Forever Knight

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jan 20, 1996 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Nick finds the dead lab rat, he pokes at it with a pen, but when he bags it, he doesn't put on any gloves.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: Natalie, I do not claim to know what God does. I stepped out of that light too long ago. But whoever sent this, however it came about, this plague does nature's work... it kills vampires.

    • LaCroix: A race that dare not speak its name, that cannot turn to medicine for help. They die, silently, invisibly, out of the light. I am their only voice and my people cry out for revenge!

    • LaCroix: So, the killer is the cure? Isn't that fascinating? His tainted blood will be our salvation.

    • Vachon: (toasting, at Screed's burial) See you in Hell, sailor.

    • LaCroix: They say the ages of man are: denial, awareness and acceptance. A young man believes he will live forever. A middle-aged man knows he will not. And an old man is ready. What then of those taken out of sequence? A man who knows he will not die is a young man. He is kept young by the knowledge that death shall have no dominion.

    • LaCroix: (to Nick) I leave tonight, I suggest you do the same before the good reverend returns with holy water and a stake.

    • Natalie: This is killing you. Is that the kind of mortality you've been looking for?
      Nick: Maybe it's the only kind I'm allowed.
      Natalie: Don't you give me that crap!

    • Vachon: I've got a sick friend, I need (Natalie's) help.
      Nick: She's not that kind of a doctor.
      Vachon: I hear she's pretty good with the dead and the undead. Look, I can't take this one to the hospital. At the emergency room, what am I gonna tell them? He's, uh, allergic to penicillin, garlic, sunlight, crosses and food, he's about four hundred and fifty and he can fly?

    • LaCroix: (to Natalie) You purport to help people, doctor. You proffer modern medicine as religion and that faith and that technology will not be defeated. It's a false promise, a lie. You can't save your friend. You can't save us. You are powerless.

    • Vachon: I'm the one usually left behind, Tracy. In five hundred years, I've buried a lot of mortal friends.

    • Nick: Is it possible?
      Natalie: You tell me.
      Nick: Nothing's ever touched a vampire. Not the bubonic plague, not leprosy, not influenza, not ebola.
      Natalie: Not AIDS?
      Nick: Not anything. Stay out of the sun, keep away from sharp sticks, you'll live forever. That is supposed to be the deal.

    • Tracy: I knew there'd be some disadvantages to getting involved with a vampire, sure, but dying young wasn't supposed to be one of them.
      Vachon: If it's any comfort, I'm not actually young.

    • LaCroix: I think we should move on.
      Nick: I thought you thrived on human suffering, LaCroix.
      LaCroix: Disasters are a useful distraction, Nicholas, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Besides, they've closed the theaters. I detest a city with no culture.

    • Vachon: Here to give me Last Rites?
      Nick: You were expecting a priest?

    • Nick: What do you want, LaCroix?
      LaCroix: Oh, nothing much. I just thought that now, at the hour of our death, the good doctor (Natalie) might appreciate seeing, first hand, the results of her hypocrisy.

    • Tracy: What is it about these places that always smells the same? Do they use the same cleaning service, Lab Smell Incorporated?

    • LaCroix: One short sleep passed, we wake eternally and death shall be no more.

    • Screed: Just a favor, mate, one last.
      Vachon: Anything.
      Screed: Put my bones down by the water, if you can. Bury 'em good in the sand. Never felt right on land.

    • Natalie: Nick, the blood will kill you!
      Nick: And staying off it will save me?
      Natalie: No, no not unless I can find a way to kill the virus. But, it'll slow it down, it'll give you more time.
      Nick: Slow or fast, what's the difference? Maybe this was meant to be, Nat. What if nature has decided that it's had enough of unnatural creatures feeding on this world? What if this is nature's way of getting rid of us? Divine justice?

    • LaCroix: (to Nick) Good Father Laird was here to inquire about the strange marks on the necks of the patients. Would you care to offer an explanation?

    • LaCroix: The search for a cure for your harmless little virus has brought my people to their knees!

    • Natalie: (to Nick) How can you stand there and not care if you die? Not care how that's gonna make me feel?

    • Screed: (to lab rat) Oh, where'd you come from, my lovely?

    • Vachon: (to Tracy) Screed was right, you do smell like fruit.
      Tracy: Must be my shampoo.
      Vachon: No, it's inside you. Every woman has her own scent, her own flavor. Your blood is who you are.

    • LaCroix: We are not so easy to eradicate. Men have struck at us with fire and with lies and we are still here.

    • LaCroix: Death, thou shalt die! We will survive!

    • Nick: I've destroyed you.
      Archer: No, my friend, you have given me deliverance!

    • LaCroix: I haven't had a decent meal in weeks; they all have the taste of plague in them. London used to be such a nice city.

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