Fortunes of War

BBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • January 1943
      January 1943
      Episode 7
      Guy struggles to come to terms with his apparent loss. Simon Boulderstone begins the slow and painful process of recovery and receives moral support from an unexpected quarter. As Harriet explores the sights of Damascus, she makes a new acquaintance and encounters some old friends. Aiden Pratt’s sense of rejection has dire consequences. A quick marriage, an emotional reunion and a sudden death change the lives of those at ‘Garden City’ forever.moreless
    • Autumn 1942
      Autumn 1942
      Episode 6
      In an attempt to help Simon recover from the death of his brother, he’s taken under the wing of those at ‘Garden City.’ Guy is enthusiastic about two new teachers he’s employed. Simon becomes a hero. Angela and Harriet go to Luxor when Bill receives an unwanted visitor but an outbreak of cholera creates problems. Lord Pinkrose is determined to give his lecture on Byron, however another unfortunate mix up has fatal consequences. Aiden Pratt struggles to come to terms with a past that continues to haunt him. Harriet contracts dysentery and Simon is involved in a desert disaster. Harriet makes a decision about her future. Some last minute changes to travel arrangements lead to a major misunderstanding.moreless
    • April 1941
      April 1941
      Episode 5
      After their unceremonious arrival in Cairo, Guy and Harriet are forced to stay in an old brothel. Guy struggles to find work when it emerges that an old adversary is in charge of the English School. When Guy has to go to Alexandria, Harriet moves into ‘Garden City’ with Dobson. Naïve young officer, Simon Boulderstone, goes in search of his brother Hugo and befriends Harriet. Harriet is also introduced to eccentric Mr. Liversage, flirtatious Edwina and authoritative Mr. Clifford. A brief visit to the Hoopers turns into a chilling encounter. The Germans close in and Simon experiences the harsh realities of war.moreless
    • October 1940
      October 1940
      Episode 4
      A despondent Harriet arrives in Athens and is overjoyed to see a familiar face. Yakimov and Harriet both pleased to find employment at the British Information Office but when an old aquaintance begins to work there, the mood turns sour. Guy applies for a lecturing post at the English School however he is dismayed to find he's not the first in the queue. As Guy and Harriet become increasingly estranged, she finds companionship in Charles Warden, a serving officer. An embittered friend suddenly reappears. When Athens comes under enemy fire, a cigarette during the blackout results in a tragedy.moreless
    • June 1940
      June 1940
      Episode 3
      The fascist Iron Guard increase their power and the British fall out of favour with the Romanians. Sasha remains in hiding at the Pringles and becomes friends with Harriet. Sophie’s flirtation finally gets her the knight in shining armour she’s been looking for. Toby Lush arrives looking for a job at the university. Yakimov puts his life at risk for the sake of a good meal and a bottle of wine. When Dobson announces that the British Legation recommends everyone should return home, he receives a mixed reaction. As a result of Yakimov’s impropriety, Guy finds himself a wanted man. Harriet attends Sasha’s father’s trial but has difficulty giving a true account of events. Tension mounts as the fascists take over and the Pringles, with the help of Clarence Lawson, try to smuggle Sasha out to safety. In the midst of chaos, Lord Pinkrose arrives to give his lecture on Byron. As the violence escalates, the ex. pats. plan their escape routes.moreless
    • January 1940
      January 1940
      Episode 2
      Commander Sheppey holds a clandestine meeting to organise the destruction of the River Danube. Guy feels guilty about not being on active service and is determined to do something productive. When Guy cancels a lunch arrangement with Harriet, she is worried about his whereabouts. Clarence Lawson happily entertains a lonely Harriet. Concern for Sasha Druker and his family intensifies when they go missing. Harriet takes in a stray cat. When Guy and Harriet spend a weekend in the mountains together, Yakimov is left looking after their flat with tragic consequences. Guy has ambitious plans to stage a production of ‘Troilus and Cressida’ however casting causes some dissent. During the after show celebration, Dobby makes a disturbing announcement. Harriet and Guy encounter an old friend who is in desperate need of their assistance.moreless
    • September 1939
      September 1939
      Episode 1
      Set in the Balkans 1939. Newly weds Guy and Harriet Pringle journey to Bucharest where Guy is a lecturer of English Literature. Impoverished Prince Yakimov arrives in the city and struggles to find financial support, but a temporary job as a Fleet Street journalist could save him from destitution. Guy introduces his wife to all the local expatriates and his Romanian friend Sophie. Life is sweet until the murder of the President is announced. Poland's invasion and rumours of the occupation of Romania threaten to undermine peace and international relations. Meanwhile, Guy’s socialist affiliations encourage him to protect the family of one of his Jewish students. As Guy becomes distracted with work and orchestrating social engagements, Harriet befriends bourgeoisie Bella and members of the British Legation.moreless
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