Forever Knight

Season 3 Episode 11

Sons of Belial

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1995 on CBS



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    • Natalie: (to Nick) Hey, you beat the Devil. Not bad for a day's work.

    • Vanderwald: For the Devil to be driven out, one must first believe that God has not abandoned the soul. Torn as he is by good and evil, Nick does have faith.

    • LaCroix: Listen to me, Nicholas! You must fight this demon. There is goodness in you, there is God in you, use it!

    • Nick: Who do you pray for, friend?
      Inquisition Prisoner: My family. If I die, my wife and children must be cared for.
      LaCroix: And who will do that? Your God? The same God that would allow your flesh to be incinerated?
      Inquisition Prisoner: It is not for me to question.
      LaCroix: Of course not, because once the question is asked, it must be answered.

    • Tracy: Do you really believe the Devil exists?
      Nick: Well, a lot of people do, maybe that's all it takes.
      Reese: You gotta admit, you just look around these days, it's not hard to see the signs. Although if the Devil did make her do it, I'd like to see anyone try to prosecute him.

    • Vanderwald: You see, the Devil doesn't just go away after he's been rejected. He always seeks refuge, usually in the conflicted, those that wage war with themselves. It's this inner turmoil that opens the door to let the demon enter.

    • LaCroix: This God and this Devil are a mere human contrivance, and convenience. They are for the justification for slaughter without the tricky business of accountability.

    • Tracy: So, do you mind telling me why you're so familiar with Biblical quotes?
      Nick: It's always a good idea to know what the other side is up to.

    • Inquisition Prisoner: You are also a non-believer?
      Nick: If there is a God, he has not yet shown himself to me.

    • Vanderwald: I don't suppose you know what it's like to be tormented by evil, Detective Knight.

    • Eric Sawchuck: She was a woman of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
      Nick: Isaiah 53, verse 3. It's paraphrased.

    • Tracy: Are you suggesting the Devil killed Melanie?
      Dr. Vanderwald: Isn't that what you are suggesting?

    • Dr. Vanderwald: I'm speaking to Michael.
      Possessed Michael: Too bad - Michael isn't here right now.

    • Sancho: Help me!
      Nick: (commanding, to the guards) Release him!
      LaCroix: Really, Nicholas; such crass showmanship.

    • Nick: (almost strangling a vampire) Please help me, LaCroix; I can't help myself.
      LaCroix: Good! Though a little more discretion would be in order.

    • Dr. Vanderwald: (speaking about Nick) Are you responsible for his turmoil? Did you open the door to The Devil into him? The Devil you try so hard to dismiss? Help him.
      LaCroix: I can't.

    • Possessed Nick: You've already lost. Nicholas belongs to me. He is mine. He no longer needs you.
      LaCroix: He is my creation. My son. I won't let you take him from me.

    • Possessed Nick: You can't save them all!
      LaCroix: Fight, Nicholas!
      Possessed Nick: This is not your fight, LaCroix; you are one of us. You belong to us.

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  • Allusions

    • LaCroix: In courts and palaces he also reigns, And in luxurious cities, where the noise Of riot ascends above their loftiest towers, And injury and outrage; and when night Darkens the streets then wander forth the sons Of Belial, flown with insolence and wine...Paradise Lost.
      Paradise Lost is an epic poem written by John Milton and first published in 1667. The poem dealt with the fall of Adam and Eve, most notably Adam's disobedience of his maker, as well as the conflict between destiny and free will.

    • Tracy: (to Nick) Like the Wizard said, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"?... You know, from The Wizard of Oz?
      Refers to the movie scene where Toto exposes the Wizard as a fraud to Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.