Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 5 Episode 1

"Cheese A Go-Go"

Aired Unknown May 04, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • First invaded episode

    Cheese a Go-Go: This episode is about Cheese who keeps saying ''Got to go, got to go, got to go!'' About this episode is the fact Cheese was annoying only in this episode. I thought this episode WAS okay, but the plot was horrible. I don't even get why Madame Foster was in court, and where Cheese has to go! End of review

    Plot: The plot was rediculous, because Cheese can't stop being annoying and saying what he only said in this episode.

    Character: Unknown character because everyone was after Cheese because of the reaction about him being an alien

    Action: There was no action!

    Episode Grade: C-
  • whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

    all they did in this episode is watch chesse go... gotta go gotta go gotta go!" so... it was dumb. there are a few parts I like. The part where Ed was naked in front of Frankie, Madam Foster is in court(for taking a sandwich
    ?). But cheese is a pest, for Frankie, Bloo, and the entire Foster's home(that's why he's not allowed there). Bloo get's to do a lot of stuff, like go to the movies, but to watch a monser movie without Mac? His best friend? But cheese was crazy in that episode. And Frankie had enough like in the episode "Foster's home for make-um up pals"
  • Im really surprised

    Until seeing the whole invaded series i didn't really get what this episode had to do with the special invaded thing.
    In the ed edd and eddy the only thing revealed is the spaceships and the gym partner episode it only reavels what they look like. the only real episode where the last two which showed the aliens intentions. When i saw the first three i thought theyd all be diffrent but when the Lazlo one went on i was surprised to see they where all conected together to make up the whole thing. I lauged at the special ending of grim because of the KNDs reapperance.
  • Where does cheese "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go"?

    This episode was really funny. Cheese (obviously) has somewhere he's gotta go, Bloo thinks Cheese is an alien, and Ed is acting like a goof because he had laughing gas when he went to the dentist. Mac and Bloo steal the Foster's bus, and Wilt has to lie to Frankie to cover up for the others. This episode is totally worth a perfect score. Anybody would be crazy to not give a silly episode like this a score above an 8.5. I liked the parts where Cheese runs around screaming he's "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go" I thought that was really funny.
  • I love this episode!

    Great episode. Great plot. Don't know why a bunch of people hate it. I love it it. It makes you wonder about Cheese, but he can't be an alien cause he was made by Louise. Wilt as a lawyer was so funny! And I think that was the most lines Jackie Khones ever got. I thought it was one of the best episodes, I feel sorry for Frankie though. When Eduardo hugged Wilt while his pants were down was really weird, I could tell Wilt was thinking "Uncomfortbul". I was so suprised when I saw Mojo's lair. I love it.
  • a little dissipointing but the ending was good but I know the Ed Edd'n Eddy is going to be better infact I already know the Ed Edd'n Eddy is going to be better than the other ones.

    a litle dissipointing I thought we see the foster's gang try to stop the aliens but they start the hole thing and the episode is a little nerve wracking with cheese keep saying "got to go got to go" he saids it every second he's in and he never stops till the end of the episode the episode is dissipointing hardly a alien episode at all untill the ending so it's not the best episode the Ed Edd'n Eddy one next week is going to be much better I already know even the preview was more exciting than the foster's episode infact the Ed Edd'n Eddy one is going to be the best one I already know because the my gym parnter is a monkey one is going to be dissipointing cause almost all of the episodes are dissipointing the camp lazlo one is not one full episode it's two 11 min episodes not one big episode and there has already been a billy and mandy alien one so the Ed Edd'n Eddy is going to be the best because it's fanasty to the show and the show is not fanasty it's about kids lifes nothing supertaceral happens in the show untill the episode were my dream episode came true were the eds try to save the world I've dream that since the show first aired there never going to make that I thougtht but they did it it's going to be the best one of all 5 alien episodes and the best episode of Ed Edd'n Eddy. The only good thing about this foster's episode was the mind blowing ending that's it nothing else happen exciting in the episode so the episode is dissipointing they could have made it better I have to give it a 7.5 out of 10 because of the episode and a little of the plot.
  • Adore the show, but not the best episode

    I understand that the Foster's crew had their hands tied when they agreed to participate in the May '07 "Invaded" promotion. They weren't able to use their creativity and genius to the extent they usually do because they needed to work with an "alien" theme. It's looks like they did it in kind of a rush, as well. If so, they still did a pretty good job at it, giving what they had to work with and the time in which to work. I like Cheese, but in the last episode (The Big Cheese) he came across as obnoxious more than anything else, and in this episode he just went over the edge (sorry Cheese fans). I also didn't like how it ended up being Frankie's worst day in history. To an extent, sure, seeing Frankie suffer is funny. But this also went over the edge. In ways, seeing a character suffer hits too close to home, and it can be depressing. But the other characters were great. I thought it was cool how Ed kept bringing up what fanfare thought of each of them, which showed me the Foster's crew really do know how the fans feel.
  • Cheese is an alien?

    Nice CN-Invaded installment for Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. It's about Cheese who runs around town screaming, "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go!" a million times. There was a running gag when Madame Foster kept calling Frankie on her cell phone because she was in court with Wilt and Jackie Khones (the small green stick friend), talking about tuna sandwiches, and that Madame is guilty. Everyone was put in jail at the end of the episode.
  • Not the best episode but glad to see new show

    Though it wasn't the best episode, still I was glad
    To see a new episode of Foster's since the Good
    Wilt Hunting. Again we see Edurado in the buff as well
    As Bloo thinking that Cheese is an ailen from outer space.
    So Bloo reads a tabloid newspaper as he tries to "call"
    Space to "invite" in the ailens. Frankie and her grandma have to go to court over something as her grandma really doesn't like the judge.
  • Edwardo acting strange because of the laughing gas is the only thing that made me give this episode an extra 3 points.

    This episode was about an adventurous day with the whole gang. It had a lot of cameos, as we saw all of the main characters in here.

    It starts out when Frankie has to pick up the gang so they can go to the court to defend Madame Foster. But Cheese gets in their way. When they pick up Bloo and cheese, Bloo believes Cheese is an alien after reading a comic bookh. So Bloo, as annoying as he is, tries to catch him to prove to everyone he is an alien. How ridiculous.

    This episode was one of the show's worst. Two parts made me chuckle a bit, but that was it.

    I hope the next episode that's coming up will do better.
  • Although it was nice to see a little bit of new Fosters , it happens to be in a not-so-good shape after Good Wilt Hunting. No real form of aliens , and exactly like The Big Cheese.

    CN Invaded starts with this episode called Cheese A Go-Go. Unfortunately , it turns out that the whole thing didn't really go into the cliche' part of Invaded , but it has a bit of steam had letten go. The main story of this episode was about Bloo being shocked to find out that the movie he had watched about aliens , resembles to Cheese. But , in the movie , the aliens didn't look like Cheese at all! Yet , in the magazine , it shows an image resembling him. Speaking of Cheese , there really wasn't any good humor from him , and it basically ended with the same exact thing with Foster episodes nowadays. While it was a weirdly funny to see Edurado being a drunken monster he is , and seeing a hippie to think that Bloo was talking about food , the other part of the story was about Madame Foster. Sadly , she also didn't do that great in this episode , as she kept interupting Frankie in the need of getting Cheese , and doing her irrends , while Madame Foster was in judgement of an imaginary friend because of a sandwich. As we know that Wilt fails at being a lawsman.

    The ending? It turns out that all the characters of the show got arrested , and thrown in jail. This is exactly like in My So Called Wife. All thanks to Madame Foster herself. While Frankie returned Cheese back home , with no real clue on the creator's question.

    Overall , this is a very dissapointing start for Foster's new season , and the May specials. I hope that the Eds can do this part better then Fosters. But you know what? I'm getting sick and tired of the same exact thing happening to the gang , they got their justice unserved as of they were the villians. If I happen to see this one more time , I will not even like the show. Craig McCracken , why the hell do you even approve this?! Lauren Frost , your one of the unlucky writers that should just give the gang some justice. Until then , I expect better results. Rating : 6.0 out of 10.0
  • The episode starts off with Frankie in the post office, then Mac and Bloo get picked up from the theater, then Coco and Ed get picked up at the dentist, and Frankie was supposed to come in time to the courthouse, leading to some events involving Cheese.

    Someone should have put, in note, that Eduardo was seen naked for the fourth time in the series. Also, Cheese saying "Gotta Go!" over and over, really had me thinking "Gotta go Where?" I was so surprised to know that Wilt was gonna be in jail for the fourth time. Yet, although I wasn't amused with Eduardo being seen in jail, I'm just gonna say that this episode is at an average class.
  • Lauren Faust and all swing for a grand slam, but winds up with a bases-clearing double.

    There were some good and some bad points in the opening episode of the fifth season of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and the start of the Cartoon Network Invaded string of May sweeps period fun and games.

    Good: Given the limitations imposed by TimeWarner, Craig McCracken (along with his wife and another writer), did a fairly good job on this episode. Eduardo was loopy from some laughing gas from his visit to a dentist and having his tooth removed, and was zany.

    Bad: The plot. We know Mrs. McCracken has done better, especially with Cheese. Again, this is a promotion being run by Cartoon Network to draw viewers during a "sweeps" period. And many of you in the Foster's boards were annoyed by Cheese repeating "Gotta go" over and over and over like the Energizer Bunny. I feel your pain.

    Overall: Not the best episode, but they were hamstrung. Trust us.
  • After watching a movie, Bloo thinks Cheese is an alien from outer space.

    "Cheese A Go Go" got season 5 to a rather disappointing start, especially for a popular show like Foster's.

    With several dozen errands to do, Frankie is struggling and balancing them, which is proven difficult when Cheese crossed her path. After picking Mac and Bloo (and chasing Cheese as well), they also pick up Eduardo along the way. While Mac and Frankie have to deal with Cheese, Bloo reads a tablod magazine with an article of an alien that resembles Cheese, and seeing Eduardo under the influence of laughing gas, convinced the blob that Cheese is an alien from outer space. Soon, mayhem ensues in the process.

    The plot was rather confusing, some of the characters were giving much harsher treatments, including Frankie, but most of all, it didn't seem to fit in with the Foster's show at all.

    Hopefully, the next episode proves a lot better than this one.
  • I hope that the Ed, Edd, n' Eddy one is better.

    As a season kick-off episode, I thought that it was going to be a pretty good episode with Cheese and all that. I even thought that aliens were going to appear in the episode. Also, the episode was a major pain for Frankie because of Cheese and Madame Foster. Eduardo's new personality REALLY freaked me out, and I noticed that it wasn't too related to Cartoon Network Invadd, except the fact that the word aliens were mentioned in it. I still liked it a little bit, and it's better than nothing, but if Cartoon Network Invaded is going to be like that, I'm not going to bother watching it ... besides of Ed, Edd n' Eddy next week.
  • It wasn't the best!

    Well it wasn't the best but at least we get to see cheese!!
    Seeing Madam Foster go off in the courtroom was a lil funny.
    Ed looked like he was drunk, gay and physco! Frankie actually wanted Cheese! Cheese saying gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go was CUTE! Everything reminded me of Dib trying to prove Zim is an alien in Invader Zim! I thought the last thing was funny! At the end the scientest with orange hair looked like and sounded like Napoleon Dynamite!
    My favorite quotes were probly(spelling) when Mac says to Bloo: You are such a doofus! And when Jackie Khones called Coco a free loader!
  • Not bad could have been better

    the episode is about,cheese,madam foster and jail sound good not so much for me i have been watching this show for a long time and this episode was below par for me cheese saying "gotta go gotta go gotta go" was annoying plus i feel like cheese is one of the funniest characters on this show and they did not use his full potential of laughs. also this whole alien thing has been played out so many times on so many shows and this one follows the plot of many other shows. one of the characters sees a alein movie and thinks someone is a alein blah blah blah not so great i hope the other ctn invaded shows are not like this or i wont watch it has been played out so many times.