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Formula One

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Formula One is a famous racing sport around the world. Teams that compete in the sport include some of the world’s most famous car manufacturers and motor names, including McLaren-Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams, BMW-Sauber, Honda, Toyota and Renault. The teams have two race drivers, one or two reserve and test drivers. There are two Championships the teams compete for: the main championship is the Drivers’ Championship, as the drivers race on circuits around the world in intense battles against each other for the ultimate racing title. The second championship is the Constructors’ Championship where the teams work hard on making the ultimate racing package for their drivers to use to get the points needed to win the constructors’ title. In 2006 Formula One had 18 circuits in different countries across the world, including Britain, USA, France, Germany, Australia and Japan.

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  • F1 Review

    Off the wall refers to the crashes incase anyone was wondering. So yeah this sport has been one of my favourites for years the speed these lads race in and what they must train through is amazing theses are great sports men, the actual races themselves are filled with adrenaline, frome the start to the finish the race is full of different highlights from crashes to, engine failures, taking overs, little battles between the racers and pitting the whole thing is excellent. Recently been proud of Lewis Hamiltons success come on Brits. This is a great motorsport I love it. 9.moreless
  • Formula One was invented back in 1950. It was a great and exciting sport in 1950-2000, but it went downhill for 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2006.

    The FIA World Championship is a motorsport supporting (usually) 22 drivers and 11 constructors. The point of this motorsport is going around the world, getting points, doing some testing, qualyfying and practice, and of course, racing.

    Overall, I personally loved the 1050-2000 era. It had nerf-breaking moments and had some nice rivalries and championship finales. It went down hill in 2001, as it became uncompetitive. 2002 and 2004 were pure Ferrari domination, and 2006 was just boring.

    This is a great sport, but it lost a bit of it's edge lately. Hopefully, this year or 2009 will bring back the good old times.moreless
  • Something I watch for the sake of it these days.

    In the 1990s when aerodynamics provided a supportive role overtaking was still possible and we saw some exciting moves. Now with the reduction of mechanical grip, the teams have gone all-out on getting as much aerodynamic grip as possible. This means the slightest turbulence renders a car's handling useless. Not a good formula for slipstreaming, essential for overtaking. Mr Exobar stole my line - the benefits of having him on MSN. Formula 1 is indeed the same as racing trains - on a single track.

    Now, we have Formula Yawn - where a car needs to be 2 seconds a lap faster than the car ahead to have any chance of overtaking which is pathetic. This sport has great potential but ridiculous rules have completely ruined it. The no pit stops during safety car rule having no exceptions is another example of ridiculous rules. Cars needing to pit due to low fuel still get penalised. What kind of system is that? The Teams get all sorts of data so the penalty should be exempt for cars which actually need to pit *NOW* and low fuel can be easily proven (or disproven) through data from the teams.

    This was once a great show but now with regulations created by people who are clearly out of touch with reality, we see a rather boring spectacle. I really do not know why I keep watching it. Possibly to find flaws in Lewis Hamilton which I can then taunt my coursemate (die-hard Lewis fan)!moreless
  • Overall, a great motorsport, in it's golden era it was the finest of all, but lately it's nothing more than a guilty pleasure for me.

    F1 is supposed to be about the battle of technology and drivers. But lately it's all about technology. Once you have a fast car, it doesn't really matter who sits in it.

    Of course there are some nice new rules for the 2008 season, but in my opinion, all of the assists should be completetly eliminated. Also, there should be a regulation to how much money are smaller and bigger teams are able to spend on developing technology.

    Also, lately there's just too many scandals. Both driver and team wise. Spying on eachother? Please...

    As far as races go, if there's weather, we're in for a good fun race with driver skills being tested. But if it's sunny and dry... not alot of excitement. Overall it's still fun to watch while surfing on the net, or doing something else, but big part of the race is just "going on rails" aka locomotive racing,therefore it's not very exciting if you pay full attention to it.moreless
  • Great Motorsport, the best.

    Räikkönen, Massa, Heidfeld, Kubica, Alonso, Piquet, Rosberg, Nakajima, Coulthard, Webber, Trulli, Glock, Bourdais, Vettel, Button, Barrichello, Sato, Davidson, Fisichella, Sutil, Hamilton and Kovalainen. Ferrari, McLaren-Mercedes, Toyota, BMW Sauber, Red Bull-Renault, Honda, Renault, Super Aguri-Honda, Williams-Toyota, Force India and Toro Rosso, what else do you need I love this brilliant sport it's got everything, high speed racing, great suspence, the best sound in the world a cars engine, brilliant personalities, all time legends and some nice pit girls. I have been watching this sport for years ever since was four and I will be watching it for many more enjoyable seasons, I can't wait for next season.moreless