Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 11

Better Off Ed

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • "Eddie the rip-off monster"!"Rips-off bloo in every way"!"Eddie the rip-off monster"!"Can not find some other way"!

    What I can believe is Eduardo can can be brave. What...I cant believe is Ed had to rip-off BLOO! Well...if that really happened, Ed would be the one in the most trouble, and in "Eddie Monster", it couldn't happen because how would bloo beat all of the monsters/teen imaginary friends? Would you think this would be the "Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends" Twilight Zone if this really happen? DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN...DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN... I wonder what would've happened if Ed told all his stories instead of ripping off bloo? It could be "Baby Ed! Baby Ed!" and Ed would fail his special duties for the day...
  • Cute show!

    Cute show with Ed as the lead character in this show. Instead of Bloo or Mac. As I think Eduardo is underappreciated. The sweet big monster with a heart tells a story as he tells little white lies. But when the lies become "real to life" as well as a little kid that admires him named Scrappy, he has to cover up the lies so that he won't get caught. In particular by Mr Harriman who doesn't tolerate anything bad at the house. Poor Ed as he has to do anything and everything to cover up those lies as best as he can.
  • Eduardo has actually proven that he can always be anything other than a fraidy cat in this episode of Foster's.

    In my most humble opinion, I think this is on the show's best episodes up to date. Besides Schlock Star, that is. Anyways, lemme cut to the chase. Eduardo is really famous with the nursery friends with all of his tall tales of his and the gang's past adventures, swapping his own role with Bloo's. This happens to make the younger friends believe that Bloo is a big baby, and not Eduardo. The purple friend does the best he can to keep his secret guarded, even if it means getting blackmailed. He finally admits that he made up the stories, but is still regarded a good friend. All in all, I really liked this episode. A++!