Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 4 Episode 1

Challenge of the Superfriends

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When a large and dangerous imaginary friend is destroying the city, Imaginary Man comes and saves the day, and now, Mac is a fan. But once Mac is his sidekick, Bloo is jealous and joins forces with Nemesis, Imaginary Man's mortal enemy. Will justice or evil win in the battle of the superfriends?moreless

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  • Dream Sequence

    They should've include a dream sequence where Mac-Attack is taken to court. I can imagine it now.

    Judge: Uniscorns of the jury.

    Mac-Attack: Uniscorns of the jury?!

    Judge: Have we reached the verdict?

    Uniscorn jury: Yes!

    Judge: Guilty or not guilty?

    Uniscorn jury: Guilty!

    Judge: For hurting Bloo in a fit of anger. I, the judge of this court, have sentenced you 1 year in jail. No! 2 years! 3! 4! 5 years! (laughs) I'm liking this job.

    (Mac-Attack is now imprisoned)

    Mac-Attack: I didn't mean it! I was just angry! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!!!!

  • I just had the stiches removed from all the belly laughs.

    Remember those halycon days of super hero cartoons?

    You know, the good old days before cable TV, only three over-the-air (terrestrial) networks on Saturday mornings and UHF/VHF independent stations before and after school weekdays? Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic Four, catch the drift.

    Thanks to Lauren "I'm Craig MAC Cracken's spouse" Faust, and their experience from a show called The Powerpuff Girls, we got a belly laugh filled season four opener. Refences from PPG, plus Star Wars and just about every superhero series from the 70's through today. And thanks in certain terms to Daran Norris' abilities as Imaginary Man and Grey DeLisle's fun-filled Nemesis-ter, this episode was totally "AWESOME-RIFFIC!"moreless
  • This episode is very exicting and is much like the Powerpuff Girls in some aspects.

    This episode is very intersting. It is good to put in new charcters as the more there are the better it is to make more exciting episodes about them. I,ve watched this episode at least 100 times and it never gets old. I love the fact that even though Nemesis is evil she still not afraid to express herself and be free to be who she wants to be and what she wants to do. And the fact that Imaginary Man tries to stop her makes it a sort of sibling rivalry sort of thing, even though in actually they are both cousins somehow.moreless
  • A new imaginary freind makes an appearence and his name is Imaginary Man, and he captures the eye of Mac who becomes his sidekick agianst Nemisis. Bloo ends up joining her in order to get Mac back.moreless

    This was a very neat episode, everything in it i loved. Especially how Imaginary man's weakness was flowers, i luaghed a couple of times whenever he went down when Neemis fired flowers at him. And the catch phrases that Mac was trying to come up, some of them were down right chessy, and alot of them really didn't go with the situation, I liked how ed saw everything as if it were a soap opera or a show.moreless
  • Mac is a fan of Superhero; Imaginary Man and so he becomes his sidekick,helping IM fight his mortal enemy; Nemisis, and when a jealous Bloo comes and mucks things up when Mac and IM have got her, Mac shouts at him, Bloo then joins the Dark Side...moreless

    This was the first episode I watched and enjoyed in a long time, with the superheros and the Star Wars references and what not...

    My favourite parts was 1) When Mac sprayed Hair Gel into Bloo\'s face, thus making Bloo think he\'s an ugly freak without his Uniscorn mask (which is a spoof of Darth Vader and his helmet!)

    2) When Bloo was being transformed into his dark side thanks to Nemesis, and when Nemesis convinced him into joining her in evil doings!

    3) When Uniscorn and Mac Attack are brawling with each other.

    Overall, I really got back into my once forgotten Foster\'s Fandom, so I\'m going to watch more episodes after watching this one!

    My 1st Review Ever.moreless
Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Imaginary Man

Guest Star

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson


Recurring Role

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Sister/Woman in Crowd

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Nemesis/Girl Cousin

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At first, when when we see Bloo getting hit with flowers,he still has hair gel on his face, but when Mac shields him from the flowers, when the camera goes back to Bloo, the hair gel on his face disappears!

    • When Bloo got up and joined Nemisis, the table cloth in the background momentarily disappears.

  • QUOTES (8)

  • NOTES (16)

    • Look Closely: When Imaginary Man skates throughout the house looking for Mac, Jackie Khones, that green, one-eyed imaginary friend is watching the movie that Mac and Bloo made in "One False Movie", more specifically the part where Wilt dances in front of the swirling background.

    • When Nemesis is getting her hair fixed in Salon De Sisse, if you listen closely enough, you can hear the music used in "Squeakerboxxx".

    • Imaginary Man and Nemesis are brother and sister because the boy that created Imaginary Man is the brother of the girl that imagined Nemesis just to annoy him.

    • Animation Studio: Boulder Media, Ltd.

    • First time Darran Norris voiced a character on Foster`s.

    • Wilt's line "We need a bigger cage" is a play of the line in Jaws "We need a bigger boat".

    • Nemesis (A.K.A Nemesister) has her body shaped into 4 hearts:

      1. Her face
      2. Her hair
      3. Her body
      4. Her belt

    • Wilt has only two quotes throughout whole episode. They are:

      "I think we'll need a bigger cage" and
      "I'm sorry but AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

    • Credits: Bloo walking by with his tablecloth cape with the utensils and food bouncing on it, and Eduardo on the end.

    • Bloo turns himself into Lord Uniscorn, a Darth Vader-like villain.

    • Both Imaginary Man and Nemesister have the same speed powers as The Powerpuff Girls.

    • The catchphrases that Mac uses are:

      * "Holy habadashery, Imaginary Man!" (from Batman's sidekick, Robin in the TV series)
      * "Ookla, Ariel, we ride!" (from Thundarr the Barbarian)
      * "Oh my stars and garters!" (Beast from X-Men)
      * "Cowabunga, dudes." (from Michaelengelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Some think Mac was reffering to Bart Simpson.)
      * "Whatcha talkin' bout?" (from Gary Coleman in Dif'rent Strokes).
      * "And knowing is half the battle!" (from the 1982 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon series)
      * "Hey, hey, hey!" (from Fat Albert and the Cosby KIds)
      * "Jinkies!", "Zoinks!" and "Arroo?" (spoken in order by Velma, Shaggy and Scooby Doo from the latter's various series incarnations.)

    • Running Gags: 1) Mac saying "Awesome-riffic" almost throughout the entire first segment. 2) Mac going through various catch phrases of old TV shows and Imaginary Man telling him to "keep trying". See above for the catchphrases Mac Used. 3) Bloo running around with the tablecloth wrapped around him and Eduardo. 4) Eduardo thinking this is a TV show, and not realizing it while eating the same bowl of cereal.

    • If the first two words ("The city...") and one of the last lines of dialogue ("So, once again, the day is saved.") in this episode sounded familiar...well, what would you expect from the creator of The Powerpuff Girls?

    • Title Card: Bloo singing super hero music.

    • Imaginary Friend Debuts: Imaginary Man, Nemesis (a/k/a "Nemesister").

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Newscaster: The being destroyed.
      This is an obvious reference to the opening of The Powerpuff Girls,where the narrator describes what is happening.

    • Bloo:Transformation

      After Bloo agrees to side with Nemesis, the scene following it is a direct reference to Darth Vader's transformation in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

    • Imaginary Man the same power as Mega Man. Both have a right arm that turns into different gadgets.

    • Nemesis: Traveling
      Nemisis' rainbow power looks alot like the the way Marvel superhero Iceman travels. It also has been suggested that "The Incredibles" Frozone travels in the very same way.

    • Imaginary Man: "Major" coincidence?
      Imaginary Man may be based on "Major Glory", a secondary character from Dexter's Laboratory, a series that Craig McCracken worked on before creating The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's.

    • Bloo's babbling of his plan is similar to the way Mojo Jojo from The Powerpuff Girls talks.

    • Flowers and Bad Hair: Kryptonite

      The Flowers are Imaginary Man's weakness and getting her hair damaged is Nemesisiter's weakness, just like a piece of rock from Superman's home planet Krypton that weakens him and drains his powers.

    • Bloo: Mac, I am your father!
      This line was lifted from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader (a/k/a Annikin Skywalker) tells Luke, his son, his secret.

    • Nemesister: I'll get you and your little boy, too.
      This is lifted from Margaret Hamilton's famous line as The Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 movie adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz when she told Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) "I'll get you, my little pretty...and your little dog, too."

    • Store: Do It Already Hardware

      A reference to the Do It Now chain of hardware stores.

    • Bloo: This looks like a job for Blooregard Q. Kazoo!
      A reference to when Clark Kent would say "This looks like a job for Superman."

    • The episode title is borrowed from the 1978-79 Superfriends television series title Challenge of the Superfriends.