Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 2 Episode 5

Cookie Dough

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • After Frankie had slept by the cookie stand, there was a sign that said it was open at 9:00 AM, and she checked her watch when it was 9:00 AM. A few seconds later, when Mac opened the stand, Frankie said it was 9:02. But there is no way two minutes could have passed in that time. This seems to be a common blooper.

    • When Mac opens the cookie stand after Frankie had slept there, she says she wants 20 dozen cookies. However, Mac only gives her about three boxes before she leaves, and there is no way three boxes can hold 240 cookies. But in the next shot when she is eating the cookies in her room, Frankie has way more than three boxes.

    • Frankie asks Bloo for a baker's dozen of cookies and Bloo responded saying "That's like 12 million cookies!" This is not true, a baker's dozen (usually used for bread) means you get 13 for the price of a usual dozen.

    • When Frankie is shown with a sleeping bag around her waist, it shows her with a scarf around her neck. But when it shows her grabbing Mac's collar, the scarf is gone. And when it zooms back out, it's back.

    • Bloo calls one of his new cookies "septuple chocolate" with six times as much chocolate! Septuple means seven times. The word for six times is "sextuple."

    • When the whole house starts dripping with water after Wilt plugs up the last hole, the water is coming from the ceiling, not through holes in the roof.

    • At the scene with the lemonade stand, Bloo 'pours' the frozen lemonade into the cup. When Mac is talking, the lemonade is back in the glass.

  • Quotes

    • Bloo: Ohh... Soup again?
      Frankie: It's meatloaf.

    • Bloo: I'm like a single cell paramecium, but worse! I'm like a ZERO cell paramecium! A zero cell paramecium who's ugly and smelly and mean to his friends.
      Mac: True.

    • Frankie: Finally! I've been waiting here for hours! Jeez, the sign says you open at nine, but it's already nine o'two... and a half! I mean, c'mon!
      Mac: Hey, Frankie.
      Frankie: Enough chit-chat! You got the cookies?!
      Mac: Yeah, how many do you--
      Frankie: Twenty dozen! No, forty! Is there a limit? (Her eye begins to twitch)

    • Bloo: You're fired! You're all fired! F-I-R-D! Fired!

    • Mac Hey Bloo! What are you doing?
      Bloo: I'm selling lemonade to raise money to buy Madame Foster a new roof. I've seen it in movies!
      Mac: Uhh...Bloo? It's the dead of winter.
      Bloo: And?
      Mac: It's cold.
      Boo: And?
      Mac: It's raining.
      Bloo: And?
      Mac: Nobody's gonna want to buy icy cold lemonade when it's already icy cold outside!
      Bloo: And?
      Mac: Stop it!
      Bloo: Mac,maybe you haven't heard me. I'
      Mac: Tell me Bloo. Was it summer in those movies? You know, summer? The season in which people actually drink lemonade!
      Bloo: You know, it seems so obvius now that you say it.

    • Frankie: (Begging Bloo) GIMME! COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE!

    • (While baking cookies)
      Bloo: Flour, flour, what does flour look like? (Bloo browses at a shelf looking at baking ingredients until he comes across a flower on the same shelf) Aha.

      Wilt: Presses? We're using ovens.

    • Bloo: Sorry, you're just not cutting the mustard.
      Eduardo: I was hired to cut the cookies.

    • Girl: (To Bloo) Mister, can I buy a cookie please?
      Bloo: We don't sell cookies anymore.
      Girl: (Angry) You're dumb.

    • Bloo: What if I cut you each a slice of the pie?
      Eduardo: I thought we were making cookies.
      Bloo: It's a chart. The pie showing our profits.
      Eduardo: Oh! Este sounds muy delicioso!

    • Bloo: A baker's dozen? That's like 12 million cookies!

    • Bloo: We need a new roof! I had to swim to dinner!

    • Mr. Herriman: Let me get this straight. You spent our emergency fund on a container for our emergency fund?
      Madame Foster: That would be true.
      Mr. Herriman: So, we have no money for a new roof?
      Madame Foster: Well, if you want to put a negative spin on it, sure we don't! But look on the bright side, it's a beautiful safe! This is real gold-colored paint! Glorious! Ha! Ha! Ha!
      Mr. Herriman: (Slaps his hand aginst his forehead) Ohh.

    • Coco: Coco, coco!
      Frankie: Sure, Coco, I'd love some coco. (Drinks)

    • Mac: Mr. Herriman, as Foster's Famous Cookies Chairman of the Board, maybe you can officially propose to Bloo that he stop being such a royal jerkface?!

    • Bloo: (About baking the cookies) If it takes 20 minutes at 250 degrees, it should only take 2 minutes at 2500 degrees!

    • Madame Foster: (About the cookies) I'm sorry, but maybe you can sell them again next year.
      Bloo: Next year?! Who knows when that'll be?!

    • Bloo: Come and get the taste sensation that's sweeping the nation! The chocolate confection that bakes of perfection! The homemade concoction that's free of dioxins!
      Crowd: (Pause)
      Bloo: What? Dioxins? (Rapidly) They're any of several carcinogenic or duratogenic tetracycic hydro-carbons that incur impurities in petroleum-derived herbicides like meat and dairy products.
      Crowd (Pause)
      Bloo: THEY'RE BAD FOR YOU!
      Crowd: YAY!

    • Bloo: You guys? I know you're out there. I can feel your scorn.

    • Mac: But the company's not fun anymore. Now it's just... work.
      Mr. Herriman: Precisely. And what fun work is.

    • Frankie: Must stop eating cookies! Such delicious sugary goodness! Neva! Cookies are your friend!! You should give into the power of the triple chocolate! I loved them since I was a baby. And she never gave me enough! So you need to eat MORE!! As many as you can! Let NO ONE STOP YOU!! (Gasps) .. But how?

    • Cup #1: I'm half full!
      Cup #2: I'm half empty!
      Cup #3: (After tripping and falling) I spilleth over!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The ship that Bloo is riding on in Cookie Dough is named 'The Bloositania,' (the name is on the side) and the name comes from the ship 'The Lusitania,' a rather famous liner during World War 1 that was destroyed by German naval forces and contributed to America joining the war effort.

    • Bloo: Clear cookies!
      This is a spoof of the infamous Crystal Pepsi soft drink from the 1990's.

    • Frankie: ME LOVE COOKIE!!!
      This is the famous catchphrase of the cookie loving Sesame Street muppet, Cookie Monster.

    • n/a: "Bloositania"
      Bloo is on his private boat, sailing down what appears to be an indoor river of chocolate, a reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The boat name could also be seen as a play on the ship, the "Lusitania."

    • Bloo: Now available in regular, Cool Ranch, and Nacho Cheese!
      This is a reference to the Doritos tortilla chips.

    • Bloo: Cookie Roll-Ups!
      The Cookie Roll-Ups that Bloo creates are an obvious parody of the popular Fruit Roll-Up fruit snacks.