Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 8

Affair Weather Friends

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2007 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • After Mac and Bloo introduce many of the friends to "Barry", Duchess comes on scene and says "I smell money! I smell money!" But in the closed captioning, it says she's saying "I smell mommy! I smell mommy!"

    • When Mac was remembering Berry, there were two scenes. One was when Berry said "THIS SEAT'S TAKEN!" and when she said "MAC'S THE ONE!" At both times, Mac wasn't there. So, he couldn't have remembered them.

    • How come the family that was tied up in the mansion was just left there?

    • Apparently, after all that rolling while tied to the World's largest rubber band ball, Berry managed to get out of it.

  • Quotes

    • Barry: (After Bloo refuses to get adopted by Barry) Fine. I guess I'll have to play with my father's toys all by myself, especially this Automatic Padleball Prototype. (presses button on paddleball and it goes up and down, Bloo runs up to him.)
      Bloo: Take me, I'm yours! Okay, okay, let's see, you can have me mondays, wednesdays, firdays...(Bloo notices Mac about to cry) every...other..federal..holliday...sorry Barry, no deal.

    • Mac: (Furious and on a sugar rush) I know what I'm gonna do! I'll confront him! Yeah, yeah! I'll totally be all "Hey, Bloo, you stink!" And then Bloo will be all "Oh yeah? Well, though beans - Barry doesn't think I stink, he thinks I smell awesome!"

    • Bloo: You see…I…just wanted to make sure that Barry knew that we - you and me - were best buddies. And so I went over there to tell him I'm never coming over there. Yeah, that's it, that's it! Okay, that's not right. The real reason was because I was going to surprise you at school. Barry just jumped out of nowhere and grabbed me! I tried to resist him, but he forced me to go and play with all his really cool toys and his...fine gourmet lunches...Look! Nothing happened! I didn't even touch his paddleball, I swear! (Gets the silent treatment) Mac, say something! Please! It's okay, I know what you're gonna say: “I can’t believe you, Bloo! You totally lied to me!” - I know, I know - “You looked me straight in the eyes and said we're bestest buddies! Then you turned around and hung out with another kid!” - I know, I'm terrible, I’m nothing, I'm selfish, please forgive me Mac! “Forgive you? No way! This is the worst thing you’ve ever done! How can I ever trust you again?” I beg of you Mac, please, let’s not make a mountain out of a moleskin! “That's Mole hill, you nimcompoop!” Yeah, mole hill, mole hill, that’s right! See how much I need you? Can you forgive and forget, PLEASE? PLEASE? (Sobs) PLEASE!! I -ouch!- made a -ouch!- terrible -ouch!- mistake! I don't deserve you! I must be punished! I'm terrible! (Slaps himself) BAD imaginary friend! BAD imaginary friend! BAD imaginary friend!
      Mac: Keep Going!

    • Mac: Whoa, a limousine.
      Bloo: And a really long black car.

  • Notes

    • Credits: The Blings look at the hole left by the world's largest rubber band ball. Duchess then comes in with clothes and sniffs them, saying "Ah! Money!"

    • Title card sound: Sound of world's largest rubber-band ball bouncing.

    • This was Berry's second visit in the series. You may remember her first, "Berry Scary."

    • Human Debut: "Barry Bling" (Berry in disguise).

      Imaginary Friends Debuts: Puffa Dayne, Mush Pot.

  • Allusions

    • Video Game: Immortal Wombat

      Another video game parody, this one on the Mortal Kombat series.

    • Bloo: Defending Mac with Motown.

      If you listened carefully to Blooregard's defense of Mac from Barry/Berry, it was the first set of lyrics from "My Guy", first made famous by the late Mary Wells in 1964, and covered in 1978 by Sister Sledge.

    • The scene involving Mac consuming lots of ice cream and sweets in an attempt to deal with Bloo spending time instead with Barry/Berry is similar to the way someone drinks alcohol in large quantities at a bar. In either case, an underlying problem is not dealt with directly. This fueled Mac's second "sugar rush", the first coming in the Season Two premiere episode Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree.

    • Episode Title: Affair Weather Friends

      The episode title puns the term "Fair-Weather Friends", a term for people who are only loyal to each other during easy times.