Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 7

Bride To Beat

Aired Unknown Sep 12, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • The good ol' days are back!

    This episode brought back the old Bloo, who actually cares about his relationship with Mac enough to pretend to be and adult just so Mac will find him interesting. Sure, Bloo's theory of Mac getting married was pretty far-fetched, but remember that technically, he's only five years old, and I don't recall Mac ever telling him about marriage in-depth.

    Even in the beginning, Bloo is shown to be responsible enough to successfully prepare all of the materials for the crashing of Duchess' tea party, and the materials are put to good use for a few laughs at the wedding. Instead of getting mad like the overly-responsible-adult-in-a-kid's-body that he usually behaves like, Mac is impressed with Bloo's skills in sabotaging the wedding. The ending is satisfying as well; the whole issue is resolved, the wedding that Bloo crashed remains crashed, and the two hooligans manage to escape on a bus, preparing for the crashing of Duchess' tea party. The episode is not wrapped up with some ironic situation or a lame joke, but with the message of the episode: Don't act mature before you're the proper age, because precious childhood is limited.
  • See Bloo panic, See Blue "all grown-up!"

    This episode has really turned into a favorite as it
    Shows why Bloo & Mac are the stars of the show
    As Bloo overhears a conversation that Mac is going to
    Be in a wedding. But he fears that Mac, is getting
    Married despite his age of 8 or 9 years old. That
    Puts Bloo in a whole entire stressed out fearinng for the
    Worse as he feels Mac will never come to Fosters. So
    He tries to act more grown up and this really makes Mac
    Even more and more worried about Bloo. As Bloo does
    Everything he can to act grown-up. Fortunately though, our very beloved "blue" friend goes back to his old michevious but cute self in no time. Funny to see that.
  • Bloo pretends to be mature!

    Bloo overhears Mac say he's going to be in a wedding, and thinks Mac's the one getting married. If he's mature enough to get married, is he too mature to play with Bloo anymore? So in desperation, and after getting advice from a new teardrop friend, Bloo decides he has to be grown up, mature, and responsible. He reads the business section of the newspaper, breaks things so he and Mac can fix them together, watches golf, and dresses up in a suit and tie, suposedly working a 9-5 job. All the while, poor Mac is bored out of his wits. It's just too funny watching Bloo try to be grown up! This has already made it into my fave list!
  • A little too predictable, a little too much crying, but Still better than anything Nickelodeon puts out! :!:

    It's not like Craig McCracken to deliver us an only sub-par episode of "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends." I mean, we're talking about the guy who helped bring us quality episodes of "Two Stupid Dogs, Dexter's Laboratory, The PowerPuff Girls," and "Samurai Jack." Then again, it is very similar to what started happening to Craig McCracken's own "PowerPuff Girls" once their movie came out. The quality of the series storylines began going downhill. I mean, I have high hopes that it's not going to continue with this show! So far, this is only the first instance, but I'll wait and see. Bloo once again experiences a case of misinterpreting the duties that Mac has to and Bloo thinks that Mac is going to get married! I mean, I knew right from the start Mac Wasn't going to get married and Bloo was going to over-react and try to hard to get Mac to not do something that he wasn't going to do anyways and go completely out of his way to annoy him! I mean, you'd think Bloo would've learned from his past mistakes by now, but maybe logic works differently for Imaginary Friends. The ending seemed a little too predictable as well. Bloo crashes the party not as his adult self, but as his Real self and that makes Mac relieved that Bloo is back to himself, and Bloo of course found out Mac wasn't going to get married, but they make up and become a team again. Like I said, a little too predictable, but a fine episode nonetheless. And I only hold the highest regards in hoping future episodes will be even better! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)