Forever Knight

Season 1 Episode 8

False Witness

Aired Unknown Aug 04, 1992 on CBS



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    • Nick: (to Schanke) If I could tap into your nervous energy I could light up a whole city.

    • Schanke: Since we're partners I'll give you the short version.
      Nick: Who says you're not merciful?

    • Schanke: I never went for those tan guys. Who's the guy who did that vampire movie? He used to date Lyndon Johnson's daughter... something Bird? Hamilton. George Hamilton, that's what it was. A tan vampire! Now there's a jerk!

    • (while searching a pornographer's office)
      Nick: Anyone find anything?
      Schanke: Some interesting material, but so far nothing to do with Betty Gilroy.
      Nick: Keep looking.
      Schanke: Why, someone you know having a bachelor party aboard a fully manned nuclear sub?

    • Schanke: Nice suit, Captain.
      Stonetree: Thanks. My son made it.

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  • Allusions

    • Nick: It's about a 40-foot gorilla!
      This is an allusion to the movie King Kong, whose "star" is a gigantic gorilla. There have been several movie versions of King Kong throughout the years.

    • Schanke: It's either that or I've got the Six Million Dollar Man for a partner.
      The Six Million Dollar Man was a 1970s television series starring Lee Majors as a man who had parts of his body replaced with bionic implants, which caused him to do extraordinary things.