurt me. My father, my son. He betrayed me, even after I raised him from the ashes of Pompeii. And now, you will pay for his sin.

    • Divia: (to LaCroix) You are as weak as those we preyed upon!

    • Divia: (to LaCroix) You cannot imagine the hatred I have for you.

    • LaCroix: Why are you here, Divia? To gloat?
      Divia: Why not? I've won.

    • Tracy: Presumably the fridges were stocked up after closing time, when was that?
      LaCroix: Six a.m., although I don't recall any of my staff reporting discovering a decapitated corpse in the beer fridge.

    • Nick: What is it?
      LaCroix: It? It is something that I've never told you. Something too painful for even me to discuss.

    • Divia: Say you're sorry!
      LaCroix: You should've stayed dead!

    • (Vachon and Urs are lying on a couch, LaCroix walks in)
      Vachon: It's not what you think.
      LaCroix: How disappointing.

    • (LaCroix and Divia are in a tomb in Egypt)
      Divia: It is him, (she motions toward a sarcophagus) my master, my true father. He chose me, created me before Vesuvius erupted.

    • LaCroix: A child's innocence and purity knows no bounds, neither does its cruelty when evil comes upon its soul.

    • Vachon: You have to do it, you have to kill me.
      Tracy: No!
      Vachom: I'll die anyway, I know that now.

    • Reese: (about LaCroix) He may not be guilty of this, but he sure as hell is guilty of something.

    • LaCroix: (to Divia) If I didn't know better, I'd almost say that you had grown, my dear.

    • Tracy: (to Vachon) Evil's a part of you. Maybe that's why we'd never work.

    • Divia: (to LaCroix) After all I've done for you, how can you stand in judgment?

    • Nick: Do you think she'll come after you?
      LaCroix: Not quite yet, there's more killing to be done after all.

    • Tracy: Thanks for coming by on such short notice.
      Vachon: You forget, time is relative.

    • LaCroix: (to Nick about Reese and Tracy) Your associates are not without character.

    • Reese: First defense against evil: open your damn eyes!

    • (LaCroix is in a holding cell frightening prisoners)
      LaCroix: Clearly I have a future as a sobering influence on the disenfranchised.

    • Natalie: Method of death...well, not to get too technical, but he was torn to shreds.

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    • Reese: So we just write it off, huh? Put it down to ghosts or aliens? C'mon, Nick, the truth is out there!
      "The truth is out there" is the tagline for The X-Files TV series. The show main subplot was an FBI agent's search for his sister, whom he believed was abducted by aliens when she was a child.