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    Without a show like this the vampire culture may not have been as good as it's been. We've seen shows like Angel and Moonlight which are very close in premise to Forever Knight. Aren't we all looking for a little redemption.

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    Me? I'm just looking for a good fantasy tale to take me away for an hour or two per week, and I'm with you: FK was a great starting point! I have watched most vamp shows since, that are targeted to an adult audience anyway, and no matter what twist on the vampire myth they each bring to the table, they weave imaginative alternate worlds that don't remind me of my own!

    I do agree that the redemption aspect to at least one of the characters is important to me because I am not into blood and guts for the sake of it. If the show had been about all Lacroix-type vamps, I might have been less attracted to the show. As it was, Lacroix and Janette managed to learn some things, if not adopt them, over the centuries too.

    This series is a classic, and I often go back to the DVD set for a repeat performance...when I haven't lent it out to a friend, that is. It's a popular. "can I borrow that?" for some reason...Wink

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