Fort Boyard

Channel Five (ended 2004)


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  • This show is a rip-off of the fabulous tv maze show "The Crystal Maze", it was ingenious and fantastic to watch the contestants hopelessly get locked in when all they had to do was turn a key or a lever

    This is a remake of it, with a more visual and fear based version, though its pretty boring. This is because Fort Boyard, unlike Crystal Maze, is only one building filled with tigers, snakes, rats, things you'd hate - and the contestants must go into these "fear" rooms to recover a letter, each letter adds up to a password.

    This password would then be used to unlock the gold, which had to be recovered before the gates closed. Now this is fine to watch, but it doesn't have the fun of Crystal Maze.

    Melinda Messenger, famous for her larger than large breasts helps the contenstants who seem to wear skimpier and skimpier clothes each week. But she is nothing compared to the egnimatic Richard O'Brien - Brien is a marvel to watch - and rarely helps - the team had to find out how to do the task.

    However in Boyard, Messenger tells them EXACTLY what to do and HOW to do it...what's the point of sending them in there if you know where everything is and how to play every game?

    The Fort is protected by Leslie Grantham, who overly plays his evil Dirty Den character to the extreme and always ends up losing more and more gold. He has french people to help him out (well, it is a french show!). Grantham adds a lot of camp to the proceedings but not much else.

    Apart from that, the show is pretty flat, the music helps the build up of tension, but the fact that the Fort is only one building makes it pretty boring very fast.

    Bring back Crystal Maze, all is forgiven. 2/10.
  • Modern Gladiators complete challenges or face death by Tigers!

    You Must see this show!
    No reality show compares to putting real people into a cage setting and making them solve puzzles for rewards and survival. This show adds tigers! If the people don’t leave the treasure room in time - tigers will maul them!

    It is like the “Crystal maze”, but with no safety features! These people hurt themselves in the challenge rooms!

    The journey of watching 5 people go into rooms and face impossible tasks is cruel and mesmerising and addictive! The ultimate reality TV, we want them to win, because they actually worked very hard for it.

    Consider being dangled on a rope 80ft over hungry tigers, while you have to swing manically back and fro like a swing? No! It is beyond cruel!

    Consider being in a small space with tarantulas and real live scorpions... having to pick them up and then remove paper clues from their bodies? Madness. No, these creatures do not want to be handled or picked at! It is excruciating to watch. How can this be allowed? Horrific!

    This show puts men and women through their worst nightmares and all they get is about £150 ($70)each!!!!!!!! So not worth it!

    Brilliant entertainment. You must see this show. It is cruel, evil and ultimate in reality fantasy. The best challenge show ever!
  • Fantastic Game Show

    Imagine a game show where the contestants must gain 5 keys through a series of challenging oredels in 40 minutes then must figure out the clue word on the treasure room floor and grab their prize before the gates close and the tigers are released, That's Fort Boyard one of the best game shows I have ever seen.

    The first time I saw Fort Boyard, my wife and I were visiting her parents in the Ukraine about 10 years ago. Even though the show was originally in french and translated to Ukrainian a translation to english was not necessary to enjoy the show.
    Fort Boyard is enjoyable and easy to follow. My only regret is that I was only able to watch a few of these shows during my short stay there and that someone like Game Show Network has not figured out a way to bring this classic game show to America.