Forever Knight

Season 2 Episode 26

Crazy Love

Aired Unknown Jul 29, 1995 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The opening sequence doesn't seem to match. In the opening tag Barlow sees Whitney, has a pair of trimmers hidden away, smiles at her, approaches her and...apparently doesn't kill her, since we're later told that Dr. Welsh killed Whitney. We're told that Barlow had reason to kill Whitney, so why didn't he?

  • Quotes

    • Schanke: I am outta here. I'm history, that's all she wrote. Not only has the fat lady sung, but she's left the theatre with Elvis.

    • Barlow: Killing is lovemaking in its purest form. Does that shock you, Dr. Welsh?
      Dr. Welsh: Is that your intention, Peter? To shock me?
      Barlow: I'd much rather make love to you. You're my type, you know.

    • Schanke: If you don't mind, I'll handle things down here. That place kind of creeps me out.
      Nick: Oh, don't be shy.
      Natalie: Yeah, Schanke, most of the patients aren't dangerous, they're just a little emotionally challenged.
      Schanke: It's not the patients, Natalie, it's the shrinks.

    • Nick: It (the thirst) never ends.
      LaCroix: No, no it doesn't. Isn't it delightful?

    • LaCroix: It is our nature to possess. To drain away the lives of others into our bodies.

    • Schanke: Isn't that just like a shrink, leaving town when you need him?

    • Dr. Welsh: Detective, Peter Barlow makes eye contact with a woman and he thinks it's a sexual advance. He's very delusional in that regard.

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