Forever Knight

Season 3 Episode 8

Trophy Girl

Aired Unknown Nov 04, 1995 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Why didn't Internal Affairs ask Tracy for the gun she fired in the shoot-out? It looked too big to be a back-up. Also, while she is breaking down with it in her hand! it looks identical to the one she used to shoot the suspect.

    • Trivia: What we see on LaCroix's monitor, as he's in that chatroom:
      Skull says: So good to have you online again.
      Shark says: Where have you been? We've mis[the rest is off-screen.]
      Mortician says: Thanks to all of you for[off-screen]
      believe that I am back to stay.
      [Rosebud only has his icon and no 'Rosebud says:']
      The news of your most recent adventure[off-screen]
      And the circumstances surrounding your r[off-screen]
      electronic circle of friends inspired qui[off-screen]
      all. We're glad that you're back. To lose[off-screen]
      wisdom from our forum would have been qui[off-screen]
      Stay tuned. Your, as ever... Rosebud.

  • Quotes

    • Sedrick: Don't scream, because no one will hear you, but, more importantly, screaming gives me a headache.

    • Nick: I am nothing like you.
      Scheer: I don't believe that. You've killed many times, don't deny it. You've seen death in all its glory and you've been drawn to it. It compels you in ways that shock you, frighten you and thrill you. And they gave you a badge?

    • Sedrick: (to Tracy) I would've fixed you dinner, but I think it's probably best that you don't eat before surgery.

    • Nick: Will you bring her across?
      LaCroix: Then I would have her with me for all eternity. I would if she were a less annoying woman.

    • Scheer: The very cops that hunted me down like a wild pig crawl to me for insight into the twisted criminal mind?

    • Capt. Reese: Three days off; I don't make the rules.
      Tracy: But it's at your discretion.
      Capt. Reese: Exactly.

    • Urs: (about Tracy) Isn't that you-know-who? Nick's partner?
      Vachon: Either her or her evil twin sister.
      Urs: She has a twin sister?

    • Tracy: (to Vachon) You know, you oughta keep that hypno-thing in your holster.

    • Vachon: So, what's the deal?
      Tracy: A blown deal! I'm undercover, Vachon!
      Vachon: Oh.

    • Sedrick: Tracy...I love that name - Tracy. I don't have any Tracys. And a homicide detective. Wow. I definitely don't have any of those.

    • (in Nick's convertible)
      Vachon: Cars are sexier with fins, don't you think? More predatory.
      Nick: For me, it's a question of trunk space.

    • Capt. Reese: Sure I'll tell her father she turned up missing. How come I'm the captain and I always get the dirtiest damn jobs?

    • LaCroix: Prize what you will, prize what you can, but always remember...even he who dies with the most prizes still dies.

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