Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 7

Bus the Two of Us

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

When Bloo wants to go on a road trip, he goes with Frankie, but they go to the grocery store. When they get back, Bloo steals the bus, when Frankie goes inside. He picks up Mac and takes him along. When Bloo races a group of punks, they get lost. Mac calls Wilt to tell him to keep Frankie from noticing the bus is missing. The first thing that goes wrong is that Bloo has to go to the bathroom. He finally is able to go when he gets a job at Mama Joan's Pizza, and uses the employees bathroom. Meanwhile, Wilt is having a challenging time keeping Mac and Bloo from getting in trouble, and pushes Herriman down a flight of stairs, makes Coco fake a sickness, and volunteers to get stuff when Frankie needs stuff from the bus. While Coco is in the infirmary, she calls Goo, and Goo whips up a rather weird speaking Herriman. Mac and Bloo come across a toll road, and fail to get change into the collection shute, and get pulled over. Wen the cop isn't looking, Mac and Bloo speed away. Goo whips up a Mac and Bloo when Frankie is about to find out the truth, but there are a few problems. The fake Mac has a spotted tongue, and the fake Bloo speaks only Japanese. Meanwhile, since the bus was gone, Eduardo wanted to buy a matress, and had to take a bike. When Mac and Bloo pick up Eduardo, they drop off pizzas they were supposed to deliver, drop off hitchhikers they picked up, and get home in time to beat a group of angry people and cops.