Forever Knight

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Unknown May 04, 1996 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Nick: Imagine if you could know someone's soul just by sharing their blood. Everything you know, everything you are, transformed into touch and taste. Imagine the temptation to take just one sip, and then another, and another. To take them inside you and know their every secret.

    • LaCroix: Where does responsibility lie for what we do in our lives? Is payment in full rendered for our sins at the hour of our death?

    • Tracy: I dated (Fuller) once.
      Nick: Yeah, anything serious?
      Tracy: No, I dated him once.

    • Nick: You have to understand that every drop of blood has your whole life in it. It's not just our food, it's the way we feel life.

    • Fuller: So, Vetter, you got another one?
      Tracy: Go swallow a sock, Fuller.

    • Natalie: Maybe someone's playing with your mind. Maybe it's LaCroix.
      Nick: Why would he do that?
      Natalie: Oh, because he's... evil?

  • Notes

    • The psychiatrist in this episode, Lisa Kadlec, was named after a fan active on Internet mailing lists known to the writer.

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