Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 5

Cookie Dough

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • So Bloo takes over Madame Fosters cookie recipe and turns it into a buisness.

    Ok at first Fosters house needs a new roof because it is leaking so Madame Foster uses her famous cookie recipe to get the money needed to make a new roof. It works out, but Bloo wants more money and figures out that Madame Foster only does it once a year. He steals the recipe and becomes rich. But Madame Foster finds out and she signs a deal with him. Soon enough Bloo becomes selfish and treats everyone badly. They quit, and everything falls apart for him. In the end everyone forgives him and now he has to make enough money to pay Madame Foster back. So it was a pretty good episode altogether.
  • Bloo decides to sell Madame Foster's cookies in an effort to raise money.

    This episode isn't my favorite, but I still enjoyed watching it. I thought it was funny how Bloo was attempting to sell lemonade in the middle of the winter. Duh! I thought it was funny how Frankie went insane when Bloo was selling those cookies. She was complaining about the stand not opening on time when they were only 2 minutes late, and then she ditched Mac when he was talking to her and ran into her room to eat all the cookies. I didn't like how Bloo got a carried away with business though. I didn't like the way he treated all his friends like servants and wouldn't let them take breaks and play.
  • This is a very good episode of fosters home for imaginary friends.

    I was very happy to see this episode. I Really Liked it. Although there are some stuff that i didnt like about it. But mostly it was very funny and i hope to see many repeats of this episode. Fosters has out done themselves. My friends say this is one of there favorite episodes. I agree with them. Alot of them are in the fosters fan club and they know fosters and they say this is one of there favorites. Although there are some crappy things that tweaked this episode from a ten. Like at some points it was just stupid. But i still like this episode and you should definetly check it out.
  • Sure, this episode isn't funny funny, but it's not a bad episode.

    Who knows how we will react to sucess? Afterwards we might just quit while we're ahead, on the other hand, we might become greedy. Guess which one Bloo took. Of course everything seemed fine at first but it always does in the beginning. Sonn many problems arise, and if they're not taken care of properly then they'll become worse.

    But in the end, sometimes all that matters is that you learned a valueable lesson. Can you guess if Bloo was able to do this? That's what you get in sitcoms though, characters that remain static from beginning to the end.
  • Poor friends

    The friends are working extra hard
    Thanks to Bloo's "bossying!"
    If you think Harriman is bad
    Bloo in this episode makes Harriman look like a cakewalk
    He is bullying and bossing the friends while he is doing nothing but squat
    In the process, he almost loses his friendship with his friends
    I loved it when Frankie was eating those cookies
    And drinking milk very fast
    Very funny and cute indeed!
  • This episode is sooooooo boring and only a little funny.

    I think this is the most boring episode of Foster's. This episode is not really funny too. But I like the part when Frankie was buying Madame Foster's cookies and eating it fast!, that's the only part to me that was funny. But the other parts of this episode are not funny to me. That's why I think this is the most boring episode of Foster's. But it is ok then. Not the worst episode or not the best episode. It is in the middle but I rated it 3.0 because it is so boring.
  • This episode is not the best or the worst it is just middle or mediocre.

    I don't really like this episode but it is ok. The funniest part was when Bloo made his workers out, first only one and then all of them. I also like the part when Frankie was buying Madame Foster's cookies dozens and she was eating it fast! The other parts are not funny and boring . The boring part was when the episode started and the roof was broken. It is just not funny for me. This episode is not the worst and it is not the best, it is just in the middle or mediocre.
  • I'm giving this a 5 because I didn't like it, but I didn't really hate it. I just found it boring because it was so predictable!

    It's a classic cartoon story. Guy gets business. Guy gets arrogant. Guy forgets friends. Friends leave him. Guy fails. Friends return. Everything fine. It's been done in like a billion different cartoons. In fact, not just cartoons, they do it everywhere.
    I guess I'm being a bit biased, and if I had never seen another program like this, I probably would have loved it. But I have, I don't, and it sucked.
    5/10 Because it was still pretty funny.
  • It was ok... Not one of my favourites, it could have been better.

    In this episode, Bloo tries to get money for the house by selling lemonade in the rainy winter season??! Bloo didnt make sense and money so when he tastes Mdm Foster's cookie, he likes it and wants to steal the formula.

    While he was having his friends to help him, Herriman stops him and Bloo says that he would be the chairman of the cookie company. So, Bloo gets the recipe and he makes millions.

    Mr. Herriman was as funny as usual. His character potrayal was superb. Mac, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and the other friends' characters were also shown to be very good.

    One of the major flaws in the episode was that Bloo was focused on quite alot. His voice, despite being voiced by talented Keith Ferguson, can still be irritating. Another thing I did not like in the episode was the credits. It was just werid and not funny.

    Overall, a good Season 2 episode that I would like you to see.
  • This was boring.

    It was good, but bad too. It has a good moral, but this episode stinks because of then plot. All that cookie selling got boring, and the ending really got me mad. Poor Bloo getting whisked up in the elctric whisker! And almost blown up! Madame Foster blwoing a raspberry at Bloo, taking all his stuff. He payed for it, right? hey should be his!

    That's all can say-A boring, dull episode that put me to sleep.
  • Bloo gets some of Madame Foster's special cookies and they sell well, but she only makes them once a year. Bloo gets Mr. Herriman and the othe imaginary friends to join him. He soon overworks them and burns down Foster's trying to make cookies himself. M

    My favorite episode of them all! This episode had a lot of laughing moments, a great story-line, well-thought, and everything.It keeps you entertained, but after seeing it like 5 or 6 times, it gets a little dull, but not too dull.

    The roof starts leaking, but Madame Foster used the emergency fund to buy a safe for the emergency fund. So, Bloo sells lemonade which Mac says isn't good to do in the cold rain. Madame Foster brings out cookies for him to eat, which attracts a lot of people. They sell to tons of people and Frankie, but Madame Foster only makes them once a year, so they can't sell anymore now.

    Bloo gets Mr. Herriman to join him while he goes for the recipe to the cookies. Bloo soon becomes rich and has the imaginary friends working for him. Meanwhile, Bloo sells the cookies they make, and becomes crazy with making them, that he starts new kinds of cookies, such as roll-ups and clear cookies. And Frankie is ADDICTED and buys TONS of cookies.

    People soon don't buy the cookies anymore because it lost the "love" ingrediant. Bloo overworks the friends and Mac tries to talk to Frankie about it, but she is eating cookies constantly, and Mr. Herriman thinks Bloo is doing good because of all the made money. later, the friends leave Bloo because he overworks them all, so he tries to make cookies by himself, but blows the house up with the oven. He then needs to pay Madame Foster back so he sells lemonade again.

    The credit crip is of Frankie eating tons of cookies and drinking gallons of milk and then it zooms out and she's fat.