Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Oct 22, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Bloo and Mac enjoy playing with each other in the mud while raining, but sometimes there can be consequences. As Mac and Bloo get sick, causing Bloo to turn white and Frankie to take Mac home, Bloo misses out on the scary movie the friends planned to watch that night. However, the movie scares the friends enough that they believe that the ghost is real, and they mistake Bloo to be the ghost. Will they be able to figure out it's him before they end up hurting Bloo or themselves in the process?moreless

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  • This is one of my favorite episode's of this series.

    I thought it was a great episode to end Season One. I don't know why people hated it. Anyway, Frankie takes Bloo and Mac home because they got sick playing outside in the rain and mud. After taking Mac home, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo get scared because they think Bloo is a ghost. Then they bolt shut every door. Frankie gets frustrated because she can not get in. In the end everything turns out all right though. I liked this episode when Frankie gets so frustrated she is awesome like that. So I thought it was a great episode this is my review.moreless
  • The Foster friends think bloo is a ghost.

    ok, in the beginning of this episode mac and bloo are playing in the mud while it's raining. So Mac goes home. Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco watch a late night horrer movie. So there pretty scared and what do they do, they board and lock up the house.. Bloo, who is sick, has turned white and his nose is all stuffed up. So he moans, wich makes wilt, eduardo, and coco think a ghost is in the house. Since Bloo's nose is all stuffed up he wipes his nose and then wipes it on the wall, and wilt eduardo, and Coco think it's the ghost ooze and get even more scrared. and then wilt, eduardo, and coco find bloo and they think it's a ghost, because he's white, and blow the vaccum on him. So he's like flying in the air. And they think he's a ghost flying. In the episode they never find out it's actualy blool.

    Meanwhile Frankie, who went out to bring Mac back to his apartment, because he was sick. On the way back this guy was in the middle of the rode. So Frankie like crashes. She goes out to look for the guy, but she dosn't find him. So she drives home. But when she gets home she find that the doors are locked, by wilt eduardo and coco. So she tries to find the right key but her keys fall into the mud. I like this episode.moreless
  • A great way to end season 1

    This is my first favorite episode! Even though it's not my number one favorite anymore, it's still a good episode! I just don't understand why some people hate it. I like the part when Wilt goes "Humminahumminahummina", and it's still my favorite part! It's also another episode which Bloo wasn't acually acting selfish. I like this episode because everybody gets to scream and get scared, just like a halloween special! When are Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco are ever gonna find out that Bloo isn't a cannibal ghost? No matter, it's still funny! Frankie got her sweater off! This episode's good!moreless
  • Wilt, Eduardo and Coco thinks there's a ghost in the house. Sounds like the 3 Stooges....

    I think this one should be a crossover between the 3 Stooges and Foster's. As I was watching that, I did think about it and I thought: Wilt's Moe, Coco's Larry and Eduardo's Curly.

    The ending was not bad, just weird.

    Wilt was funny most of all. He locks the windows and the front door.

    Ed was funny too, with the empty sack of potates.

    Coco's scaring the boys with 'boo!'

    Bloo's sickness really did fooled everyone.

    Anyone is scared of ghosts, it has to be Wilt, Eduardo and Coco.

    I taped it only once and lost it (recoud over). I will keep sreaching until I find it.moreless
Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Iris Chambers

Recurring Role

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson


Recurring Role

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Professor Smith/Ghost

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: In "Busted" Mr. Herriman said that it is against the rules to talk with your mouth full, although in this episode, we see that Wilt clearly speaks with his mouth full.

    • As Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco are walking up the stairs and see Creeky Pete, Pete says "fellas." But on the caption, it says "guys."

    • In the scene where Eduardo, Coco, and Wilt are walking past the camera, holding the vacuum, the tube from the head to the body of the vacuum momentarily disappears.

    • Bloo has no nose, as he stated to his reflection, yet he covers everything in mucous everytime he sneezes.

    • When Eduardo is trying to tell Coco and Wilt that the ghost (Bloo) is behind them, Coco's glasses have disappeared. They reappear later.

    • The imaginary friend lost his hook on the back of Frankie's bus, and he didn't retrieve it until the very end of the episode. However, in the middle of the episode, when Frankie sees him outside, he clearly has his hook with him, which is part of why he scared Frankie so much.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Wilt: Don't let the bedbugs bite!
      Eduardo: Si, don't let the bedbugs... Bedbugs?!

    • The Hooked Stranger: I've been trying to get my hands on you all day!
      (Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Mr. Herriman faint)
      The Hooked Stranger: (Clears throat and pops out his real head) I heard you take in imaginary friends.
      Bloo: We sure do!
      The Hooked Stranger: WHOA!! (Runs away) GHOST!!!

    • Frankie: (Outside and trying to open the front door that was jammed up by Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco) Hi, I'm a stupid, lazy door. I'm so stupid and lazy, I won't even OPEN UP!

    • (Coco picks up the phone)
      Coco: Coco!
      Wilt: Who you gonna call?
      Coco: Co-coco!
      Wilt: Nah, they've been out of buisness for years. If we're going to stop this phantom menace, then we're going to do this ourselves. What did they use to defeat the ghost in the movie?
      Eduardo: A potato sack! (Pulls out a potato sack)
      Wilt: A potato sack?
      Eduardo: Si. A potato sack.
      Wilt: Ed, why do you have a potato sack?
      Eduardo: I like potatoes.
      Wilt: Okay... I don't know what movie YOU were watching.

    • Wilt: Where will we get an atomic suckulator?
      (Coco lays egg)
      Wilt: Yeah! We'll defeat it with this atomic - (Opens up egg) vacuum cleaner?

    • Wilt: (To Bloo, whom he thinks is a ghost) Sorry, but prepare to be suckulated. Hit it! (Wilt and Eduardo turn the vacuum on, but Bloo begins to fly around) The other way, the other way!
      Eduardo: Other way? (Flips switch on opposite direction)
      Wilt: Yeah! That's really sucking!
      Eduardo: (Sigh) There's no pleasing him.

    • Wilt: We have to keep quiet so the ghost doesn't know we're coming, so no getting spooked and no yelly, OK?
      Eduardo: I don't get all yelly!

    • Coco: Coco. (Lays an egg with popcorn in it, Wilt opens it)
      Wilt: Great, now let's - what, no butter?!
      Coco: Cocococo!

    • Bloo: You don't look so good.
      Bloo's Hallucination: Well you're no prize either!
      Bloo: What did you say, buddy?!
      Bloo's Hallucination: Come on, ya need to get oxygenated, deep breath!
      (Bloo breathes)
      Bloo's Hallucination: Not through your mouth, mouth breather, through your nose!
      Bloo: But I don't gots no nose...
      Bloo's Hallucination: Sure ya do!
      (The hallucination pulls out a trumpet thing from where his nose should be and starts playing a song as three different Bloos - colored red, green and purple - accompany him)

  • NOTES (14)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Movie Title: "The Curse of the Cannibal Ghost of the Haunted House on Horror Hill"

      This may be a reference to the 1959 film House On Haunted Hill.

    • Episode Title: Blooooo
      Blooooo is a reference to the widely known sound of a ghost "oooo" and it could also meen the famous word "boo."

    • Quote:
      The Hooked Stranger: I've been trying to get my hands on you all day! (Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Mr. Herriman faint; Hooked Stranger speaks in a different voice) I heard you take in imaginary friends.
      Bloo: (Still as white as a ghost) We sure do! (Hooked Stranger faints)

      This dialogue is similar to the SpongeBob SquarePants episode, "Chocolate With Nuts" where similar dialogue took place near the end of the episode.

    • Wilt: Don't worry about a thing because every little thing is gonna be all right.
      This is part of the song "Three Little Birds."

    • Wilt: Nah, They've been out of business for years.
      The last Ghostbusters movie ever made was back in 1989, and they were out of business during the beginning of the movie.

    • Wilt: If we're going to stop this phantom menace, we've got to do it ourselves!
      The name "phantom menace" is a reference to Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which was released in 1999. This is one of three different Star Wars references in this episode.

    • Wilt: We have you now!
      This is a reference to Darth Vader's line, "I have you now!" in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.

    • n/a: The Hooked Stranger
      When the guy with the hook for a hand just turned out to be an imaginary friend who wanted a place to stay, it might have been a reference to an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants called "The Graveyard Shift," a guy with a spatula for a hand who Squidward and SpongeBob believed to be a maniac turns out to be just some rookie fry-cook who wanted a job at the Krusty Krab.

    • n/a: Scooby-Doo
      When Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco are tip-toeing through the hall, looking for the "ghost" it looks similar to a scene from the opening of Scooby-Doo.

    • The Hook
      The Hook that was on the bumper of the Fosters Van, and the hooked stranger that Frankie saw while she was driving is a reference to an old horror story titled The Hook. While the story was quite different than what occurred in the episode, there is no doubt that the episode Bloo was influenced by the old story.

    • Wilt: Who ya gonna call?
      Obviously a reference to the popular Ghostbusters movie series. Coco replied saying 'Cococo!', to the tune of its theme.

    • Bloo's Reflection: Run Bloo, run!
      This is a reference is Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, where Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit told Luke to run instead of stay and fight.

    • n/a: I Know What You Did Last Summer
      The imaginary friend with the hook for a hand may also be a reference to the killer from the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. In that movie, a car full of teens hit a man and leave him for dead. The man was a fisherman, and one of his weapons was a fish hook. The friend appeared to be wearing the same sort of clothing as the fisherman.