Forever Knight

Season 1 Episode 2

Dark Knight (1)

Aired Unknown May 05, 1992 on CBS

Episode Recap

Paris in 1228: Nicholas de Brabant, crusader and fledgling vampire, is welcomed into his new family - Janette, his lover, and Lacroix, his "father" - and he takes his first victim. Toronto 1992: At the ROM a guard has been killed. His body was drained of blood and he is the fourth victim in a series of similar killings. Detective Nick Knight catches up with Schanke at the drained body and seeing that Nick turns away, Schanke mocks Nick for his inability to look at blood.

Nick ignores him and goes to talk to Alyce Hunter, the curator, who found the body. It becomes clear that the killer took an old Mayan cup that was used in human sacrifices. Nick also tells Alyce that he has considerable knowledge about the rather obscure dig and that he can read the glyphs on one of the steles. Actually, some of the numbers match his alarm code.

At the morgue where Nick meets up with Dr Natalie Lambert, the ME who tries to cure Nick of his vampirism. It's clear now that the killer was indeed vampire since the victim's neck shows fang marks.

Under pressure from officials, Captain Stonetree teams Nick up with Schanke. Nick is not pleased but grudgingly accepts his new partner.

After his shift Nick talks to some homeless people and gives them food he has bought for them. Then he returns to his apartment, where he uses a similar cup as the one stolen to drink blood. Is he the killer after all?

At the precinct Schanke is donating blood. He is friendly with Fenner, the EMT, who tells him about the different blood types. Later in the car Schanke tells a skeptical Nick his theory: the killer goes for homeless people with type O blood. Before Schanke can elaborate, Nick takes them to a crime scene. A drug addict with a machine gun has taken a hostage. With his vampire powers Nick takes the guy out in no time and once more he's hero of the day although his methods cause Schanke to wonder about his partner's abilities. Two homeless teens, Topper and Jeannie, also Nick's friends, are attacked by someone unseen and Topper is killed.

In the meantime, Alyce, alone at the museum at night, reads about the dig at Altun Kinal and finds a picture of someone looking remarkably like Nick in an old book. She is scared by a noise and suddenly finds Nick standing behind her. They talk for a while and eventually they kiss. Nick is close to biting her and drags himself away at the last moment. Nick then gives in to his urges and binges on blood at his home where Natalie finds him. He tells her how he was brought across and that Lacroix has come back for him.

The next night the homeless are gathered around the blood mobile when Topper's body is found, drained of blood as the others before. Dr Dave tells Schanke that the blood mobile had been there and Schanke makes the connection. Nick, distraught by the fact that he couldn't prevent another killing runs off to find the killer. For him it is clear that Lacroix is behind all this.

Instead of being put off by his odd behavior, Alyce now is determined to find out more about Nick and follows him to a nightclub, the Raven. Nick talks to the owner, Janette, and finds out that Lacroix is indeed in town. To the taunting voice of his master he drives to meet him, followed by Alyce.