Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 12

Adoptcalypse Now

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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It's Adopt-A-Thought Saturday, an event that focuses on getting good friends adopted on the weekends when children are out of school. But Mac and Bloo find out after their good friend Jokey gets adopted. While the event is usually a good thing for both imaginary friends and those seeking to adopt them, Bloo doesn't want his friends to be adopted, so he works with Mac to try to find a way to put an end to the event. From attracting friends in the house with scented cupcakes to dropping plastic spiders, they try as many plans as they can. Will they be successful in prevent the adoption of their friends, or are their best efforts in vain?moreless

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  • Unbeknownst to Bloo and Mac, it is adoption day at Fosters Home. When they realize the true meaning of the day, they do everything in their power to stop anyone from getting adopted.moreless

    This was a good episode that didn't have a whole lot of laughs but just enough to make it funny enough. Bloo and Mac try to bring their friends inside from outside to stop them from being adopted during "Adopt-a-Friend Saturday". The bulk of the episode was spent watching Bloo and Mac scheme and then succeed in bringing friends back into the home. This part of the episode is basically action-packed, with the characters resulting in a Benny Hill Show type of pursuit.

    I found the most humorous moments to take place with Mr. Herriman or with Eduardo. Mac slyly points out that Mr. Herriman doesn't wear clothes (ie, the "Daffy Duck complex") and for the rest of the episode, he tries to hold on a pair of pants. As for Eduardo, it is both sweet and funny when he is frightened by the cutest little girl. Besides Bloo, he is perhaps my favorite character due to his naivety and timidness.

    As I said, this was a good episode that was mainly based in action with a good touch of humor. Not the best, but certainly not the worstmoreless
  • I liked this episode.

    So basically after Jokie, a clown that told Mac and Bloo a funny joke gets adopted on Adopt-A-Thought-Saturday, Mac and Bloo get revenge by destroying Adopt-A-Thought-Saturday. At first they take all the imaginary friends indoors and stuff them inside closests and such, even Wilt(who was forcefully tied to a chair, ducktaped, and put in a closet). Coco, who always gets out. And Eduardo who keeps chasing Frankie and Mr.Heriman because Mac keeps telling him that they are being mean to him. At the end Mac and Bloo's plans failed, and they were tied to chairs, ducktaped, and thrown in a closet so they could not foil Adopt-A-Thought-Saturday ever again. I thought this episode's plot was very good, and that Bloo's original plan to tempt Eduardo with a spider was also funny. Superb episode.moreless
  • When Jokey tells Bloo and Mac a joke, Mac finds the joke to be so funny that for the next seven minutes he is roughly just laughing about the joke, and is poorly telling others the jo...moreless

    Gut Hell.

    I Like This Episode Its Mostly Animation And Music

    When Jokey tells Bloo and Mac a joke, Mac finds the joke to be so funny that for the next seven minutes he is roughly just laughing about the joke, and is poorly telling others the joke. However, due to this, Mac isn\'t paying attention to anything that is occurring. It is Adopt a Thought Saturday and Mac was responsible for doing paperwork and helping people find Imaginary Friends to adopt, but since Mac wasn\'t paying attention, he didn\'t even know what was occurring. When Mac goes to find Jokey the Clown he sees him getting into a car with a family and the car drives away. Confused, Mac asks when Jokey will return and Frankie tells Mac that he isn\'t coming back. Mac realizes it is Adopt a Thought Saturday and runs back inside to speak with Bloo, who devises a plan to cancel Adopt a Thought Saturday. At first they try to lock all of the Imaginary Friends inside, but that doesn\'t work because friends kept getting outside and the people outside were keeping an eye on most the friends so Mac and Bloo couldn\'t get them inside without being noticed. They decide to scare Eduardo with a toy spider to make him get upset, in which he does, and all of the people run away. Frankie and Mr. Herriman get upset with Eduardo, which causes him to get more upset, which causes him to run around screaming. Meanwhile, Mac and Bloo continue to hide Imaginary Friends, but eventually they manage to get back out into the lawn. Bloo didn\'t care because the people were gone, but then all of a sudden a school bus arrives full of children. Bloo, knowing the mission was in danger, goes outside and starts dancing. All of the children begin to chase him and after he runs around for a while, he tricks the kids to get back on the bus and the bus drives off. After the whole ordeal is over, they almost get away with it. However, Bloo\'s false paperwork was in poor condition and then the rest of the friends bust out of the closets and containers they were shoved into, and Frankie and Mr. Herriman understand what occurred. The next week, Mac and Bloo are tied up and left in a closet so Adopt a Thought Saturday could occur without a problemmoreless
  • This episode is better than above average as my score indicates, but, unfortunately, it is another beginning storyline. It introduces the fact that these imaginary friends can be adopted, which means they will leave the house.moreless

    Yes, that fact is obvious. But that's the only problem with this episode. Anyway, they had to do an story involving one of their favorite friends leaving the house eventually (even if we've never seen him before), because that's one of the issues that needs to be dealt with when you live in a foster home.

    It is very understandable that Bloo and Mac would be selfish and not want any of their friends to be adopted in the heat of the moment--even Madam Foster wanted them to make sure that her poker buddy doesn't leave.

    The way they hide all the friends in tiny spaces is great! Would anyone except anything less in a cartoon? Of course the best part of the story is the end where Mac and Bloo get a taste of their own medicine!

    This is a great episode and I recommend you all take a look for yourself!moreless
  • Great and funny episode! One of my favorite episode of the show. (Continue to read my review.)

    This episode was really great and funny. For all the peoples reviewed this episode low, come on, watch it and rate it high it's very funny. I agreed for some peoples' reviews Mac was turning bad. But it's just because he doesn't want to make the imaginary friends from being adapted because he's going to be sad if some of his friends like Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo has been adapted! I liked the parts when Mac and Bloo was returning the imaginary friends to Foster's home. Also the one when Mac made Eduardo mad because of the spider thing. That was very funny. I just don't like the part when Mac and Bloo locked up on one of the Foster's like small cabinet room next Saturday after that Adapt-A-Thought Saturday but it was still funny.

    I almost forgot I also liked the part when Mr.Herriman, Frankie, Eduardo and the other kids from school was catching up Bloo because they really liked Bloo when they were running(only the kids from school liked Bloo, Mr,Herriman and Frankie was running because they were catching up the kids that wanted to adopt Bloo. Because you know Bloo can't get adapted because he has Mac. Eduardo was running because he got mad at Frankie and Mr.Herriman.) While Bloo was doing that, Mac was returning the imaginary friends back to Foster's. Great and very funny episode of Foster's. One of my favorites.moreless
Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

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