Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Season 3 Episode 8

Crime After Crime

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Mr. Herriman becomes addicted to carrots. Meanwhile, Bloo tries desperately to avoid eating Frankie's "it" by doing bad things, but Mr. Herriman ignores or misinterprets the bad deeds and sends everyone else to bed with no supper instead. Also, Frankie learns to cook "it" under the guiding (and painful) wooden spoon of Madame Foster.moreless

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  • Episode 1x12a - Crime After Crime

    In this episode, Mr. Herriman ate all of the carrots that was supposed to be part of dinner, so instead of making the normal dinner, Frankie decides to make 'it' (which is quite possibly vomit). Poor imaginary friends keep getting grounded with no dinner so Mr. Herriman can find the carrots he put in random places (under busts, behind portraits, toilets . Meanwhile, Bloo is doing bad things in order to miss dinner. (destroying the middle of the house with a wrecking ball, putting bananas all over the hallways, gluing furniture to the ceiling, squirting condiments on a couch Meanwhile in the kitchen, poor Frankie is attempting to make the vomit and failing repeatedly. Back at an unknown part of the house, Mr. Herriman thinks he is being chased by a monster. And then Bloo pushes him down a large staircase and Mr. Herriman thanks Bloo because he believes he has been saved. Back in the kitchen, Frankie is still trying to make dinner but fails. Mr. Herriman then calls the police to help him find the lost carrots. Then Mac comes and Bloo asks him to help him get in trouble in order to avoid dinner. So Mac jumps on Frankie's bed (very original) causing plaster to fall from the ceiling below and falling into the vomit Frankie is trying to make, and fails again. Frankie then kicks Mac out of the house, and a bag of diamonds fall out of Mac's backpack. The police mistaken it for the carrots and a boring long chase scene happens. Meanwhile Frankie accidentally knocks the dinner over and has to try again. Meanwhile Mr. Herriman is trying to get his carrots, and accidentally ends up with the diamonds. Mr. Herriman then gets arrested. Meanwhile, Mac escapes the police and hides in a garbage can. Back in the kitchen, Frankie manages to make the dinner right. She catches Bloo running in the corridoor near the kitchen and poor Bloo is forced to eat the vomit dinner. Meanwhile, Mr. Herriman is in jail with Wilt, who is punishing himself for no reason. Back at Forster's, Bloo has just got done eating a serving of dinner. Frankie then serves up seconds for gluing furniture to the ceiling, followed by thirds for putting bananas in the hallway, fourths for wrecking part of the house, and fifths for squirting condiments on the couch. This episode was great. 10/10moreless
  • Not my favorite Mr. Herriman episode, but still good.

    Crime After Crime is a fairly good episode, but it suffers from a few major flaws. First--the plot was good, but it was a bit confusing at the beginning with Mr. Herriman grounding everybody without supper and hunting for his carrots, Frankie attempting to make 'It' and Bloo deliberately trying to get punished(And failing) happening at the same time. It does flow well and actually even in a creative way, but with children being the chief target audience, I'd imagine some of them might be a little confused following the storyline. On the other hand, it's VERY admirable that this episode chooses not to insult the intelligence of their children viewership with some boring, routine plot.

    Second, it was over-the-top at times. I know this is a cartoon and not realistic, but there also need to be limits. Bloo hitting the house with a wrecking ball is nothing short of ridiculous. And they could've done a better job of portraying Mac's "dirty" side. It was fine if he had some random desire to jump in Frankie's bed, but the way he taunted her about how she couldn't punish him because he doesn't live at Foster's was both out-of-character and stupid of him.

    Thirdly... have I mentioned my ever-decreasing respect for Madame Foster? This season has done a very good job of turning her from a pretty good knockoff of Hey Arnold's Gertrude into an utter witch(Stealing the tickets to Europe, paying Mr. Herriman mere cents and being completely apathetic when he left after losing the presidential vote). Here we have Madame smacking poor Frankie with a wooden spoon everytime she fails to concoct 'It' correctly, which isn't even her fault as multiple characters are seen hopping on her bedroom causing ceiling splatter to fall down. If I were Frankie, Madame Foster would be eating 'It' alongside Bloo as punishment for her sins.

    This is still a good episode, however, and further proves that Mr. Herriman is a consistent presence in the episodes centered on him. He may be an uptight bastard at times, but he sure has an entertaining personality.moreless
  • Silly but a riot episode

    The show started with the usually by the book Mr

    Harriman stealing carrots from his beloved Madame Foster as he goes on a carrot hunger strike. Coco is getting blamed

    As she thinks she and the others aren't getting any supper

    For doing wrong when in fact it is Bloo that is doing wrong

    Trying not to eat the puke that Frankie is forced to fix!

    But guess who gets to eat it in the end! Him and him alone!moreless
  • I didn't really liked this episode of Mr.Herriman because of the parts when he was shouting on the imaginary friends that who ever was near to the carrot hide out of Mr.Herriman....... the other parts were funny and good. It was still a good episode.moreless

    This episode is good and funny. I like the part when Bloo was doing everything for Mr.Herriman to send him back into his room. But it's not really funny, it's just funny.

    Here are some lines of Bloo and Mac: "I tried and tried, but nothing works! nothing works!" Bloo said. " What do you mean" Mac asked. " I'm supposed to be the king! the king I tell you! now I lost my touch" Bloo said.

    That part was after he wrecked some of the things in the house of the Foster's home, that's why I like that part. I also like the part when Bloo, Mr.Herriman, Eduardo, and Mac were jumping in Madame Foster's bed. They jumped one by one but not the same time. That was just ok and funny.

    When they were jumping in the bed, in the kitchen, Frankie was making "it" for dinner, Madame Foster was tasting it if it is correct or wrong. Then Madame Foster said wrong. Until Frankie found out who was jumping on the bed. Funny.

    He saw Mac jumping on the bed so she got mad and made Mac go home. My favorite and funny part was in the credit loops. Frankie was forcing Bloo to eat "it" and after Bloo ate one, she gave the second "it" to Bloo. That part was making me laugh and it was funny. The other parts that I don't like are the ones when Mr. Herriman was saying to the imaginary firends "Go to your rooms now and no supper!!!" or the one "Go to your rooms immediately and no supper!!!".

    I just don't like that parts because the imaginary friends are not doing anything and he's just treating them like that. I just hate that parts but still a good and funny episode of Foster's. That was the sucky parts. The other parts were funny and good so it was still a good and funny episode to me. So if you watched this episode again, put the rating not really high. Only like 6.0 - 9.0 that's ok. Come on people!moreless
  • Mr. H has eaten all of the carrots that frankie has brought. to stop from eating them cold turkey he decides to hide them but then realizes that someone might find them and get suspicous so he sends everyone within the house hold to bed with ne supper. gomoreless

    i loved the way bloo gave a crazy luagh when he was driving that wreaking ball machine and how when he realized that he was actually hepling Mr. Herriman instead of getting himself into trouble when herriman was trying to figure out the best way to hide his percious carrots.
Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo

Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette


Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Mr. Herriman

Candi Milo

Candi Milo

Coco/Madame Foster

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr


Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Cop #3

Recurring Role

Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Cop #2/Clumsy

Recurring Role

Tom Kane

Tom Kane

Cop #1

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • (As the credits roll, we see Bloo after eating a serving of "it", he groans)
      Bloo: Oh. That's ... it.
      (Frankie comes in screen left with another helping)
      Frankie: This is for gluing the furniture on the ceiling. And make sure you leave room for banana hallway and condiment couch.

      However near the midpoint of the episode, Bloo never did glue furniture to the ceiling, he broke a series of them in a hallway by using a feather and ingenuity to make a chain reaction.

    • In "The Trouble With Scribbles," Mac claims that Clumsy can't walk two steps without falling over. Yet when Mr. Herriman scares Clumsy and the other imaginary friends to their rooms, Clumsy is able to run away without falling over.

    • Mr. Herriman gave Bloo a warning for dismantling "the only mode of transportation" Foster's had. Yet, during his carrot craze, he opens the hood of a Foster vehicle (proof is on the hood's design of the Foster's logo) to get some carrots. It's nearly impossible for a dismantled vehicle to be repaired in that short amount of time.

    • Mr. Herriman said that he lost one-hundred carrots, but on the fireplace, it looked like there were only about eight or so.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Police Officer in helicopter: Drop the diamonds, Rabbit.
      Mr. Herriman: Diamonds? Oh no, silly. These aren't diamonds. They're carrots.
      (Opens up bag)
      Police Officer: Yeah, about a hundred of 'em.

    • Bloo: Blooreguard Q. Kazoo, you've outdone yourself. (A huge crane with a recking ball is then shown) GUESS WHO'S NOT COMING TO DINNER!

    • Bloo: When Mr. Herriman sees me messing up Madame Foster's bed, he'll send me to my room for sure. Then it's good bye "it" and hello...hello...hello to saying good bye to "it"

    • (As the credits roll, we see Bloo after eating a serving of "it", he groans)
      Bloo: Oh. That's ... it.
      (Frankie comes in screen left with another helping)
      Frankie: This is for gluing the furniture on the ceiling. And make sure you leave room for banana hallway and condiment couch.

    • Madame Foster: (To Frankie) Now, let's see how you did, girl. (Tastes Frankie's cooking) Hmm... It's... It's... Awful! Just like my grandma used to make. I knew you had it in you.

    • Bloo: Uh, I'm not really hungry.
      Frankie: Tough beans, blob boy. I made it five times tonight, and you ain't leaving until it's all gone.
      Madame Foster: Don't worry, dearie, it's not that bad. Oh, it's much, much worse! Ha ha, much, much worse!

    • Mac: (Jumping on Madame Foster's bed) I've... never... felt... so... alive!
      Bloo: I can't believe we're related. All right...desperate times call for desperate measures. (Opens Madame Foster's jewelery bureau) If stealing diamonds doesn't get me sent to my room without supper, I give up.

  • NOTES (12)

    • Mr. Herriman says that he just started his obsession with carrots again. His obsession might have been spurred when the bunnies gave him carrots to eat in "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down."

    • There's some continuity in this episode. When Blooregard does the clown drawing on the portrait, it goes back to Duchess of Wails, where the Applebees portrait along with the one of their grandmother were vandalized by Bloo and Mac with moustaches and clowns drawn over. In both cases, red crayons were used.

    • Clumsy from "The Trouble With Scribbles" makes a cameo.

    • This is the second time Frankie calls Bloo "Blob boy". The first was in "World Wide Wabbit".

    • What "it" is, is never revealed.

    • Credits: Bloo reacts to eating "it," and Frankie serves up seconds followed by thirds and fourths as punishment for the rules Bloo broke.

    • This is the first episode with the roll-up captioning at the top of the screen.

    • There are cameos in this episode by local newscaster Todd (from "Sweet Stench Of Success") and the imaginary puppies (from "Who Let The Dogs In?").

    • Animation Studio: Boulder Media, Ltd.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Mr. Herriman telling the imaginary friends at Foster's that they will get no supper and making up silly punishments (no standing on rugs, etc.)
      2) Madame Foster calling the food "it."
      3) Frankie failing to make "it."
      4) Eduardo, Mr. Herriman, Bloo, and Mac jumping on Madame Foster's bed, putting falling plaster from the kitchen ceiling into "it."
      5) The line "For the love of--", which is used by four different characters in this episode.
      6) Wilt disobeying the rules Mr Herriman makes up just after Mr Herriman made them.

    • The reason Bloo wants to get in trouble is because he doesn't want to eat Frankie's "it."

    • Title Card Sound: Mr. Herriman scarfing down carrots.


    • Comic Strip: Calvin and Hobbes
      Bloo's reluctance to eat Frankie's dish ("It") in this episode is similar to a running gag from the C&H comics where Calvin would often be forced to eat a similar looking green foodstuff for dinner despite his protests. In fact both Calvin and Bloo liken their respective meals to vomit, and have pretty much the same reaction when taking a bite.

    • The way Mr. Herriman eats carrots is similar to Cookie Monster from "Sesame Street" way of eating Cookies.

    • They are playing the Nintendo GameCube in this ep again.

    • Mac: I'm too young to go to jail!
      This an allusion to the normal line of panic in a crisis: "I'm too young to die."

    • Wilt: Writing at the blackboard.
      Wilt writing at a blackboard ("I will not stand on rugs") is likely a tribute to the openings on The Simpsons which finds Bart writing on a blackboard as punishment.

    • Imaginary Friend: Yogi Boo Boo
      A merger of the names of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters Yogi Bear and his sidekick, Boo-Boo.

    • Bloo: You know what they say, Mr. H.: there's always room for Gelatin-O!
      This is a familiar slogan for JELL-O. However, since the standards and practices folks at Cartoon Network won't let the crew use the brand name "JELL-O", they had to use "Gelatin-O" in it's place.

    • Episode Title: Crime After Crime
      The episode title is a reference to pop musician, Cyndi Lauper, and her hit, "Time After Time."