Forgive or Forget

(ended 2000)


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  • Bring it back--and with Mother Love and NOT Robin Givens!

    I rated this show a perfect ten--based on the way it was during the time that Mother Love was in charge.

    If there had been two options:

    Hosted by Mother Love


    Hosted by Robin Givens

    I would have given the Mother Love version a 10 and wished that I could have rated higher, and I would have given the Robin Givens version a 1--giving her the benefit of the doubt that she just didn't know how to control her audience.

    Without that benefit of the doubt, Robin's version of the show would have been a ZERO!!!

    This was a wonderful idea for a show--bringing people back together who'd had some kind of misunderstanding/falling-out in the past.

    Mother Love came across--and, I believe, accurately--as someone who really wanted to see people reconcile.

    If the door opened to show someone standing there ready to forgive, she rejoiced.

    If the door opened to nobody, she was there to give comfort to the one standing before the open door--as well as trying to open up the possibility of another chance for reconciliation.

    She got people into counseling and promised to stay in touch.

    AND she had ZERO TOLERANCE when it came to any meanspiritedness coming from the audience.

    "Don't make me come up there!" was one of her best-known lines--one aimed at audience members who attempted to turn this kindhearted show into another piece of Trash TV.

    Then--for the sake of ratings--Mother Love got fired from her own show and replaced with Robin Givens.

    Robin--for whatever reason (whether she agreed with them or just didn't know quite how to control them--or was given orders from the producers not to control them if she didn't want to get into the unemployment line with Mother Love)--allowed the audience to say hurtful things to the guests.

    The show lost its original purpose of helping people and went into having a purpose of being "entertaining" at the expense of others.

    When I saw the direction that the show was taking, I quit watching!

    Since--to my knowledge--this show is no longer on, I would say that this change worked against instead of for the sponsors.

    What I think made it fall so fast after that was that this show had, originally, had such a wonderful purpose.

    This purpose might not have gathered the largest viewing audience, but it gathered a certain kind of viewing audience of which I was a member.

    When the show changed so drastically, it, likely, lost every single one of us, and there just weren't enough bitey cynics drawn in after that to give it any kind of viewership at all.

    Shame on bottom-line-obsessed powers-that-be for turning a real treasure into a piece of mindless trash!!!