Forgive or Forget

(ended 2000)


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Forgive or Forget

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Guests of "Forgive or Forget" have done things that have affected the way their loved ones look at them, whether it's walking out of a graduation party that your family threw for you, and then dissapearing for four days, or wanting to apologize for the way you acted at your son's wedding. The guests make their pleas before host Mother Love and her audience before the climax of the show begins, in which the guest walks to the "door" to see if the plea will be accepted by that certain loved one, or the door will be empty, leaving the guest with nothing but a response from their seperate parties. Sometimes, the guests are asking the people they love to apologize by asking them to come to the door and make amends. In every episode, three segments are presented, and they all range in different topics.