Fortunes of War

Season 1 Episode 4

October 1940

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1987 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Guy asks Harriet if she thinks he'll be able to persuade Pinkrose to say, Sam, Sam, pick up thy musket. He is considering asking Pinkrose to recite a monologue by RSM Lord, a former Grenadier Guard. It was made famous by Stanley Holloway.

    • Guy tells Harriet that it was just as well they left Bucharest as their flat was destroyed by an earthquake. An earthquake occured there on November 10th, 1940.

    • Both Frewin and Harriet quote Eucleides of Megara, the Greek philosopher and a disciple of Socrates in this episode. They say the Greek soldiers are, daring beyond their power, they risk beyond reason and they never lose hope as they leave for war.

  • Quotes

    • Pinkrose on his infamous Byron lecture.
      Alan: I've arranged a date for your lecture on Byron.
      Pinkrose: What lecture on Byron?
      Alan: Yours.
      Pinkrose: I can't possibly give a lecture on Byron when the Germans are likely to march in to the city at any moment.
      Yakimov:Could be a formidable last line of defence.

    • Gracy looks for good story.
      Gracy: You must tell me about your escape from Bucharest.
      Harriet:Urm, I flew out in an aeroplane, and a few days later, Guy flew out, in an aeroplane.
      Gracy: Intrepid.

    • Some wishful thinking.
      Guy: Where are Pinkrose, Lush and Dubedat?
      Harriet: Probably been wafted to Cairo on a current of their own hot air.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Harriet says the soldiers left, looking like a Greek Adonis. She is rererring to the Greek God whose name is synonymous with extremely attractive, youthful males.

    • A disgruntled Prince Yakimov tells Byron obsessed Lord Pinkrose that he should go to Missolonghi and die. This refers to the town in Greece where Byron died of a fever in 1824.