Forever Knight

Season 1 Episode 6

Dying to Know You

Aired Unknown Jun 09, 1992 on CBS

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  • While assisting the police in a high-profile abduction case, a psychic is driven to the brink of madness by visions of Knight's past.

    This episode finds the paranormal world colliding with Nick's nocturnal one and it works very well. As accomplished psychic Denise Fort assists the police in solving the abductions of a millionaire's wife and daughter, she is thwarted by terrifying visions of Nick Knight's secret life.

    It seems that whenever Nick is present she cannot interpret psychic images without being subjected to searing flashes of vampiric horrors. I found these sequences edited so crisply that if I were a psychic I would have been frightened, too.

    Schanke offers the perfect counterweight to Denise. Always skeptical of her abilities, he openly mocks her throughout the episode. His cynicism sets up a moment of humor in the latter stages of the story. When he mentions to Denise that his wife went bowling, Denise asks if he's sure she did go bowling. Once alone, Schanke quietly places a call to his wife just to make sure she really did go out with the girls that evening.

    I found the scene where Nick reveals his vampirism to Denise, and her reaction to this information, to be almost endearing. Instead of running into the night screaming her head off, she seems almost childishly infatuated with the knowledge that she knows a real live vampire. Even the climax of the episode pulls at one's sentiments. With a seriously wounded Denise in his arms, Nick flies across town toward the hospital. She is more fascinated by the fact that they are actually flying than she is with her grievous situation.

    All in all, an excellent, compelling and utterly riveting entry in this series.