Forever Knight

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1996 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Nick met the famous "mad monk" Rasputin, revealed to be a vampire brought across by LaCroix. Rasputin fed off Alexei Romanov, Russia's last Czar's only son, causing the boy to be pale and sickly. In fact, Alexei really suffered from Hemophilia, a condition inherited from his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria of England.

    • Trivia: Nick was friends with the Romanovs, Russia's last royal family, before the Revolution.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: How many hired killers do you know soften up their victims by ramming them with their cars first?

    • Forrest: Around here we do things my way.
      Tracy: You've already pointed that out, ma'am.
      Forrest: Yeah, well you homicide cops have a reputation for being independent.
      Tracy: Don't worry, ma'am. I wouldn't dream of using my head in here.

    • LaCroix: It is a comfort to be told what to think, how to live, against whom to wage war. Freedom is the absence of individual thought.

    • Tracy: Just because he's her son doesn't mean he didn't pull the trigger.

    • Forrest: You are making a big mistake.
      Tracy: What are you gonna do, bust me down to meter maid?
      Forrest: I could.
      Tracy: You wouldn't. You're too busy trying to score brownie points with my father.

    • Reese: What was the sister's name again?
      Tracy: Christie Black, the singer.
      Reese: Unless she sings the anthem at hockey games, I don't know her.

    • Tracy: What I should be doing is trying to track down a killer.
      (turns back to computer)
      Forrest: What are you doing?
      Tracy: I'm being insubordinate.

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