Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 7

Bus the Two of Us

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Coco lays the phone, she is able to talk on it, although there is no connection to the electricity.

    • After Frankie and Bloo get back from their "trip", in one shot you see Frankie going in the house, and after Bloo closes the bus door, Frankie is in the house and the house door is closed. Frankie couldn't be that fast especially because she is carrying bags.

    • When Frankie goes outside to take the bus at the end, Eduardo's mattress is missing.

      Re: Actually the mattress is not missing. When Frankie comes out of the house and greets Bloo, Mac and Eduardo, (look closely) the mattress can be seen leaning against the bus behind Eduardo.

  • Quotes

    • Bloo: (After policeman checks Frankie's License) I was a real hather back then, lost quite a bit of weight. And I gotta new haircut, and I usually wear glasses.
      Policeman: Well Francis Foster I'm gonna go run this.

    • Bloo: Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty. Fifty cents (While dropping money in policeman's hand). That should cover the toll and the damage. OK, OK here (Drops another cent in his hand). Get yourself something pretty. So I guess we're on our way.
      Policeman: License and registration.

    • (Frankie's cell phone rings, and Bloo picks it up)
      Bloo: (After hearing voice on the phone) No, there's no Kathy here. I said there's no Kathy here. Oh, you're Kathy. (Quickly) Never heard of you. (Hangs up and throws phone)

    • Wilt: (On phone) Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. Wilt speaking.
      Mac: Wilt! It's Mac. Listen I'm sure Frankie's really upset but…
      Wilt: You bet she is. She's BEYOND upset. I haven't seen her this upset since Bloo told that guy she lied about her use to be being 800 pounds.
      Frankie: (Off camera) I told you guys not to wrestle! (Pans over to see Frankie with George Mucus pinned to the floor)
      Wilt: That George Mucus has gotten himself into a lot of trouble.
      Mac: George Mucus!? You mean she hasn't found out Bloo took the bus yet?
      Wilt: (Getting all yelly) BLOO TOOK THE BUS!!
      Mac: SHHHHH!!
      Wilt: Bloo took the bus?
      Mac: Yes, but we'll be back in five minutes. She'll never have to know. Think you can cover for us until then?
      Wilt: Ahh…um…I don't know Mac, then I would have to be lying.
      Mac: But Wilt, we're your best friends. You wouldn't want to let us down. Would you?
      Wilt: Well no. I guess I could cover for you. But you'd better hurry up!
      Mac: You're the best Wilt.

    • Crazy Larry: (On TV) CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY! It's crazy Larry's one-day only mattress sale. That means no money down, no interests until next year! Why?
      Eduardo: I don't know.
      Crazy Larry: Because I'm craaaaaazy!
      Eduardo: Ohhhh.

    • Bloo: Yes Mac, I know we lost. Hunk of junk, if only it had a little bit more power under the hood!
      Mac: No, I didn't say we lost. I said WERE LOST!
      Bloo: Oh.

    • Mac: Bloo, we got to get this back to Foster's NOW!
      Bloo: I totally agree. So, how 'bout being my co-pilot and guiding this little lady home. Because let me tell you I'm some kind of loss.

    • Bloo: Oh hey Mac. What's going on?
      Mac: What?! Shouldn't I be asking you? What are you doing?
      Bloo: Driving.
      Mac: Ya, I noticed! Why?
      Bloo: Aw, because I thought it would be fun. And it is.
      Mac: But, but you can't even see over the steering wheel! How are you not crashing into other drivers?
      Bloo: Who says I'm not? (Bloo crashes into a car)

    • (Frankie drops a loaf of bread)
      Bloo: You dropped something.
      Frankie: Could you at least close the door to the bus, Bloo?
      Bloo: Geez, I have to do everything around here?

    • Bloo: Worst road trip ever.
      Frankie: For the last time, we are not on a road trip!
      Bloo: What? Then why did we go to the grocery store and stock up on these snacks?
      Frankie: Because were running errands. Why do you think we stopped at the dry cleaners?
      Bloo: So we would have something clean when we went to Water Water World.
      Frankie: We're not going to Water Water World.
      Bloo: WHAT?!

    • Frankie: Why would I pay to take the toll road, when I can take the road I'm on for free?
      Bloo: Oh Frankie, everyone knows the best things in life aren't free.
      Frankie: No, everyone knows the best things in life ARE free.
      Bloo: Oh ya? Are paddle balls free?
      Frankie: Well, no.

    • Wilt: Uh! That was close!
      Mr. Herriman: Master Wilt.
      Wilt: (Freaks out) SHE IS TOO SICK!
      Mr. Herriman: What's that?
      Wilt: Uh... I mean hi!
      Mr. Herriman: Oh, good day to you as well!
      Wilt: Ohhhhh!
      Mr. Herriman: Where's the bus?
      Wilt: Bloo took it.
      Mr. Herriman: WHAT?!?

    • Frankie: That's strange! My keys aren't here.
      Wilt: Oh, phew!

    • Bloo: Oh, Frankie! Everyone knows that the best things in life aren't free!
      Frankie: No, everyone knows the best things in life are free.

    • Wilt: (on the phone) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Wilt speaking.
      Mac: Wilt! It's Mac. Listen, I'm sure Frankie is really upset but...
      Wilt: You bet she is! She's beyond upset! I haven't seen her this upset since Bloo told that guy she liked she used to weigh 800 pounds!
      Frankie: (While trying to pull an imaginary friend off George Mucus) I TOLD YOU TWO NOT TO WRESTLE!!
      Wilt: That George Mucus has gotten himself into a mess of trouble.
      Mac: George Mucus? You mean, she hasn't found out Bloo took the bus yet?
      Wilt: BLOO TOOK THE BUS?!!

    • Bloo: (Tipping his hat to a truck driver) That's a 10-4 good buddy!

    • (The following happens during the credits. Frankie is admonishing what looks like Bloo about his joyride on the bus)
      Frankie: (to Bloo) Driving without a license, lying on a job application, destruction of personal property, destruction of public property, illegal use of toilet plungers and calling me a heifer! I mean, really, Bloo! Don't you have anything to say for yourself?
      (We see that it is the fake Japanese speaking Bloo that is listening, and says...)
      Fake Japanese Speaking Bloo: (Translation) Joy ride without happy face? Never!
      (Meanwhile, the real Bloo takes off on another joyride)
      Frankie: (Shouting) BLOO!

    • Wilt: A little setback? A LITTLE SETBACK?? You said you'd be back in five minutes!

    • Mac: But Wiiiilt, we're your best friends.

    • Wilt: But that's a badger...
      Goo: Well DUUUUUUH.
      Wilt: Mr. Herriman is a rabbit.

    • Frankie: You can't not believe the day I'm having.
      Wilt: Tell me about it.

    • Wilt: (Whispering) Bloo took the bus! (Coco is surprised, then Wilt pleads) Help me!

    • Mac: We have got to get the bus back to Foster's now!

    • Mac: Bloo, what are you doing?
      Bloo: Driving.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Mac attempting to start the bus is similar to the scene it the Monsters Inc. short "Mike's New Car" where everytime the characters pushed buttons to start the car it would cause their seat to push them forward, the windshield wipers to start, the car to shake, and the radio to turn on. It also caused passing bystanders to stare.

    • Water Water World is a play on the worldwide aquarium chain, Underwater World.

    • Goof: When Eduardo says "Ooooh!" after hearing the Crazy Larry commercial, some of his teeth are gone.

    • TV Ad: Crazy Larry's

      This makes reference to the fabled closed electronics store Crazy Eddie's, which was based in New York City.

    • Mac: (Playing with toy cars with another kid outside on the sidewalk) Vrooom! Vrooom! Ert. Ert.
      Kid: No, no.. It would sound more like this - (Opening mouth wide as a car screeching is heard)

      When the other kid corrects Mac it appears at first that a real car sound is coming from his mouth, but we soon discover it is actually Bloo driving the Foster's bus right at them and screeching the tires. This parodies Gerald McBoing Boing, a series geared towards younger children about a boy who can only communicate by producing sounds with his mouth.

    • TV Ad: Crazy Larry's
      This of course to native New Yorkers (and others on the East Coast) is a tribute to the now-defunct New York City-based electronics store Crazy Eddie's, whose motto was "His prices are INSANE!!!"

    • The hitchhiker that Bloo fails to pick up is Arthur Dent, a character from Douglas Adams' book series The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy. He can be recognized by the bathrobe that he wore throughout the series. He's holding a sign reading "Magrathea", which is a planet that appears in the series. How he expects to get to another planet in a bus is beyond me.

    • One of the fake Mr. Herriman imaginary friends that Goo imagines is similar to Bugs Bunny.

    • Mac attempts to throw coins into the toll road booth. The coins bounce off the closed bus window instead. Bloo says "Negative, didin't go in, just impacted on the surface", which is a quote from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

    • One of the hitchhikers Bloo and Mac pick up is holding a sign reading "Albuquerque". Albuquerque was a destination often mentioned by the classic Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny. Whenever he arrived at the wrong place he would often remark, "I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque".

    • Eating Establishment: Mama Joan's Pasta
      A parody of the popular chain of Papa John's Pizza shops.

    • Episode Title: Bus The Two of Us.

      A pun on the 1980 Bill Withers/Grover Washington, Jr. musical collaboration "Just The Two of Us," which was covered by rapper Will Smith in 1998, and was used by Mike Myers (in a parody) in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me."