Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 9

Bloo's the Boss

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • the best episode!

    no one wants to thank bloo for his own " good deeds " so he finally lost it and made his own foster home for imaginary friends which is a cardboard box . he was all alone with his " friends " a shark head on a stick and an elmo toy named purple for a few days in that box until he met a cat named chuck . he had a blast with his new best friend when a family came to adopt a friend from bloo's home and he gave them chuck by mistake . now bloo with his pals shark head and purple must return him from that family . superb
  • Bloo makes his own foster's

    Oks o in the beggining of the eposde bloo tells everyone that a friends is in trouble. But they think he's lying. Because well he said that before, but it was only to get his paper airplane. But then Madame foster comes in and says that we should go. So they go and Bloo was telling the truth. An orange cat was hanging from a tree. But madame foster saved him. So everyone was giving madame foster the intention not him. So he get's some carboard boxes. And then he get's two hand puppets, Sharky and Purple. And ten this cat comes along and he named it chuck. But when Mac said that he was stupid, someone campe to adopt. So he gave chuck to them. But after a while he relizes that he gave chuck away, so he went to the person's house to get him back. Well he got chuck out of the house. Which was completely destroyed by bloo. So now chuck is on the same tree as the one the orange cat was on. So bloo went to get chuck. But while he was on the tree sharky fell into the water. So he through chuck to the end of the tree. So he's ok. But bloo falls. But he is caught by madame foster. But the water was only an inch tall. But the police were there. They took Purple. So now there back at foster's and this lady came un. It happened to be chuck's owner. nd the lady that owns chuck is a crazy cat lady. So now the little girl is sad. So bloo goes to get the orange cat. And of coarse the orange cat and the girl are very happy. This episode is prettty good.
  • Blue, feeling underappreciated sets out to prove everyone wrong about him being selfish with silly results.

    A very funny episode. Bloo making a complete fool of himself throughout the show. From being an idiot during the rescue, to giving away Chuck the cat(which is weirdly his real name) to arguing with handpuppets almost all of the second half of the show and part of the first, this is an episode that really meets a good standard. It also goes a little deeper into Bloo's charecter and shows that he isn't just a brat that loves attention and will do anything, even at someone else's expense to get it. Definatley why I watch this show.
  • Funny show with Blue doing "good deeds!"

    Boo tries to do some "good deeds" but you know
    He will do anything for attention like he tried to
    Have his friends rescue a cat as well as nearly made
    Them lose every bone in their bodies. He also tries to make
    And build his own imaginary home but that fails as well. Funny show again!
  • When Bloo feels under appreciated, he sets out to make "Bloo's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". He then befriends a cat, Chuck, but quickly gives him away to prove Mac wrong. He then sets out on a mission with his 2 puppets to get Chuck bac

    This episode is my favorite episode of all! It is a hilarious! It is an absolute delight to watch and i encourage anyone and everyone to see this show!I love it when Bloo is having these conversations between the 2 puppets, Sharkface and Purple, and how he makes them fight while Bloo himself is trying to stop it. This show is so original and the art style is so different you have to watch it! This show is a one of a kind and i would kill my self if it gets cancelled like Shorties Watchin' Shorties got cancelled .
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