Forever Knight

Season 1 Episode 8

False Witness

Aired Unknown Aug 04, 1992 on CBS

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  • Nick's lie about witnessing a murder brings back unpleasant memories from his sorta-evil past.

    I really wanted to like this episode, but I knew right away when Nick lied, that it was going to be bad. I never believed that he would have told that lie just to convict the guy. It did not ring true for the character at all. And of course, I was right, because the rest of the episode is about how bad he feels about lying and how he tries to fix it.

    The flashback sequences were probably better than the present-day ones, showing a time when he tried to tell the truth and could not save a man from being convicted. However, I really did not care at all for most of the scenes with Schkenke, he was too annoying in the episode.

    I also thought the "drama" about him testifying during the day and how someone opens the blinds in the courtroom, and then we see the sun creeping across the desk towards Nick was very overdone and not the effect that they wanted. At least Nick gets the bad guys at the end, using his brain and not lying, but overall a very weak episode.